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  1. It's not Datsun or S30Z specific. I am tracking several cars on CarSales (thanks to the star icon you can save certain cars) - it's my little wish list. :). Anyway I get notifications daily of price moves. Majority of prices are being pushed up and not down, especially for 90s JDM stuff, but also early rotary and other Datsun's, Toyota's etc.. GTRs are out of control. The real problem I see is that you have the RBA talking of dropping rates further to 0.1% and more talk of QE, but even though the RBA denies it (like they denied the next move in rates was down), it's likely they will try negative interest rates as other places have done in the world. Despite the evidence suggesting it doesn't work, it won't stop them trying. When there is no return on your money in the bank, you funnel it into anything that provides a return, which could be vintage cars and other assets (deemed low risk). Of course you could argue this is the intention of such policies to encourage people to spend etc.. but I see it as a dead end and I have no idea where the madness ends. The only reason I'd sell any of my Toys at this stage would be to get the Mortgage paid off. As to when / if JobSeeker/Keeper ending will encourage more liquidity. It will be interesting, but I suspect people on JobSeeker were not buying Datsun's. Unless their name was Hayden of course.
  2. New 1 in Canberra this morning. https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/datsun-240z-1973/sse-ad-6831280/?utm_campaign=search-alert&utm_source=notification-center&utm_medium=email&csn_atid=35d2bcdc-c08b-4461-b2ba-acea7a0b7e7e
  3. Have fun, nothing can prepare you for the lack of sleep. The 24/7 demands etc.. Every time I think I have 5 mins spare to go work on something the little 1 has other plans.
  4. The other problem is I see 3-4 wanted ads on Gumtree right now. Here is the Brown 240z. The colour may put some off, but I always buy based on condition / originality. If the colour really bothers you, it can always be changed. https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/chermside/cars-vans-utes/1973-datsun-240z-sports-5-speed-manual-coupe/1256153334
  5. The floor at the moment for such a car is $30k (a 260z the other day sold instantly at $35k). Probably more if it's a 240z, a bit less if a 260z. The real problem is that lately there hasn't been much to choose from. Very limited stock appearing. There is a brown car in QLD that looks like a good starting point.
  6. https://wolfstreet.com/2020/09/19/asset-class-of-vintage-cars-during-the-pandemic-sales-at-high-end-on-ice-after-steep-price-drops-earlier-in-the-year/ The stand out at the moment is R34 GTRs. http://www.gtr-registry.com/en-r34-gtr-auction-results.php#2020September
  7. All gone long long ago. Best to buy from the UK auto panel solutions I think? Andy.
  8. I try not to sell anything these days. Things are just getting harder to source.
  9. These guys are basically talking about what I've been telling a lot of people lately.
  10. No I've mocked it up, and it's 100x better than the Canadian section. Very much OEM part and fitment. But... I may have found a good rear valance section (off a donor car) and given I'm restoring an early car, I am thinking of using that. I may hold onto the sections I fabricated and made for spares in future. So it's not a total loss. Andy in the UK is pretty good, so you should have no issues ordering through him (other than time to get it out to you).
  11. You can see these posts for more details. I'm actually quite proud of my SU rebuild. The vapour blasting and re-plated parts look fantastic. It really depends on what you're wanting to achieve? Z-therapy could take 3-4 months turn around times on the carbs due to backlog. I actually think my own rebuild turned out nicer (plating was better) and the vapour blast finish vs tumble polish of Z-therapy SUs. I just feel mine "pop" a bit more like new. Also Z-Therapy generally doesn't rebuild your intake manifold and restore it, I did that with mine and it's worth it IMHO. If you could get someone locally to do the roller bearing machine work / upgrade to the SUs, it would be worth doing all the work locally. The kit is fine, but it won't give you the roller bearing throttle shafts and it is missing some minor items like the inline fuel filters from memory. It also replaces some of the crush washers with a nylon style washer. It's probably worth it for the needles and nozzles (re-machined). The biggest con's of going with Z-therapy. 1. Cost of shipping. 2. Cost of rebuilding is high (but quality work doesn't come cheap) but if you compare with a set of Triple Webers it seems cheap. But not many people think like I do in terms of importance of originality plus Spanish Webers are not great IMHO.. 3. Backlog on their side, which means the carbs are missing for a couple of months at least (they may not have a backlog atm?). 4. When the carbs came back due to what they were insured for, I had to fill in customs declaration forms to state I sent them off for repairs so I didn't have to pay import duties. Bit of a hassle. 4. You don't get the satisfaction of having done the work yourself. Pro's of Z-Therapy. 1. Choke assemblies etc.. can be a pain to get right. Lots of washers etc.. 2. Looks great 3. Roller bearings done. 4. Saves you a lot of time so you can focus on other parts of your project. (probably main reason I'd outsource this job to be honest). Hope that helps.
  12. No more soup JDM for you! https://prestigemotorsport.com.au/dead-aust-imports-r34-supra-rx-7-silvia-others/ Seems like a fair bit of irrational exuberance is going on.
  13. Works Rally 240z Tribute on BAT. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1970-datsun-240z-61/
  14. New owner joined a Facebook group. Plenty of enthusiasm. Not sure they know how much work is involved, but ignorance is bliss :). I think they were attempting to get it running, turns over ok.
  15. https://www.mobilgaz.net/wp/product/datsun-240z-exhaust-system/ Currently on sale at 250 euros for headers back. Only problem will be shipping from Europe.
  16. They seem to stretch ok on the wider 7" wheels.
  17. Ever since I saw this segment on TV, I've been looking for it again. The man cave caught my eye. Love the use of recycled materials.
  18. I find that Auction sheets for such old cars are a bit of a moot point really. I've seen some nice cars marked as Grade R either because of extensive modifications like roll cages etc.. or just because they have history by now. Plus the mileage is hard to verify given how old they are, and how few digits are on odometers originally so they can roll over. Best to inspect in person to see the car for what it is, and evaluate it from there. Finding history on the Japanese imports is quite difficult. At least with a local example you can sometimes see it's history or contact previous owners to know a bit more about them. In my humble opinion the best car on CarSales right now, value for money wise. Is this car. https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/1972-datsun-240z-manual/SSE-AD-6753970/?Cr=3 It was used as a track car, so it's not perfect, but it was also mechanically looked after by Stewart Wilkins and I've seen the car in person and it's a good car. Vince is an honest guy too. I bought #51 off him!
  19. Same thing when you look at the R34 GTR market vs the R35 GTRs. You can get an almost new R35 GTR with 20,000 km's on it for around $100k. The R34 GTRs however cost $150-$200k at the moment. However I think there is total cost of ownership vs depreciation / appreciation cycles. The R35's must cost a fortune to service. R34 GTR's on the other hand if you're handy with spanners can still work on without specialist equipment. Then of course there is FOMO and irrational exuberance around the R34s.. "All the Merican's are gonna buy them! "
  20. My favorite quote of the moment is that "there is nothing more permanent than a temporary Government program." I suspect the subsidies will continue indefinitely because of the calamity of unwinding them at this stage will cost far more than the stimulus packages. You also have to remember the early access to Super $20k, I suspect that money was pumped into some cars. Especially GTRs! It seems they are selling like hot cakes right now. R34 GTRs are $150k+ which I feel is madness.. But sadly you're correct the money seems to trickle up, not down. 2 of my favorite films on Economics and the GFC are Margin Call and The Big Short...
  21. I was more referring to all the buyers. Had at least 3 people join the forum to send a PM to the seller.
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