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  2. The new listing has some more photos, seems like a lot is missing. The title has been renamed to 'Track car' now. Also looks like a lot of metal work has been done in the engine bay.
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  4. I love the C3 Vette with the egg crate grilles down the side. Never driven 1 though!
  5. Ha! That Puslar! Stole the show!
  6. Hi guys. Some of you may remember Mallory from the Xmas bbq. Mallory and her partner Jay are good friends of mine. Both into cars and car events I invited them to join us. They arrived in Her beautiful Corvette.Mallory was taking heaps of pics and Video of our event and put together this video. Check it out and some of her other videos on you tube. https://malloryholley.com/2019/12/21/vic-z-car-20-xmas-bbq/
  7. Where's the petrol filler cap and flap? Looks all mocked up to be a race car of some kind.
  8. zcar63

    head gaskets

    Hi All Can someone point me in the right direction for head gaskets, engine has been bored and i need an oversize gasket. I would like to use an Australian supplier if possible. Cheers Dave
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  10. thats one of my other 240Zs and all those details are correct. I also own #183 and #521(my race car)
  11. Originally 904 white? Black interior and manual? Compliance 05/72?
  12. Interestingly HS30 00890 was white, but I captured it as a black interior car. https://photos.app.goo.gl/WDMY4dZY0rBx3tHF2 But looking closer now, I feel like I can see a shade of blue on the vinyl in 1 or 2 of the photos. The current owner of the car also has a Stagea (we've spoken on Facebook), so I might ask him if it had a blue interior or if he can see any evidence as such. I always knew there should be more of these cars in this combo, but a lot of them have been changed over the years so makes it hard to know which is which.
  13. He cannot remember what number it was, he said ex-wife through all paperwork out years ago. He didn't sound impressed. Here are all the photos I have of his old 240z. https://photos.app.goo.gl/Lqui2fY4fVrVxCgdA "KZU - 567" - I really have to become friends with someone who works at Vicroads.
  14. https://www.motorious.com/articles/features/369111/collector-market-prices Picture that you are investing in a corporate bond, you have different levels of quality from a “AAA-Investment grade” bond all the way down to a “Junk-Bond/High-Yield” bond. From the outside the companies may appear the same, they are both public companies and each has a great brand, but when we look into the financials, one is outstanding, and one is leveraged with debt. For example, let’s compare two 1967 Corvette 427/435’s. One has every award in the country you can obtain, documentation, this car has been seen by every expert and is a (AAA) example, another car that looks exactly as this car, but does not have any judging, does not have any history or documentation and may or may not be, “matching numbers” (could be a “B”, “CCC”, or “Junk”) rating. The average person that is new to the hobby does not know the difference until they are explained this, the only thing they see is the one car that rolled across the block and “appears,” like an example that is a AAA piece. They don’t know why the auction car is valued “x” and the other car is valued at “2x” the price.
  15. A great day was had. Perfect weather and a great drive.
  16. Thanks Gav, of the 7 are they all in oz and manual or auto RHD ? i know yours is a auto, mines a manual Yes i am tempted to keep it 903 as the original engine is gone, its currently got a l26 (less the e88 head) and the gear box is toast, (one good thing most of the underside got an gear box oil bath before it was taken off the road) Yes i couldn't believe the #888 when i bought it, maybe a Chinese buyer or Roland or Jessica Dane (id rather Jessica ) might want to buy the Z. I bought the car just before the price of Z's went through the roof, as a possible 1/2 or 1/4's cuts for me and the race guys i hang with after possible accidents, (this was 10 + years ago) but the #888 had me wanting to keep whole, i'm so glad i did. Any further info of the Len Brennan's 240Z with the same colour combo? (i was looking at your other posts on the forum today ) by the look of it, I've got the same wheels as his car but i highly doubt he would have forgotten the #888 so i don't even consider my car might be the same, but would like to hear of any updates about his Z
  17. Youll need measurements, as this i believe is not shown in book. A good side pic with some blank lines showing what you need will help someone measure up for you. Ie Someon with their car in their carport (not me unfortunately). Your after the bonnet hinge mount holes correct? Nat0
  18. To any person interested in inquiring, thank you for your interest but i've already purchased one from Chris'Z. Big thanks to him.
  19. Still a very rare combo... I only know of a total of 7 white with blue interior 240z's (HS30's). The 7 includes this car too! Also I'd almost be tempted to keep it 903 Blue and have the blue interior with it. It's a beautiful combination (perhaps my favorite) and never seen an HS30 here with it. Chinese buyer would love #888 too! Very lucky number.
  20. Found another 904 Kilimanjaro White with Blue interior. Update on #888, after all the rain we have had, i uncovered #888 this morning to give her some fresh air, and noticed that the roof liner, that i had thought had been painter blue was in fact a factory blue liner, along with the A pillar vinyls and sun visors, then looking under the plastic covers over the rear strut tops, i saw that the vinyl was also blue after a bit of scratching around i found that the rest hand been painted black along with all the hard plastics, then i checked the tunnel vinyl and the passenger door card also blue, painted over black, (the driver’s door card has been replaced with a black door card). I miss took this as when the car was painter from white to 903 (or similar blue) (don't get excited Gav it definitely is 904 white not a unicorn 903 blue with blue interior) there was quite a bit of over spray on the interior vinyl and the car was stored in a very dark place and didn't notice it, so my bad. The original seats have been replaced with Sass seats. if anyone hears of a driver side blue door card and or blue seat covers in vgc please let me know as I have a pair of 240Z seats which I can use and recover.
  21. I have requested additional photos but if anyone has gone and had a look i'd love to know your thoughts.
  22. Looks to have been sold. I had my eye on this one. Appears to still be available.
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