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  2. Agreed, happy to help here too. Have you looked into using a VPS like DigitalOcean, Vultr, Linode, RackSpace over AWS? It would increase some of the maintenance hassles (probably can be partially mitigated by Dockerizing the site) but should be more affordable.
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  4. Thanks all, very much appreciated. I am currently interviewing for a job in my existing field. But each day things are changing. So I am just planning for worst case scenario.
  5. Hi Gav, if you you can - DM me some details on the hosting stats (size of the site, size of the SQL, monthly bandwidth). Happy to look at what I can do investigating cheaper hosting options and assisting in migrating. Thanks
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  7. So that's the early style catch and lock pull presumably. I think '74 would be the same.
  8. Sent something. Not much, but I'll try to make it monthly. Thanks and Good Luck!
  9. Do you know in what direction it went?
  10. Ditto. Not much $$$ I'm afraid as work has dried up for me. But I'll appreciate your site even the more as I sit out the next weeks/months based at home.
  11. Chasing a passenger side door for a 75-76 2 seater.
  12. No worries Gav, appreciate all you do, this forum made my Z experience possible. Donation made. (PS : I have pinned this post )
  13. Hi folks, I so recently quit my long term employment after 11.5 years at Google. Of course this was a couple of weeks before the Corona Virus hit global economies. My timing is excellent. In a bid to reduce my expenses I've been going over my recurring bills. 1 of them is this website. Unfortunately the fall in $AUD has hurt because the website is currently costing $175 USD per month. I've looked at migrating to Amazon cloud (S3) a while ago but got stuck on the set up part of the configuration. But even so I'm not sure I can trim much off the operating costs because it's likely to remain an expense in $USD. Advertising has always helped and donations with it to keep the site up and running. The short fall I've always covered out of my own pocket, but now that I don't know when I'll find employment again I'm asking if folks who are in a position to donate can, then I'd really appreciate it. Especially for these next couple of months. Thanks and a big thank you to all who have donated over the years. It's very much appreciated. Gavin.
  14. AU $81,888.00 End Date: Wednesday Apr-29-2020 13:44:00 EST Buy It Now for only: AU $81,888.00 Buy It Now | Add to watch list View This Ad
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  16. Hi All, i hope you are keep well,, safe and trying to stay positive in these uncertain times, Here is a link to the the video from Mick Reynolds from MTR images who the ZCCQ commissioned to take videos and still photographs for the Festival of Z and Challenge Bathurst. Group Z As the CB organisers had other photographer taking stills of all of the Regularity runs, Mick as restricted as to the on track competition photographs but he has captured the event really well, please Enjoy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZsMzlHmmOg4&feature=youtu.be&fbclid=IwAR0g3OPsYmdtHrtTjrDZuEoiu_d4YNl8mlHp40GkTlQpO-l7uURu0pUiBxM
  17. Well it's taken some work. I was very nervous with the first start up close. Having put many hours hand building the motor all I wanted was oil pressure and for it to run. What a great day it's been in lockdown. VID20200328161858~2.mp4
  18. Agreed. That IS a bargain for a built motor. I’ve got a dead one sitting my garage. Got stock turbos in excellent condition sleeping next to it but seeing as you’re sorted there, no worries! Keen to see the instal man!! Good luck.
  19. Sorry for the misread. When you said Dr Harry I assumed you meant the TV vet as I have seen this reported in the past.
  20. Love the green, it really pops in the modern automotive world of mostly very bland white/silver/charcoal/black cars. Very much enjoying your build series. Oh, and a garage floor one could eat one's dinner off. Very tidy.
  21. I have a pair of 240z front hubs for sale I believe they came from a 1971 240z not the latter 260z $100 happy to ship
  22. UPDATE END OF MARCH! - Video 13! New video is edited and done guys! check it out! Rudi.
  23. 2 brand new in the box's heavy duty engine stand's Rated at 340kg Purchased to build a rotisserie for my 240z but have since sold it and Selling all my leftover parts. $100 each or $180 for the pair Pickup From Mount Waverley Vic or can assist with shipping
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