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  1. I've been watching it on Facebook groups, but I haven't posted about it here.
  2. Nice early HLS30 on Bring a Trailer. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1971-datsun-240z-209/
  3. Early PS30 in Safari Gold colour. https://www.carandclassic.com/car/C1415544 Rumour is 141,000 euro is asking price.
  4. I was going to check Amayama also. Nice.
  5. The order of posts is a bit ass-about I'll check to see if I can re-organise them somehow in the software.
  6. Start a new thread and I'll move the posts under there.
  7. https://rb30det.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/rb30_dohc.pdf There are probably even better guides out there.
  8. Castlemaine Rod Shop I believe make mounts for RB engines in S30Z's. A 200ZR sump from an Z31 used to be the go to for a rear sump on an RB motor that would fit a Z sub-frame, but who knows how available those are these days? I would check legalities of RB30 block / 25 head from an engineering perspective in your state. I think on pre-emissions vehicles like 240z's it wasn't an issue, but later 260z's there may be some red-tape... Although I'm sure it hasn't stopped others in the past.
  9. I've always wanted to do an L28 turbo build. But it's not the easiest route.
  10. I don't know much about the car, but I recall someone saying it was proceeds of crime or involved in the early 2000s Melbourne gangland shootings. I don't know how true this is? Aside from that I really don't have much history on it, I have become a self anointed 240z history guru it seems but I never intended to do the work I've done with the registry for them. I find keeping track of 240z's has kept me busy enough, that I'm hoping someone else will do the work on 260z's 2 seater (RS30) and 2+2 (GRS30)s, but so far no hands have been raised. :). So I'm afraid my records of 260z's are non-existent. Perhaps I'll change my mind in time? Either way re: your 2+2, it's a project and I hope it works out for you. The community is happy to help so feel free to start a build thread and ask away.
  11. @vosadrianis this the car? https://www.grays.com/lot/0001-60011043/classic-cars/1977-datsun-260z-5speed-manual?spr=true
  12. What is it with carpet companies? Wasn't there some Aussie Carpets company that everyone keeps dropping in here to complain about? hah. Seems like carpets are hard to make?
  13. Hi, I seem to recall a yellow 2+2 at auction a few months back. In pieces and seem like it may have been missing a few things? I can't find the post yet, but I'll try look again later. I believe there was discussion about it on a Facebook group also.
  14. Set of Z Caps. https://www.ebay.com/itm/363681064244 Price: US $2,000.00 buy it now. You are bidding on a set of four Datsun Z hubcap. Three (3) hubcaps are NOS, & one (1) hubcap is a very early take off. Chrome is as new. Center emblem is as new. Paint shows minor scratches. Very nice. Super rare find. If you have any questions please call Kurt.
  15. I've liked them for years, but never had the chance to drive 1.
  16. As the everything bubble expands and rages on, nothing is immune from booming in price. Hipsters in 70s era Kei Trucks are gonna shoot those 2 stroke motor trucks to the moon higher than doge coin next! https://www.hagerty.com/media/car-profiles/japans-pipsqueak-work-trucks-and-vans-are-a-o-kei/ And even crappy Subaru 360's are not immune to the madness either. https://www.hagerty.com/media/valuation/once-cheap-and-ugly-the-subaru-360-is-having-an-unexpected-moment/ But I'm not sure why these collectors suddenly think they are worth gold. Or who else will want to pay more for them in future? Perhaps we won't run out of greater fools?
  17. I'm very sorry for your loss mate. Please accept my condolences.
  18. I've noticed Facebook is a cesspit of experts on prices of what cars should cost. Everyone has an opinion on what it should cost etc.. Often very naive opinions abound as to what these (and other) cars are worth or cost to build from people who have never even attempted a restoration. I find it very frustrating to be honest. I wish more of them would go play in traffic.
  19. https://www.hagerty.com/media/market-trends/a-japanese-car-will-sell-for-2-million-plus-4-more-predictions-for-2022/ As much as we love a great barn find, the "ran-when-parked" segment of the classic car market has been declining for some time and will, we suspect, continue to do so. There are some generational trends at work; aging baby boomers may be less inclined to take on a restoration that will carry into their 80s, and many younger enthusiasts are after vehicles they can use and enjoy with their families. Meantime, the skilled craftspeople who can execute big restorations are themselves aging and leaving the industry faster than they're being replaced, and shops are facing the same labor and parts shortages as everyone else. This slows down projects and drives up costs, but the biggest factor is simple math. It's rather tricky to bring a rough car back to life without winding up financially underwater. As such, cars with minimal needs will continue to be the most sought after.
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