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Aborted 250 GTO project.

If you'd like help with finishing the 250 GTO project, contact @C.A.R. :D


Datsun 240Z Project GTO250




Hi People,

We have a project for the enthusiastic minded or a job for a parts seller.

This car is a Datsun 240Z. The car is near complete, missing front guards, grille and a few other parts. Health issues have prevented me finishing the project.

The car was being fitted with a custom GTO 250 Ferrari body kit.

Moulds have been made for the kit except for the rear section. Moulds are included. Will explain why in a phone call if interested. The car could be completed as a GTO 250 (Last 2 Photos) or taken back to being a stock 240Z.

I'm open to fair offers. When making fair offers, look up the value of a 240Z steering wheel, 240z (not shitty 260) carbies, a straight bonnet and a few other parts before making stupid offers. Given the car is in pieces, I can sell it as parts if no realistic offers are made.

The suspension on the car has all been done with bushes and typical wear and tear items replaced. Motor had a top end rebuild, bores were fine.

I purchased the car originally as a good runner with a RWC and drove briefly before dismantling.

If you think this could be for you, phone ******** 507 for questions between 8am and 10pm. Outside that, text and I'll call you if I'm up.

Budget 240Z's in RHD (and this is) are very rare. I'm open to fair offers but Sims Metal Scrap value offers will just be politely ignored. If you text or send a one line offer, if you don't get a prompt response, please accept that as a polite refusal.

No need to tell me how much work is needed, I've built several cars and bikes. Nowadays I can really only do motorbikes beacase of arm injuries. Just can't give it up ;) .

Subject to prior sale, I also have a complete kit to convert to manual.

The red Fauxrrari in the last two photos started life as a manual but I had to convert to Auto due to my arm problems so the removed parts are available too.

Yes, I have more photos if you want, send an email address.


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