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  2. savage geese are happy which means Nissan have a winner on their hands!
  3. Thanks mate. Not so much worried about it, just wanted to go back to how it was from factory.
  4. ^^^^^ Makes the Z look like a big assed bus compared to the Supra :-( So it is fun because it has poor tyres and therefore traction issues? Need to put on some MICHELIN Pilot Sport Cup 2 to make the most of the power?
  5. With the panel gaps checked & the front clip adjusted slightly, the clip with welded into position. We then stripped the shell of the remaining parts and installed it onto the rotisserie: Blasting is scheduled for the 24th, so stay tuned...
  6. Why are you worried about the primer colour? If you are concerned about paint chips, tint the primer body colour. The underbody was painted in body colour.
  7. https://jalopnik.com/the-2023-nissan-z-is-more-fun-than-the-toyota-supra-at-1848929310
  8. The upcoming Shannons auction will be revealing - there are some nice cars up for grabs that might give an overall vibe of the strength of the market. My 2c - Some of the zeds that have dropped in price are not particularly nice examples from a value standpoint - non-original motors, heaps of non factory mods and hard to find parts missing or race prepped or similar (ie not where the value lies). It's very easy for an owner of a zed who has no appreciation of why cars are worth XXX to expect theirs to be worth the same and attempt a cash grab that was never realistic.
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  10. Hi guys Going to be painting my 73 240z in the original factory 918 orange. Just wondering if anyone is across the primer colour and also if the entire underbody stone guard was also painted in orange? Cheers
  11. Auction prices are the only real indicator as the sold price is usually discounted from the advertised price but you never "see" this.
  12. The japanese used car market has been interesting as of late. I see a lot of sellers with an asking price of $X, but I haven't seen many actually selling for $X anyway. Has this been the case over the past 2 years or have we actually seen sales of cars for $X? I think prices are dropping for most assets because sellers are just being realistic now and adjusting their expectations as a result.
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  14. Hi Shane, I have photos of the build and detail shots and yes it was the president motor contact me jimf@ideo.com
  15. Not unexpected if it has. Two schools of economic thought: 1) Interest rates are set to rise sharply which means people sell off toys and holiday homes to reduce and consolidate increasingly hard to service debt. That coupled with the fact that money (for toys) will be more expensive to borrow means that there is not the same number of players looking to enter/stay in the classic car market thus pushing prices down. 2) Alternatively, as property gets more expensive to debt service their relative values either plateau or decline which means that people look to assets, other than property, to invest in such as shares or classic cars etc. This may in turn cause inflation of the classic car market. it does appear that we are on the verge of experiencing situation one though. But if you don’t have to sell in the oncoming period then don’t. Situation 2 will roll around soon enough and inflation will move your car values north by default.
  16. I have printed them in TPU - a flexible filament that is oil resistant. PM me if you are interested in buying some.
  17. https://insider.hagerty.com/trends/there-may-be-a-new-world-record-classic-car-sale/ Still seeing records being set.
  18. Yes, the bent gear stick does my head in a little, I will most likely get a short shifter kit, which comes with a new lever I believe. It could also be a W58 box
  19. Once I got the car back home, it was just a matter of waiting for the new seatbelts and finding the time to put them back in. We choose to get both sides rewebbed so they matched and were both new, seeing as they are the main safety device in the car, it was a no brainer. Seatbelt king supplied new reels in the end as legally they are not allowed to re-sew these, but they do use the rest of the old hardware. The new ones do not have the locating pin, hopefully this wont be an issue, as when I installed the new reels with the newly supplied bolts, they came loose when you slightly twisted them, so I used the old bolts and havent had any issues. Of course the little one wanted to jump in help Next up was to tackle the headlights, so swapped out the headlight switch, and they seemed to work for the first couple of days, and then passenger side was bright, but te drivers side was very dull. I cleaned out the connectors to the switch, seemed good, but then played up. The RWC mechanic said he would take a look at it for as well, turned out, a loose connection at the headlight........phew!
  20. The gearbox felt solid, only complaint I had was the position of the gear lever felt off centre (down and to the left) and so felt a bit weird to operate compared to a regular L-engine gearbox. Not sure if the lever is bent or it's just the way it sits in the car. But made it kind of difficult to know what gear I was in and moving to. I recall in the 90s everyone was using the Supra gearboxes in engine swaps since they were meant to be a strong box. My guess is that it's an MA70 Supra box (R154). It's actually W58 confirmed below (they look very similar).
  21. Thanks Dave! It's a Supra 5-speed, but I do not know which variant as, I havent really bothered looking into it as yet, as I figured I dont need to do anything to it at this stage.
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