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  3. WTB: 240z/260z complete manual pedal box with pedals.
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  5. It's not a show car and once the engine is in you wont be able to see the rattle can colour difference Logic would say to full back half this car but its going to be a drag and drive car with the odd cruise thrown in so close to stock/sleeper look is important. Biggest tyre that can be fitted is 235/60/15 which is 26 inches tall and it only just fits in the standard guards, a taller tyre would need the guards lengthened and a mini tub isnt worth it as there isnt much to gain without doing a full rail reaplacement. The lips on the guards are really susbstantial and just couldnt be rolled so resorted to slicing and hammering, came up really well with no external marks and with a clean up and seam seal and rattle can paint will be good. Position of the rear axle will be critical as there is only 10-15mm clearance at front and rear of guard opening and likewise the same for inner and outer guard. We are going to use the standard 4 link/panhard suspension but all of this is now junk. 9 inch has been sourced and will use cromo rod ended bars on the standard pickup points but will build some adjustatbility into it them and also the diff brackets to hopefully get sufficient separation so it 60's reasonably.
  6. As above, I’m after a 280zx turbo exhaust manifold. if anyone has one laying around please let me know. mill consider a non factory jobbie too thanks in advance
  7. Hi Orange Z, (brand new nebbie tonight, so don't know anything about how I'm supposed to do stuff) I'm in Chermside and am interested in the bushes you have/had for sale. Can I get your address?
  8. Hi Dennis, Condolences to you and family on your loss. Definitely contact Locky and you can be sure of the best job possible will be done by him and his team. Peter T.
  9. Hi Dennis, Sorry for you loss. As Gav said we are very busy at them moment but give me a call to discuss the 2+2 on: zero four zero zero zero five four five seven two We are located in the Warragul area. -Lachlan.
  10. Hi Dennis, First of all, I'm sorry for your loss. If you want rust repair done right, the best place to go is @C.A.R. https://www.facebook.com/ClassicAutomotiveRestorations/ Although there may be a wait list at this point.
  11. Sorted, thanks everyone!
  12. Hey guys! Lost our son last year and inherited the 260Z he'd owned and loved for around 17 years. She got knocked back on Victorian RWC due to a couple of small rust spots at the rear of the chassis rails. All other mechanical and the usual cosmetic rust repairs over the years have been done properly by a Z trained enthusiast the old-ashioned way in all steel and we want to repair the chassis rails the right way too. Who do you recommend - preferably in Australia for new chassis rail sections? Most of the threads I found on here were a few years old so apologies if I'm going over familiar ground. Thanks, Denis.
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  14. I have one for you Gavin, Shooting you a message on FB
  15. @K-MAC Re: Design breakthrough - are these different to the version you have been selling for some time? What is the price? How does one go about buying such a thing? Is there a link to more information?
  16. Let me have a look through my parts for one...
  17. See photos for condition. Cam on one head is broken as shown in last photo. $300 for both Pick up Brisbane north (Samford Valley) only with cash payment.
  18. Cmon mate, thats offensive... Yeah i think they're good value atm, literally no one knows what they are, if you dont know about them they pass for a normal IS, very comfortable, goes like stink and I'm really surprised at how chuckable it is for such a big car. kids are enjoying the extra room
  19. Yeah they do, I imagine its not the cheapest way to get them but it comes with everything you need to renew all pins and terminals, I went with it for pure convenience. Heres the link if anybody is interested: http://www.vintageconnections.com/Products/Detail/180
  20. AndBir

    Castrol 25W-50

    Any thoughts re Castrol GTX Classic 20W-50 engine oil - high zinc and phosphorus versus Castrol Edge?
  21. Haha I've gotten a few cars blasted before. The car coming back in one colour and all the rust removed, in my opinion is always a great feeling.
  22. It has a built in WiFi source which you connect to with a phone or tablet after downloading the camera App. https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B07C9C6P5D?psc=1&ref=ppx_yo2ov_dt_b_product_details
  23. Quick bump before I'm forced to use EvilBay?
  24. I was gonna ask about which borescope, I've seen several cheap ones but was wondering how good they were. Does this connect to your smart phone?
  25. I normally wouldn't allow such blatant advertorial, but in this case I'll approve this post.
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