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  1. Pair of D Caps. https://www.ebay.com/itm/194439691519 Current bid: US $610.00 with 5 days to go.
  2. HS30 00309 is for sale. http://collectableclassiccars.com.au/cars/classic-cars/1969-datsun-240z-tarmac-rally
  3. Tough question, as someone who had an 1989 AE92 Corolla SX previously the GTiR was the step up in terms of 90s hot hatch. I don't think prices will boom going forward, rather be a slow increase over time.
  4. DC2 all the way, that's the best 1 to buy and hold.
  5. I actually was going to get their help with reproducing a 10K cluster for my Stagea 260rs - since it was missing when I got it due to a previous cluster burn out issue. I came across their reviews on Google which kind of put me off at first, but I contacted them and they said in order to reproduce a custom tach I'd need to have a lot of orders otherwise it's simply too expensive. The lady working there told me that even if I had to pay up to $1000 for a second hand 1 it was worth it.. so that's just what I did. Although I found an entire cluster at $600 AUD - which based on what they told me feels like it was a realistic price. I've since noted someone asking $4,000 AUD for 1 on YAJ! - I guess I got mine just in time..
  6. My point was more that for a potential buyer evaluating the option of importing 1 including costs headaches vs buying an already imported car may be justified by the asking price. As in OEM wheels, and engine bay hoses etc..? I guess it will be an interesting 1 to watch to see if it fetches the premium. It sounds like it's well known in the HK community of vintage car owners so may attract a premium for having a reputation.
  7. To quote my friend in Hong Kong. So sounds like a bit of a nightmare. Hence that could be factored into the current price.
  8. Interestingly the car was already in my database, but no photos of it until now. A friend of mine living in HK sent me photos of a blue 240z in the street (couple of years ago), so I assume it's the same car. I don't have its engine no. or know if it's matching no's.
  9. I wonder if that price is based on the fact that they expect it to sell locally? In which case there may be challenges with getting vintage cars registered in HK? Anyone know?
  10. https://www.carfarm.com.hk/en/product/datsun-fairlady-240z-2/ HS30 102587 73 model 240z from AU now in Hong Kong for auction.
  11. Big Job Lot on 2 rare / hard to find items for restorations. Early S30Z ashtrays https://www.ebay.com/itm/334177088780 5 good, 2 broken. US $4,850.00 AM Radios 4 total https://www.ebay.com/itm/334177117536 US $12,500.00
  12. It's been a number of years now, probably unlikely. Is there a reason you want that old Haltech ECU? Have you tried asking Haltech directly if they sell parts/old ECUs?
  13. For me, the video shows that any kind of bubble is often potentially grounded in some truths. But it is also based on a bunch of assumptions about the future. I do think the true Unicorns, like 400r and Z-Tune, Spirit R or Type RZ and the older 70s models like the 2000gt and 432-R and early Savanna Rotary coupes etc.. will be a safe bet.. but will all the lower spec models perform the same? Interesting they quoted Spirit R at $170k in future. But people have already been asking that for them on CarSales in last 6 months. And SP version sold at auction for similar not long ago. I also got a bit irked when they referred to 432R as a Datsun. Not a Nissan Fairlady Z432-R..
  14. So happy to have these sections, I spent ages fixing old bits and trying to get it to look right. Not an easy task.
  15. A bit more "fraud" expose in the Japanese Auction Market. Dodgy S15 given grade 4.
  16. Ouch, apply water to burns. If my opinion is worth anything, I'd get it back on the road with the L-series first and drive it for a bit to see what you think. I know they are not particular fast compared to modern stuff, but I also think they are quite well balanced with the L-series and make for a fun drive. But also, for you. https://www.whichcar.com.au/features/windsor-347-1976-datsun-260z
  17. @DOChas requested his/her account be disabled. So I've put it into ban status for now.
  18. Probably close what you paid for it at auction? Since that is what the market has dictated is the value? I believe it went to $17,500 and buyers premium is 7.5% (including GST). So what's that $18,812.5? + Freight to Queensland? Maybe $1,000 on top? So around about $20k? But I hear you're asking closer to $30k? Sounds like your circumstances change often. And full disclaimer, I have no problem with people trying to flip cars. What I do have a problem with is people doing so under false pretences and using a community forum like this which costs money to run each month as their platform for doing it. As no doubt you'll be in and out like a flash in the pan, having just enriched your own pocket. Just be transparent that you're flipping it.
  19. What are you asking for it? I have a friend that might be keen?
  20. Bring a Trailer Green 240z which sold in 2019 for $68k is back for sale. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1970-datsun-240z-77/ HLS30 00842 Starting strong with $35k and 7 days to go.
  21. Did you just buy this car at Lloyds? It seems to match the description. https://www.lloydsonline.com.au/LotDetails.aspx?smode=0&aid=25651&lid=3113596&pgn=6&pgs=15&altype=1
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