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  2. KatoKid

    240z mirror

    Huw, post up a photo
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  4. Video update 15 - Fuel line upgrade, polishing my fingers off! and doing the handbrake! Ok so I've been on a bit of a roll. got the next video ready, some upgraded fuel line, bunch of other stuff, you guys know whats up!
  5. I'm pretty sure when i was trying to google search the product for reviews it bring me here anyway as someone had reviewed it here, might have been you?
  6. Huw

    240z mirror

    An plan B if unobtainium would be to find someone who can repair. What has happened is the join between the ball (that links to stem) on the mirror and the body of the mirror has split. Quite thin metal so beyond my ability to repair. Thoughts?
  7. Early HKS turbo kitted 280zx! Please view this ad: 1979 Datsun / Nissan 280zx TURBO..., https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/shortland/cars-vans-utes/1979-datsun-nissan-280zx-turbo-/1249060540?utm_source=messenger&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=socialbuttons&utm_content=android_VIP_sticky
  8. Huw

    240z mirror

    Hi all Finally got round to digging zed (71 240 Z ) out of shed and trying to give it some attention. Noticed that someone had clean hit my driver side mirror. Does anyone have the Nissan part number? (Or microfiche so I can look it up) I suspect Nissan don’t have and I will need to source from Japan but thought it worth a try.... Huw Watkins
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  10. AU $10,000.00 (0 Bids) End Date: Saturday Jun-6-2020 8:58:04 EST Bid now | Add to watch list View This Ad
  11. Hello DreamZproject have you been able to get some photos of the back side of these lights yet?
  12. Will also Pm you, maybe Alan and I can combine shipping....?
  13. Good evening, So over the last week and a half we have been trying to clean/ revive as many parts as possible and now have a better idea of the parts i am missing. I cant wait to start installing. I also had chance to have a good look at the body of the car, inspected sills, under body etc. Noticed that there was a heap of media/sand in one of the outer sills. Spent a couple of evenings trying to vacuum all the media out. I managed to get majority of it out. I attached some old radiator hose on the vacuum cleaner to protect the paint and the get more of the media out. I also decided to drop the front end (suspension, steering rack etc.) to clean and repaint (job for this weekend).
  14. Hey guys, located in Florida, US... willing to pay shipping cost! Any condition
  15. Will PM you to ask if you will ship a pair half way round the world to me. Thanks.
  16. I have a large quantity of new old stock, never used but fully tested 7 inch koito headlamps as originally fitted to the 240z / 260Z when they left the production line. A must have item for a well restored zed! If you don't have koito you've got the wrong lights fitted! Come in original boxes which are quite weathered $30 each + postage
  17. Hey Team, Looking for a factory A/C unit from a 260z. Any vintage as they should all fit my '76. Just the centre console part, my blower etc are all in good condition. Happy to restore. Just need the evaporator core to be in good condition. Pics of what I'm hunting: i Please help. Preparing for summer.
  18. Hi everyone, Chasing a red interior for a 280ZX, need everything excluding front seats, roof lining and carpet. Preferably in 7/10 condition or better to replace my current one. Located Brisbane Photo of car attached for attention. Cheers Zac
  19. I somewhat agree. I am expecting to be disappointed (again), but hoping this time they might have got it right.
  20. So many speculations and I bet Nissan will leave fans disappointed. This is what happened when Nissan replaced the Pulsar shape with the Tiida and then realised that they needed to revive the SSS to pick up sales again. Seems like coporate management at its best.....
  21. I just did a scale comparison between the length of the Narava (a known length) to the Z and if there was no change in the distance between the cars in the video shoot it it looks a if the new Z might be about 4.150 meters long which almost the same as the original 240Z
  22. Nissan has released a teaser of the new Z Looks good
  23. I'm dealing with a friends third Gen Prelude (89) which has some electrical gremlin preventing it from powering up it's ECU. Frustrated and it has a couple of superficial rust spots. Nothing like an S30z though!
  24. That's obviously a lie because you keep collecting them.
  25. I hate new cars. But I also hate rusty old ones too.
  26. Hi re the emergency key hole. It usually in the drivers handle. Not hidden but just not noticeable. This image is a LC200
  27. I'm hoping someone can help me out with advice on a new sports seat (type/model etc) for my 1973 240Z. I'm planning the odd track day and want something that provides better support than my standard driver seat, supports the use of a clip in harness (I have a half cage) and can bolt straight in/onto the standard mounts. Fixed (with the ability to fix at my desired point) or on runners. Like the wheels and tyres, I will be removing the seat after the event until its next needed so I'm looking for something that simply bolts straight in. I'm not looking for a huge winged wonder, just a nice solid supportive sports seat (with harness holes) that doesn't require me to re centre myself in to the seat between each corner. Many thanks for your feedback!
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