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  3. Sold at Auction last weekend: https://burnsandco.hibid.com/lot/81445-385350-79424/1976-datsun-260z--fairlady-/ Year: 1976 Make: Datsun Model: 260Z Fairlady Type: 2.8Lt Nissan Engine VIN / Chassis: GRS30015596 Build Date: 12/1976 Odometer Reading: 73814 Kms Showing A very popular make and model… and growing in popularity by the day. Purchased around 17 years ago by the current owner who had it repainted soon after. Original interior. Running a Nissan 2.8Lt engine which has done very little work, mild cam, Tokico shocks, Nardi steering wheel.
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  5. I think you'll have to take a long hard look at yourself.
  6. Ahhh FIRETRUCK ! You may be onto something there. I just trusted the listing as it said s30 and s130 with nothing about the 510. Time will tell and i will still post pics when they arrive wether they are right or wrong… this mirror journey is going to be a long and expensive one…
  7. @Millerman I think you bought the shorter ones that suit the 510 more. The longer stalks are for an extra 13-14,000 yen.
  8. A few little things completed today, new brake light switch and installing a new clutch master and slave (forgot to take photos). Main thing really though was just cleaning up and getting it back on its wheels. Exciting that it’s starting to look like a car again.
  9. Just watched a show on Foxtel 'BANGERS and CASH'. Seasons 3 Episode 5. It's a show you can take in small doses. Same theme repeated over and over and fake homely dialogue. It featured 3 Zs from the US being sold at a UK auction. It also showed something of the 'Z Factory' which I think most on here would have heard about.
  10. https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/c1059325669 this is item link. You need to buy through a third party so i used jesse streeter as i have used him before for my marugen shoukai flare kit.
  11. do you have the link to the vendor? that's cheap
  12. Just spoke to Eyecandy and he is saying he should have first batch done in less than 2 months! Who would be keen on one? Ill propose a group buy after i find out what the exact pricing is! Dan
  13. Will put up a bunch of pictures for you when they arrive!
  14. I am interested in your feedback re: quality when they arrive. Like a lot of things in the S30z community. Lots of resellers adding their markup to prices. So I always try to find who is the original supplier.
  15. i have just bought some repro ones from yahoo japan. All up shipped to my door is $380AUD which is pretty good considering other places are wanting $500USD plus postage
  16. Thanks Linton, my sanity has been restored, although some who know me may disagree! Your knowledge is invaluable. This is the final missing piece to the puzzle, so can move forward now. Thanks again. Cheers Paul
  17. gear box cross member between outer bush and chassis, main bolt
  18. Hi guys Need help identifying where the attached washers/seals/spacers/? go. For some reason I had these bundled separately to all my other grouped bits and I just can't remember where they came from (old timers disease, I think). They are a firm rubber, but they are pliable. Outside diameter is 40mm, inside 17mm and 23mm across the raised sections. Car is a 77 2+2, commonly referred to as the Bus by Locky. Any suggestions really appreciated. It's driving me nuts. Cheers Paul
  19. I have one of these on the 77 2+2 I am currently restoring. Apparently they were installed at the factory on later cars to address a "clunk" and/or vibration coming from the diff/rear end. They also fitted them after sales if the customer complained of a clunk or vibration end the rear. They are referred to as a diff counterbalance. Don't know how effective they are, but from what I have read it seems the main issue was with the automatics, but mine (and a number of the other contributors to this information) is and has always been a manual. So mine probably added as a result of a complaint after sales. Hope that clears it up. Cheers Paul
  20. I bought a pair if electric fender mirrors that i thought i might be able introduce to my zed. I mocked them up but i didn't like the angle that they are on. They are supposably a genuine toyota item from japan and both have electric adjustment. i paid $300 for them shipped to my door. Id like to get my money back but we know how that works haha make me an offer and we can discuss further! Here is some photos of the mirrors and what they look like on a toyota. hoping somebody likes them for their datsun Dan (located SA)
  21. Night shoot with the Z Car club of NSW. https://www.drive.com.au/news/2023-nissan-z-arrives-in-australia/?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_term&utm_content&utm_campaign=982cd4e8-88ca-4e3f-87e4-986b0c469e5c&fbclid=IwAR2BKM5vgxO4X0oedIUMa52-EM1NX-QaEZVVrNy82bRkicapNlsjzpO679w&fs=e&s=cl
  22. I ended up ordering a handful of rough old original ones and 1 set of reproductions and a set of the new hardware out of japan, but haven't seen any of it yet as it all got sent to Australia and I'm still in the US. Looking forward to comparing them in hand maybe early next year
  23. Yeah I got the impression you didn't want them on the red car.
  24. I purchased the repo fender mirrors from https://jdm-car-parts.com/ and Im quite happy with them. Haven't seen the originals in person but look the part in comparing pictures. Main thing for me is they look the part, do the job and are solid cast Happy to drop some more pictures if you like Youhan
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