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  3. Hey @C.A.R. did Australian cars originally come with the clear lenses? mine came with clear but wasn't sure what was the standard
  4. this is making me seriously consider a set....
  5. ^^^ Those do look nice when fitted
  6. you are just having fun and getting paid for it.
  7. The seats were in a pretty sad way: the covers were split, the foams were disintegrating and the support straps were broken. Unfortunately it appears I don't have a photo of the old covers. I handed them over to my trimmer who carefully disassembled them, then I collected the frames, sandblasted them, welded up some rust holes & fitted new cover tabs, followed by an application of 2k satin black by our painter. I then handed them back to my trimmer, ready for reassembly. Tony (the owner) had already bought an interior trim kit from a ZFactory: seat covers, new door cards, trans tunnel & rear strut tower diamond vinyl. My trimmer is going to make the headlining and carpets as he already has patterns. And I have already bought seat foams from Interior Innovations. It was at this point we had no more parts to fit to the bodyshell to finish the dry build. Bookface Marketplace and eBay yielded some excellent buys though: Original Koito sealed beam headlights, NOS 'twin spar' wiper heads, NOS grommets, NOS interior door step trims, NOS emblems, NOS luggage straps, NOS EGR hose, NOS cigar lighter housing (old one in the dash was stuffed!) Reproduction indicator assemblies via Japan (there was none with the Z when it arrived at my shop). So then it was time to give the Credit Card a hammering go shopping in the USA! I went with the ZStore as their shipping was cheaper coming out of Cali. Just over AUD$10k later I had two boxes of new parts arrive, being a mixture reproduction and - where available - OEM parts. New door winder mechs from T3: And new interior plastics from Resurrected Classics:
  8. Hey everyone, I’d got my hands on these inner tie rods which came from Z Car Depot a while ago. Anyone had any experience with them. The quality looks reasonable but Chinese made. Otherwise I can go through Ultimate Power steering… Cheers
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  10. Time for another update. With the wiring loom in place, the painted pedalbox was assembled and bolted in, then we cleaned up the steering column and installed that to. The assembled heater box and fan unit were then bolted in. The dash was retrieved from storage, the gauges were checked over and installed along with the refurbished dash loom. Then it was bolted into place. The centre console was also sat in place, but it needs some love... We also installed the new tail lights from Resurrected Classics along with the finishers that will be painted in gunmetal as per factory: Les @ LCR also finished rebuilding the original 3.9 R180 diff. Les said the CW&P were in remarkably good condition and that it had been rebuilt previously with new bearings, but it was FILTHY inside apparently. It was stripped, everything was hot tanked, the wipe was checked on the CW&P, the housing was repainted and the aluminum components were hydro-jet blasted. New seals & gasket, plus re-plated bolts. Almost looks too good to put back in the Z... We then decided to install the (dummy) engine + carburetors and gearbox to check fitment - thankfully no issues. At which point I couldn't help myself, so I bolted on the wheels that it came with and rolled outside for some glory shots:
  11. Yes Violet or 4 cylinder rally mags. I have 3 of them myself. I found a cracked 1 in Bendigo but passed on it. So need 1 more to make a complete set.
  12. Given they're 5.5" my best guess is they'd be Violet (710) or 180B wheels.
  13. MY DASHBOARD REPAIR USING THE POLYVANCE TECHNIQUE GAV POSTED ABOVE: So I decided to repair my dashboard myself, and I used the Polyvance system that Gav has posted a few post above. 1. I bought the plastic welding kit from Amazon, which comes with the welder and welding rod (it it really a glorified soldering iron with a wide speared tip) I Believe they might sell a 240v kit on their website, I accidently bought the 110v American kit. I needed to buy a step down voltage transformer locally which cost me an additional $100 or so. Make sure to check what kit you buy. 2. I was able to buy the filler prep adhesion from ebay, but it was a pain to get, no one wanted to ship it internationally. 3. I could not get the padded dash filler, it is classified as a dangerous good and NO ONE will ship it. I searched everywhere, including all their resellers from UK to NZ. I contacted Polyvance directly and they told me which product to buy which will be compatible. 4. I believe I have gone above and beyond the scope of what the product was designed to do. My dash was completely trashed, I essentially had to skim welding rod over the entire surface of the dashboard, as mine had been repaired poorly once before, and when I pulled out all the body filler it was a disaster (as you can see in the thumbnail bellow) I didn't only have minor cracks to repair, I had canyons to fill, and multiple sections where there was no vinyl left at all. Anyway, enjoy! All products used are shown and listed in my video. Rudi.
  14. Roady

    240z console

    I presume you mean a centre console? I have one but it is cracked. PM me if interested.
  15. Faceboook::site datsun_restoration_exchange. dont go any where near it..... the guy I bought from an {ADMIN) is no longer a member but all of a sudden there is another new administrator different name.
  16. C.A.R.

    240z trim ...

    Do you realize it can be bought new in Melbourne? https://zfactory.au/Datsun-240z-10-piece-diamond-Vinal-kit-p492658888
  17. Mid year update 2024 Looks like I have been a little slack with posting videos or any updates for that matter, as its been 2 years since my last update. I have slowly been chipping away at the car. It looks pretty dead in here? where did everyone go, I don't see many build updates? Anyway.... Here are the last 2 video updates I missed posting: 1 year ago: Gearbox install Nothing specific to mention, I install the T56 into the car with a custom gearbox mount. Current: Dashboard repair - the correct way I didn't want to wait to have the dash doctor repair my dashboard, I wanted to give it a go myself. I found a tutorial and repair system from a company called Polyvance, They are in America. So I bought their plastic welding kit, followed a few tutorials on their website and had a go. I was surprised to discover someone had already repaired the dash, with car body filler. And it started cracking about 6 months after I bought the car, This time hopefully I have done a permanent repair the correct way: Currently wiring in new speedhut gauges, That video will be coming soon. Rudi.
  18. Unfortunately there is a lot of them on Facebook now. It's basically the majority of listings. Zuckerberg doesn't care. He's built his doomsday bunker in Hawaii.
  19. hans

    240z trim ...

    Hy I am looking for 240z interior vinyl trim Any condition....even torn I need it as a template to fabricate another Thank you in advance Hans
  20. As the title suggests, I bought a car with out any boot plastics need black but I will take any colour, any help would be appreciated Linton
  21. As the title suggests, I bought a car with out any boot plastics need black but I will take any colour, any help would be appreciated Linton
  22. always thought I was pretty savvy to these buggars, but yeah got done 3 weeks ago on a so called datsun web site on facebook.
  23. piquet

    Brake Calipers

    got the mk63 calipers and they fit on Torana stubs an inside 13" rims now to find get pads .The pads hey came with contained asbesteos so a no no
  24. FYI, spotted on Yahoo auctions.... https://www.jauce.com/auction/s1141155947
  25. Do you mean the alignment rollers? Best get new, available from USA suppliers.
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