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  2. Thanks, that was the conclusion I reached as well with a bit more reading. One up leaves an odd bolt. Time-sert appears to be an easier install but doesn't really offer any structural advantage to a helicoil (despite the marketing). Familiar with helicoil so that will be the go. H
  3. Angle welded onto the front cross member frame, holes drilled and bolted up into place
  4. Front diff carrier frame all welded up and bolted in place... one more to go!
  5. Two on my car had been stripped at some time and were tapped out to 7/16 UNF. Yes it's not metric, but if you went out to M12 there might not be much metal left if it is a nut above.
  6. Im keen for one of these kits too Edit. Does this replace the factory floor rails? one of mine is squished so i'll need to do something about that, Or would I be better using the lengthened floor rails first before fitting this kit like Lurch makes and installs?
  7. Hi all, In changing diff strap and mount noticed that 2 of the bolt holes for the front diff cross member partially stripped. Passenger far side is worst but passenger inner is not 100 either. Neither will torque down fully. Hasn't been apart (by me) since restored in '06 as a uni student - so may be one of the many crimes of inexperience. Or I can say it was the PO who installed the blue shag felt over the vinyl....(long gone!) I believe it goes straight to body rather than to a captive nut. So the decision is: - drill out and tap one bigger; - helicoil
  8. Last week
  9. Well, my all-aluminium strut-brace bar kits are becomming popular and it didn't take long before my friend 'down-under, #AaronNeubauer from #BuiltOnPurpose made us a 'how-to-fit' video which I shall steal and share here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NMO1j7NnhEQ&fbclid=IwAR3CZILk4vdsmXX1WSBJZ1uMq3PDGeQxgNWcS7CVgSnlr5ZiA950-vFsBMU There's a Black Friday promotion price too : Black Friday Prices (both bars) : US$290 £215 CAN$380 AUS$400 NZ$430 € 230 / Fr €220 Prices (front
  10. Maybe I had a long day. Strangely mesmerizing.
  11. Les plugs the hole with a Welch Plug. Jeff
  12. Really what for? Does he rely on the valve cover breather instead?
  13. It's my understanding that there isa certification process that can take place on the US side (who are aware of Australian requirements) and can provide you with a certification before the car is shipped here. https://www.dazmac.com.au/dazmac-develops-solution-to-asbestos-ban/
  14. Hi CAF the shippers have been pretty good up until this point, do you know if there is a particular document that needs to be complete to confirm that the inspection has been completed. thanks
  15. You MUST get the inspection done BEFORE it leaves the US. Otherwise you WILL be reamed by Australian Customs and Quarantine if you don't have the paperwork saying so. I hope you've got a good import agent...
  16. Do you know in what direction it went?
  17. I am chasing a running L28 engine. Prefer to buy local but open to everywhere in Oz. I destroyed mine and I would appreciate if you contact me on 0421 145 480 if you have got one to sell.
  18. Then we worked on refurbing the rear brakes From this.. To this..
  19. The colour of the shocks are very close to the exterior paint (the only reason why I didn't go Koni reds ).
  20. It has been a while since I have updated this thread. Since August I have made good progress to to try and meet my goal of having her on the road by Christmas. There was a massive delay on getting some key parts from america due to some very ordinary customer service. One of the jobs we tackled was to install the new shocks (Koni Yellows) and king springs. These coil spring clamps worked a treat. The install went relatively smoothly.
  21. yes it is... Hoping to be on the road before Christmas
  22. Thanks. I just checked the ebay store. They don't seem to have any left in stock. You must have purchased the last one.
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