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  2. Worth a watch... could apply to the classic car market also..
  3. You have no idea mate…this 3 year journey is getting to the pointy end. Kids aren’t this excited at Xmas.
  4. A friend in Japan sent me this, you'll need to Google Translate it though. https://president.jp/articles/-/51672?page=1
  5. Hi I haven't heard back from the USA yet. Please phone Greg on 0438834985. He will more than likely have multiple ones. Hope this helps you out.
  6. Wow you must be getting very excited wags!
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  8. I missed out on his 240Z when it was for sale last year. The 260Z is his wife's car and to console me he said it would be for sale soon, but would be asking $75K. I told him a the time it was out of my price range, now it definitely is.
  9. Morning all After owning three 240Zs over the years, I’ve now got skin in the 260Z game. Managed to buy a project 75 2-seater. For some reason only known to themselves, the previous owner had plonked a Rover V8 between the chassis rails. Luckily it was only a test fit and no bodywork was modified. So looking for the following to go in the car: L28 engine (complete - carbs and exhaust - but will consider any parts or condition) 5-sp manual box Engine x-member and mounts Gearbox x-member and hardware Front suspension tension rods and hardware Manual pedal box or just pedals and pivot rod Front valance panel Wiper cowl panel RH inspection flap panel RH fresh air-to-inner fender boot Centre console Air-to-cabin flap knob Any help finding these bits will be greatly appreciated. On the Gold Coast but will cover postage I’ll start a build thread when I get deeper into the old girl Cheers Martin
  10. Hi Joe did you go with the 260z pedal box? if not, I’m chasing one if you could pass on the details? cheers
  11. One needs to check the tip-to-tip dimensions against one's own Nissan original. I bought one several years ago as my original, which has already been re-chromed once, has rust breaking out in places. However, I found the new one was too tight across the bodywork at each end, so didn't proceed and it still hangs on the garage wall to this day. Nothing to say that my car is correct of course, that the guards shouldn't be pulled in a bit, although I think its original bumper fits pretty well. I must look at it again though, thanks for the reminder.
  12. Seems cheap - off loading stock or is quality/fitment not good? https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/133370434755?hash=item1f0d7f54c3:g:53YAAOSwFLReeu-U
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  14. To be honest ive had many chances over the years to buy decent 260z 2 seaters for not a lot of money. I was too stubborn and fixated on having the original 240z. Looking back I think I made the wrong choice, I could have been enjoying good condition running car instead of trying to resurrect Lazarus.... ahhh hindsight...
  15. Correction! The 240Z, 260Z, 280Z, Fairlady, 432 etc etc, both 2-seater and 2+2, are all of the Nissan S30 family. Others may disagree but my observations over 37yrs of ownership and car club membership are that the 260Z is somewhat better built and more refined in several respects over the 240Z. To each his own. I like them all. Enjoy your purchase, you should have a lot of fun with it.
  16. DD is 8 to 10 weeks.
  17. Maybe post a photo of it so we can see? Year doesn't matter with AU market cars, more of a North American spec thing with position of hazard switches etc.. so all 240z dashes are basically the same here. PS: I do have a spare, but I was going to restore it and then sell. I believe Dashboard doctor is backlogged with work and I haven't been able to get down there with all the lockdowns in Victoria over the last 1.5 years.
  18. There's always a bit of buyers remorse when you pay decent money, but looking back looks like you got a bargain there Pete.
  19. Thank goodness. I paid top end for an unrestored, one-owner back in Feb. Looks cheap now. Will the prices hold once the "band stops playing"? Hope so. I think the 240Z is growing in desirability globally with plenty still left to run and people have realised that the early 260Z 2-seaters are a more forgiving "S30" even if they are not truly an S30.
  20. Thanks Jeff I was getting a strut brace anyway...I have the spacers ordered too checked the wheel bearing play, slight play on LHS but none on right and rubbing on both. I will be checking the hub bolt torque
  21. Ryan Strut brace won’t change anything as it’s not body flex causing the wheel to rub on the strut and its not flexing in the strut. It will be wheel flexing or play in the wheel bearings. The stub axle and strut are as one and very solid so will not flex relatively to each other. Check wheel bearing play and or add a spacer. Jeff
  22. They were the poor cousin to the 240Z back in the day! How things have changed, but good to see them start to realize some value now.
  23. Finally got around to installing the DGR coil overs and the T3 NCRCAs install went very smoothly, I did have to die grind the center bore for the rear strut towers to fit the rear coilovers, but with a steady hand an a bit of paint you can’t even tell. Funnily enough this is the first car I have modified, I always had intentions with all my previous cars to modify them but life and fiscal responsibility has always got in the way. I have to say I’m really impressed with the results. The car is now as low as one can legally go and looks great. Stupidly I forgot to measure the ground clearance before installing so I am unsure exactly how much it has been lowered but I believe somewhere in the range of 30-50mm. Before: After: performance wise it is incredible how the car has changed. In stock form the car handles well and is so balanced (with potenza re-003 tyres) but spring rates are too soft and the car rolls around far too much. The coilovers completely resolve any complaints I had with the handling. The lowered center of gravity, increased spring rates along with the negative camber from the T3 NCRCAs make the car unbelievably good on a mountain road (I use the term mountain loosely here in perth) it is so neutral and predictable. I’m so stoked. Ride quality? Excellent, very impressed. I’m running 5 clicks from the softest setting atm. Obviously a stiffer ride but by no means uncomfortable. Still an excellent city/highway ride. Once on broken back roads it can get a bit harsh But this is to be expected, and given the adjustable damping if it bothers me too much I can pull over and soften within a couple of minutes. After a spirited drive I found I was getting rubbing between the locking nut and rim. Problem: it seems under heavy load the 2-3mm gap (when static) isn’t enough. Annoying... current solution options include: -a thin wheel spacer -install a strut brace in the attempt to reduce flex during heavy load - looking at installing a hopper stopper big brake kit which adds some thickness from the rotors mounting on the hub but this option is expensive.... I took advantage of Black Friday sales and ordered a tri point strut brace from Techno Toy. and have also ordered some custom 5mm aluminum spacers in case the strut brace doesn’t do the trick... Long term I will look at the hopper stopper kit but need to look into whether I can get them engineered. A few other issues are highlighted by the coilovers. 1. the stock seats suck and don’t hold you at all, with the increase in corner speeds and g forces this makes driving the car hard somewhat fatiguing. 2. The steering vagueness is highlighted. I have purchased techno toys billet aluminum steering coupler(could not find a polyurethane one) and some polyurethane steering rack bushings, hopefully these do the trick! 3. The auto gearbox needs to burn in hell. With the entry and mid corner now so good, the corner exit is noticeably unenjoyable because the revs are never where I want them. Overall I thoroughly recommend the DGR Coilovers for the ZX. Transforms the car.
  24. Previously had no interest in a SAAB 900, now I need 1.
  25. You watched one 900 video (probably the hagerty one like I did... and now YouTube has decided you need to watch all the 900 vids lol
  26. Been cut for the front legs of a roll cage, want to restore to original. don’t think it’s salvageable myself but someone good with dash’s might know otherwise? cheers
  27. Whats wrong with your original?
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