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  2. Perhaps before we close on this trolling post 'Looking for a Z project' we should hold a vote on his percentage chance of actually getting what he wants given the limitations already discussed. I would suggest low single digits.
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  4. Got the latest update from Les at LCR. It’s starting to feel real now! Look at the pipes coming out of that thing...just stunning!
  5. On behalf of the group, it's been fun Happy to play tennis anytime you're free for a game..
  6. Congrats Gav, My 2 y.o loves the how to modify your L series engine book with the flying trucks. Mum says I am brainwashing him! I call it preparation. she thinks I won’t try it with our 5 m.o. daughter! Garage time harder but a fair trade off! Enjoy it.
  7. Massive Congrats Gav and Maria
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  9. Build a proper garage with a hoist and a change table..................... Jeff
  10. Fatherhood has changed you! and congrats again!
  11. Believe me I'm done with collecting. Gotta build a proper garage to store them all in!
  12. If it looks like this on the back then you should be able to get it working.
  13. Thanks Daretobedifferent You are spot on. Ill just wait and see what comes up eventually.
  14. Time will tell! Ill post up when ive been through it with my conversion and let you guys know the results...
  15. Sorry gilltech I didnt understand, please spend all evening tomorrow replying, TROLLED
  16. Lol keep it coming, took the bait hook line and sinker. You guys crack me up,so butt hurt lol. TROLLED Again.
  17. I think everyone should just relax haha. I do think a seller is within reason to sell the car for whatever price they want, they own it at the end of the day. It's a sellers market right now making buyers pretty annoyed / stressed. I know if I was looking for a 240Z right now, I'd be frantically trying to find one and getting annoyed at missed opportunities. Goodluck Hayden, just remain patient, something will come up.
  18. Congratulations Gav, hope mum and the young lad are doing well. My 1.5 year old loves car parts. A spare carby is a hit cause you can open the throttle and make brap brap noises, which is apparently hilarious.
  19. Ditto what everyone above says! Well done. Oh gawd, don't start him off, he's already got enough of them, surely...
  20. No reason you can't share them here
  21. BTW, with that Sydney car, what's with those little scoops on the 'C' pillars instead of the badges? Red interior, nice. Looks like Globe wheels. Front strut brace. Some kind of aftermarket sports steering wheel.
  22. What, my Zed or my Mustang? Or both? Thanks, I'll keep you in mind Greg!
  23. I can't wan't till you have your fire sale in two years time
  24. back then instead of arguing they should have both been out there stocking up on zeds
  25. Ditto. Me too! Damn, maybe it's time to build myself that 6-bay garage I've always wanted. Three Zeds, three Mustangs...
  26. Congratulations Gavin & Maria, what a Blessing. Life is going to get a lot more interesting, hope you enjoyed your sleep these last few months hehe We should have a dedicated Thread on Fathering Tips for Gavin Enjoy champ
  27. Thanks for your concern, but I think I'll be just fine. Although I do have a bit of a problem. My garage is getting a bit too small to fit more toys in. I don't like selling things which becomes a problem as you get older because you run out of space. Sounds like it'll need to be bigger in two years time to accommodate my new purchases.
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