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  3. nice one Gary! very delicious build so far wags, you must be so excited. Really sucks not being anywhere near these amazing distinguished vendors, CAF, LCR, MCA etc ryan
  4. Definitely a project, but to get into a 2 seater Z these days, it is what it is. https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/adelaide-cbd/cars-vans-utes/1976-datsun-260z-sports-manual-coupe/1257598901
  5. Looks like there are no new 240z for sale according to Drive.com.au. wonder what the guy was thinking lol They should work with old mate Edward Scissors Hands Lees. Looks like he has a few good deals going on vintage cars haha
  6. I THINK IM GOING TO BE SICK........ WHAT ABOUT YOU? https://m.drive.com.au/news/nissan-z-proto-suv-model-not-ruled-out-124281.html?trackLink=SMH1
  7. Did they have to change any of the Weber jets etc? or did they just synchronise the carbs and adjust the idle mixtures and speed settings?
  8. Hi PB, Have you got a photo or diagram of how you wired up this relay? I'm trying to fit one in my bus, but it keeps blowing the headlight fuses. I've tried with both stock and aftermarket headlights. I've got the following wires to the plugs. Drivers side: RW, R and RB Passengers side: RW, RY and RB Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Got it I Googled it. LOL.
  10. Whats a girldle plate???
  11. Agreed You budget is really on the light side as good quality parts will cost you most of that. You can call down and go for a drive in mine now it has had its final tune. It is putting out 152HP @ 6122 rpm in third gear with a flat torque curve around 140nm. Great road car engine.
  12. I have one surplus to requirements - I'll get you a photo tonight.
  13. Yesterday
  14. All Covid-19 restrictions are being adhered to of course
  15. If any Auszcar members are interested in joining the cruise reply here. A conference room has been booked at Club Thirroul - so there is plenty of room.
  16. That come up nice Jeff! I’ve been through most of your build thread but must finish going through it, lots of golden nuggets of info I’m sure! The silver black wood combo is very nice, what product did you use for the wood? I like the tint, I find some people use a product that has too much red in it. I don’t know what the stock color is like Did you get a new horn pad or just repaint or clean up the original? Ryan
  17. Your expectations are realistic. Although your budget for a motor sent away on a pallet may be on the light side. Especially if you don't know what you want done to the engine.. There is a number of combinations of heads ,pistons ,rods, cams and cranks which will give good torque and drivability from around 2,200 to 5,500. This makes for a good road car . But a Zed that is good around town all the time is a bit of a myth. Especially in Brisbane in Summer. You need to talk to someone who has experience with the L-series engines and not just one point of view. We all have our favourite combinations and one is always better than another or so it would seem. We haven't had a get together for QLD AUSZCAR members for sometime now .If your time table is open on this project then at one of those meetings you could possibly gather the information or experience you are looking for. Christmas time can work for such a meeting.
  18. Looking for a l28 girdle plate Thanks
  19. Budget is about 5-8k, probably prefer to keep on the leaner side if possible. Already have exhaust and intake system sorted so that's not included. Can do all the fitting/installation/carby tuning myself, but would prefer to just send a motor away on a pallet and get somebody else to do the work as I have another project which is my main focus currently. It's really just a quick road car that I'm after. The L24 is nice to drive when you're out in the countryside and at higher speeds but its frustrating around town as you just have to rev the thing out to really get any decent power. Below 3,000 it just feels so slow and hardly any torque. As mentioned the motor uses a bit of oil and probably is a little tired, I haven't had the compression checked though. Never driven another L24 or L28 though so not sure really how it compares.
  20. If anyone else needs this i have choke handle with cable available as no longer required for rb25 swap located Adelaide
  21. Shoot me your address on a PM and I will post it to you.
  22. Yep with a bit of effort they come up alright. Mines a 260 so has a bigger horn boss etc. will take a pic tomorrow for you.
  23. Lol I did think of the no power steering + smaller wheel issue, but thought I could just work on my guns but I do really like the oem steering wheel, just never been able to find one locally when I’ve been looking over the years. But I found one here in perth! Secured it today! Much cheaper than the jdm comp wheels. Just needs a bit of TLC
  24. Cheers Jeff I am a fan of the black spokes but see what I end up doing with the interior of my car before I make the call. Ryan
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