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  2. The best kind of car park. Single car bus stop style.
  3. Champ54


    Hi everyone. Thanks for all the suggestions. I finally bit the bullet and bought 3 new 40 DCOE Genuine Webers and they work just great. Got them tuned in very easily. Also I may have discovered some of the problems with the JASF junk. 1. the throttle stops were very poorly made and required slight modification to get the butterflies to close fully. 2. these carbs have 5 progression holes and when the butterflies are fully closed 1 progression hole is still fully exposed. I didn't try plugging it up but that possibly would have helped.With the poorly made throttle stops 1 1/2 progres
  4. I had all intentions of going to help out at a MTB race today but was temped by the old girl and the beautiful day so took her for a drive instead. Actually two drives. Coffey run with the misses early. Interesting how a 6 kilometre round trip quickly turned into 15 kms. Then a bit of a tour around the nice roads to the west of Canbarra after lunch. Just so enjoyable to drive. I have been working with Les and Steve from LCR on the ECU tune. I have been sending them log files and they have been making some adjustments accordingly. Now averaging 9.9 l/100 km with all types of driving and no d
  5. I have these that are surplus to my requirements as I changed interior colour to black. They are original from my car. The shipping might be worth much more than they are. Jeff
  6. Is that very effective? I’ve always wondered how that holds up over time, and how good it would look, but never looked into it.
  7. A rather less common interior colour? If no luck then find a good clean one of a different colour and vinyl spray it?
  8. Yesterday
  9. Hi All Im looking for a tan/beige Sunvisor on the drivers side (96401 E8201) Thanks - Daniel 280zx-turbo datsun@ec-investigation.com
  10. Update. The engine and gearbox is out, they need to go to a new home now. Pictures show the engine sitting in the bay just before I removed it all, the radiator, the custom made heat shields, modified sump and clearance over the crossmember. The tailshaft is shortened to fit the RB25 and R200 diff. The exhaust header is from Corby in NZ, for a R32 skyline, then further modified and tucked in closer to the motor, to clear the shape of the firewall. The rest of the exhaust system is a glass pack sports muffler in the middle with another muffler and tip bolted on at the end. Its all
  11. L24-051431 is on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/groups/740335446098903/permalink/2307813796017719/?sale_post_id=2307813796017719
  12. Ha... he's just replied to say it sold a few days ago. Bit of a coincidence, no? Considering how long it had been listed... @C.A.F. Thank you for the offer mate, but I guess it doesn't matter now!
  13. Yeah, fair enough too! I've sent him a message to indicate my interest – and it's genuine – but I've noted that I'm not unaware of the details he's neglected to mention in the ad. Will be interesting to see what he says – if he replies. (And he may well be reading this thread!)
  14. When it was first listed I saw it for sale and suspected it was an Edward Lees listing. There are certain attributes that often lead me to believe it's him. Let's just say.. But he also has a red Fairlady Z listed at $120k odd. He never seems in a hurry to sell them. So they are usually at a higher price and he moves them up with the market. So yes he's upped the price but it seems to coincide with market movement. Part of the reason it may take him a while to sell these cars is that people in the community are likely wary of dealing with him.
  15. Haha, shit, wait, it's this car? @gav240z you post so many cars for sale, you might've forgotten you posted this one, haha. He's put quite the markup on it with that manual conversion, hasn't he...
  16. So nice. Great setup, great inspiration!
  17. Yep I found the 15x8 wats more comfortable on the road.
  18. Yup, I’m more caught up on his thread now, haha. And I completely agree, best look for sure!
  19. Would love to be a fly on the wall if this ever happened. Might be a reality TV show in it. Think I would even pay to watch. Jeff
  20. Mike, as a part of my business I also offer vehicle inspections. If you want to look at that Z in Sydney, shoot me a text.
  21. It’s actually... annoyingly appealing, haha. I was looking into the 240Z in Canberra, but this one despite being a 260Z seems to have more going for it. I’m not desperate to have an early car, I just want a clean S30. Any other reasons I should steer clear?
  22. Mark has 15x8 +0 Watanabe's on his S30z. He originally had 16" wheels but decided they look too big and went to 15" instead. Basically the best size / spec for a stock body S30z IMHO.
  23. Even dodgy dealers sometimes have nice cars on the lot. Use a high degree of caution and don't believe anything he promises you. Any kind of warranty is unlikely to be honoured. I actually asked the bloke with the Stagea what happened in the end. Since I also own a Stagea and it's a small community I managed to get in touch. He told me Phil wiggled out of paying anything but he was compensated via some dealer / motor authority org. And now that values have gone up it's kind of water under the bridge now. Since the 260rs have increased in value a lot since then. So in effect once he g
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