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  2. Weather irrespective I cant make it....family stuff
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  4. I'm in east gippsland (about 5 hours drive from Melbourne - I will PM you.
  5. https://www.ebay.com/itm/303324947928?ul_noapp=true NOS D-cap $500 USD. Still in box.
  6. Good info! Thanks! Yeah I happy to grab the three like you said. Where abouts are you in VIC?
  7. yes they will need covers but are in pretty good Nick send me a text or pm your number if you want photos the covers are not that good have been painted the other pair have speaker holes in em I was asking 250 Linton
  8. Ordering a Kia Sportage front door weatherstrip tomorrow - so let me know if you are interested.
  9. If it’s overheating, or using water then that’s an issue. If it’s not doing either of these things, as Locky said, perhaps check it a couple of times to make sure it’s not losing water then you’d probably be right just to drive it without checking every day.
  10. Hi Linton, The seats and door cards do you still have them? If so what are you after for them. Justin
  11. The fan ticks on fairly regularly in warmer weather and it's not on the highway... I guess I'm just not used to having to pop the bonnet every time I use it...
  12. portland Victoria hows 500 plus shipping
  13. Where are you located and how much are you chasing for the engine please
  14. Last week
  15. Rough 2+2, going cheap though. $2,500 Lower Chittering in WA. www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/lower-chittering/cars-vans-utes/datsun-260z/1231111729
  16. Awesome Rudy, it’s been a long journey but all your hard work and patience has paid off. A cruise is getting near.
  17. DISCLAMER: I haven't seen the car in person yet, these photo's came from the painter last night at 9pm. Earliest i can go down is Friday. Nah, Only thing i cant do is paint and trimming. I'll be doing the rest myself Over the moon is a understatement. 4 years of me fixing all the rust at home, 1 and a half years at the paint shop... its been a long long time, here i'm hoping it doesn't take another 5 to finish it! (should be able to smash it now) Wife wasn't home, i was by myself and found myself pacing up and down the hallway like mad as i was messaging the photos to a few of my mates! Was that exited i struggled to sleep last night! I'm going to hold you to that buddy. I want to see sack out, caressing the quarter panel! pumped up to see it on Friday in the flesh!! I gave him my go pro too, to film him painting it. So should make for a nice Youtube video update! Hanging panels were getting done today i think! Rudi.
  18. Yeah I thought it was like that from factory. I searched pictures on Google and they all curve in on the exhaust side. Hopefully my car will get painted straight after @CroS13 Rudys car is finished.
  19. Looking to buy a f54 bottom end for a l28et build
  20. If I ever see this in the flesh, I shall rub my crotch on it. It's THAT GOOD.
  21. Just check it before you drive it - it's not difficult. Is it using water?
  22. Hey guys The manifold I speak of in this ad is no longer available. Mikuni’s definitely are still available though so let me know if your interested thanks Matt
  23. Hey guys these are now SOLD. Thanks Matt
  24. Have the fuel tank out of the 260 for cleaning and coating inside.
  25. Yeah I noticed the same also, it seems to be like that from factory. You may be able to see it on my 71. Note how it just curves up close to the exhaust exit cut out? This car as far as I can tell has never had a hit in the rear, so appears to be the nature of the panel, probably because of the cut out, it offers a form of "relief" or slack.
  26. Hey @gav240z on the original rear valance did you notice it to curve in more on the exhaust side and curve out on the opposite side? I went past to have a look at my car and I noticed the rear valance is curved in more on the exhaust side than the opposite side. I wanted to know if this was standard as the panel beater said they couldn't get it straight. Cheers, Youhan
  27. Well it has been a long time coming Rudy. Good things come to those who wait. The car looks sensational, you must be over the moon to have achieved this milestone. Now the fun part begins. I look forward to the reassembly. Cheers Jeff
  28. How often would you suggest it gets checked. I drive the car a pretty decent amount, ie. Twice a week on average and sometimes it's for running around so I dont always have the opportunity to check...
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