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  1. Super clean S30z https://buyee.jp/item/yahoo/auction/s728710183?lang=en
  2. The Zcar Garage StopTech kit? I've been thinking about it. But would probably look for Mk63s first. Otherwise sounds like a good kit.
  3. Z car garage in San Jose has a couple of nice S30z's featured. L28 turbo build. Safari Gold stroker L28.
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  5. Thanks all, very much appreciated. I am currently interviewing for a job in my existing field. But each day things are changing. So I am just planning for worst case scenario.
  6. Hi folks, I so recently quit my long term employment after 11.5 years at Google. Of course this was a couple of weeks before the Corona Virus hit global economies. My timing is excellent. In a bid to reduce my expenses I've been going over my recurring bills. 1 of them is this website. Unfortunately the fall in $AUD has hurt because the website is currently costing $175 USD per month. I've looked at migrating to Amazon cloud (S3) a while ago but got stuck on the set up part of the configuration. But even so I'm not sure I can trim much off the operating costs because it's likely to remain an expense in $USD. Advertising has always helped and donations with it to keep the site up and running. The short fall I've always covered out of my own pocket, but now that I don't know when I'll find employment again I'm asking if folks who are in a position to donate can, then I'd really appreciate it. Especially for these next couple of months. Thanks and a big thank you to all who have donated over the years. It's very much appreciated. Gavin.
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  8. Hey mate, Take car of your health. I too have a boy on the way in August and had quit my job. So now looking for a new 1. Try not to stress also, if you can. I know it isn't easy.
  9. @dat2kman do you repair the oiler bar?
  10. My guess is that it's chassis no. HS30-100209 https://photos.app.goo.gl/5pavUYpmzULqhiXD7
  11. 73 240z. Clearly a skilled craftsman has done it. Question is, should it have been done? In my humble opinion no. But I see it as the boomer equivalent of the Gen Y strawberry front S13s or R34 GTR stagea conversions. But perhaps slightly more perverse?
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  13. I'm happy and sad for you Peter. Is the new project a boat?
  14. I'm already told I need to build a garage first. No more cars. I agree.
  15. https://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/cars/article-8091423/One-mans-8MILLION-collection-100-classic-cars-grabs.html Mr Petitjean started purchasing the finest motorcars he could in the late 1960s. Instead of making conservative investments in life insurance, mutual funds, or real estate, he put all his savings into the collection. Though considered an unconventional strategy at the time, Petitjean's decision helped him to avoid the worldwide savings and loan scandal and the European debt crisis altogether.
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  21. I love the C3 Vette with the egg crate grilles down the side. Never driven 1 though!
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