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  2. Impressive work y'our doing on these cars, out of interest on a job like this and on something like the Wags car how many hours would be involved on body work?
  3. Thanks mate. I can assure you that is not the case!
  4. Hello Rudi ihttps://www.ebay.com.au/itm/324156602239?hash=item4b793d377f:g:IIMAAOSw4Xpewq-A The listing states that the kit is for an early car but the fat pin is, I think for a later model. But the kit does not have the spacer(the shiny bit} and I believe the springs are slightly different there is a kit without the spring and and one with the pins and bushes. Early hinge on right Nick
  5. Pair of D Caps. https://www.ebay.com/itm/194439691519 Current bid: US $610.00 with 5 days to go.
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  7. great work as usual! The photo of the car with the quarter panels off reminds me of Georges car! looks like the innards are good though! Rudi
  8. great work so far! Seems like the shell is in overall good condition. Where did you get the hinge rebuild kits from? Rudi.
  9. Hi Gordon I have a z32 auto diff lying in the shed if its any good to you, out of my car TT its in good shape.
  10. Hi All, I've been trying to source Gnose headlight covers for my build, but I'm having trouble finding a set. I found these reproduction sets - https://auto-style.jp/productsearch/info/CTA203A1830002/, and I'm curious to know if anyone has purchased a repro set, or has an original set for sale, or knows whether or not the reproduction ones are worth getting. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  11. I've collected quite a number of '70s-era road tests of various S30s - by British, American and Australian car magazines - and the 'near 50/50 weight distribution' is often mentioned. But I have yet to find it in Nissan's own words as it were. Still looking!
  12. I think that it was Road & Track which used to provide in depth specs on cars they tested. If they tested a 2+2 is another question.
  13. a z32 turbo diff wont fit in your cradle mate, the diff you want to look for is a R32/R33 or S14/S15 diff (using one of these may require adapters or new axles due to being 5 bolt axels) or a Manual Z32 Na diff (normally 6 bolt). a good link can be found here that might help you https://forums.hybridz.org/topic/38251-complete-differential-list-need-help/ . the good think with the Z32 Na diff is you can get new centres for them fairly easy.
  14. Hey Pauly, ive since found out i have a Z32 NA ,all the NA had a 4.1. the Z32 turbos where all 3.69. so if any one has a Z32 turbo Diff thay could part with I would be interested, cheers
  15. HS30 00309 is for sale. http://collectableclassiccars.com.au/cars/classic-cars/1969-datsun-240z-tarmac-rally
  16. I was also in the same mindset of slow increase over time. I think this will be the case with a lot of JDM cars in the market except the 240z, this will hit the million dollar mark in a few weeks lol
  17. Last week
  18. Tough question, as someone who had an 1989 AE92 Corolla SX previously the GTiR was the step up in terms of 90s hot hatch. I don't think prices will boom going forward, rather be a slow increase over time.
  19. The reason I ask is that I have someone hassling me to sell him my GTiR so I was thinking should I hold or sell and buy something else. Toooo much pressure ATM, not sure what to do, will the GTiR increase or................ @gav240z @240ZBUILTBYME
  20. DC2 all the way, that's the best 1 to buy and hold.
  21. There would be a case for the FD2 being a future collectors car, last NA, rev to 9k civic type r. I think if you’re looking at Honda’s in that price range you’d have to consider the FK8 civic type r and dc2 ITR. I think the DC2 Integra Type R would be the best collectors car. All these cars are in the 50k bracket. Though in terms of price growth the DC5 ITR/S is still very cheap and worth a look. Albeit it is not quite as lauded as the DC2.
  22. NickF

    Lower door hinges

    Got rebuild kits all good now
  23. The LH side got the same treatment and was given a new rail: (You'll have to excuse this strange photo) We then turned our attention to the radiator support panel - which was not right at all... When this thing had it major accident many moons ago, it had the RH front skirt & rail replaced - BADLY. Whoever did the repair had some oxy welding skill, but obviously knew nothing of panel repair and fitup... If you look closely at the lower radiator cross-member, you can see the join just to the side: The top of the radiator panel was also badly fitted up - the join was overlapped, twisted and bent down in the middle! It was all going to have be repaired...
  24. I need to back-track a bit... The remaininig rust was repaired in the skirt: the cross member reinforcement 'pocket' and the front of the skirt had a new section made and welded into place. We then applied rust converter followed by KBS'ing the inside of the skirt and new chassis rail. The cross member gusset was blasted, repaired and prepped for reinstalling. The new LH rail was prepped and installed:
  25. hi mate, fair chance you have a R200 short nose diff from a z31, R230 out of a z32 turbo never came out with anything other than a 3.7
  26. Thanks agno. I reckon I'll get one. Cheers
  27. The other side was about the same the inner frame had a bit of scale cleaned up ok, rust converter weld though primer then after painting will wax oil the voids
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