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  1. I would need to look, but I don't think so. I did look at having more made, but not sure of demand. Probably not a bad idea to make a few more.
  2. These days aftermarket rods may be best. By the time you prep factory rods the price is pretty similar to proper rods. I believe Kameari sells suitable rods for example but I hear max speeding rods is another option. 25 odd years back it was all about the LD28 + L14 (136mm) and Honda XL500 pistons combo. As a budget stroker. L14 rods are as rare as hens teeth now however...
  3. I have a friend in NZ I keep finding cranks but they are 6 hours or more drive away from him. Bit of a pain. Also I'm finding sellers unwilling to separate engines and cranks these days. Makes it a bit of a challenge to buy a few in bulk.
  4. If it was me (and if that counts for anything), I'd probably look at using a modern turbo, modern ECU and coil on plug set up etc.. there is some really good stuff now for L-engine guru's. https://www.facebook.com/protunerzz/ And I'd add aircon in the old Z. So you have a nice comfortable street driven Z with modern luxuries like aircon for those hot summer days. But also plenty of power when / if you want it.
  5. Old school, but cool set up. What ECU does it run?
  6. Prices are always sticky on the way down. People are reluctant to sell for less than what they saw at peak. Not a lot of 240z's for sale. Lots of 2+2s however..
  7. I hear you, it's a long slog. But just remember it will be done right and will be worth it when finished. My 2 year old son is a time thief. Constantly up to mischief so I can't have him with me in the workshop.
  8. 71 and 73 model years are the most common. 72 being the least common and 70s are less common than 71 and 73 but more common than 72s. Weird but just the way they flowed into the country.
  9. You may be able to find them on YAJ! ? Actually I found a pair here. https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/f1062702578
  10. Now do the same for an early 240z haha.
  11. Problem is the Kobe Seiko wheels are 7" wide.
  12. Any photos of what these look like? I'm after the vintage looking tyres. All the photos online via Google Image show generic images.
  13. It's also Hulk green... which might look ok to the Millennial YouTuber crowd, but on an old Z looks out of place IMHO.
  14. Some updates for the old girl. Installed the rebuilt distributor with 16 degree initial advance and 16 mechanical additional advance. No more pre-ignition. More updates soon.
  15. Just stamp them the correct dates lol.
  16. Hi guys, I just bought a set of Kobe Seiko Rally Mags (repops) and they currently have Advan Type D 195/70R14 tyres fitted. Problem is they are date stamped 2017, so 5 years old now and shipping with them attached to the wheel will double the cost of freight from say $700 to $1300 odd.. So I'll likely have to discard them. But I want those tyres still! Problem is nobody seems to sell them locally here and they appear to be special order. Does anyone know if someone local would offer them? Or know of an online place to order which won't cost a bomb shipping wise? I'm open to alternatives but previous experience finding 14' tyres that are not aimed at the trailer market are limited to date. https://japanesenostalgiccar.com/yokohama-rubber-expands-selection-of-advan-hf-type-d/ I am tempted to keep the tyres on just so I can fit the wheels right away without having to wait. But from the description of the listing they are quite worn too in terms of tread. Any suggestions welcome!
  17. Certainly left better than it arrived.
  18. I found this marker recommended on classiczcars thread and ordered 1 for myself to test. So far I've done a tired looking radio facia and a centre console finisher plate for early style console. It's not quite as good as the factory chrome finish, but it's very close and much better than the peeling old original look that most have by now. Plus using this method you don't need to send it off for vacuum chrome plastic plating - which is quite expensive and you risk having it damaged in transit so win win if you ask me. The hobby pen is for painting toy robots. I found it on eBay for $20-$30 delivered which isn't cheap but I suspect will go a long way before it runs out. The only downside is that it shows up all the imperfections in the original plastic survey. So all those little dents accrued over years of wear and tear. But I keep looking at the reflection off the radio bezel chrome and think for the money it's hard to beat. These were just tests, in future I'd paint (with black vinyl paint) the plastics first to give them a fresh black look and then do the inlays second.
  19. Pencil me in, not sure how many Z's I'll bring. Probably 1 if I'm lucky.
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