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  3. I’ve built a few! But serious if you want to stroke a motor and rev the thing hard go with a billet unit good rods and pistons the list goes on and on 20-30k. Why half build something only for bragging rights, it’s money better spent on chassis and suspension mods both of which Zeds are wanting.
  4. Air con! No thanks if I wanted a modern car I’d use my daily, as for ecu and the link u posted they won’t make any more power. 400 hp in a flimsy and light car is plenty, trust me.
  5. Last week
  6. I won't be able to make it guys sorry! Realised I am working today with the date change. Next year though!
  7. Was around $2.5k delivered from Holland.
  8. Yep its easy. Also it is a complete column and has a collapsible section and TUV certified. I had no problem with Qld Transport passing it.
  9. Yeah NSW is ridiculous, cant even have fender mirrors
  10. Interesting point i cant imagine that an inspector would even think to check that aspect of it but i guess every state is different with their own roadworthy rules. Im glad i live in SA for that reason, its very laid back lol
  11. Same, Im just worried about it not being ADR approved as its not collapsible. Price is steep but when your already in the build whats an extra $1500
  12. I have been looking into doing this as well. Install looks fairly straight forward. The power steering kits are vehicle specific and replace half of the steering shaft. A few bolts, some wires and a bit of wiggling and you now have power steering haha just so damn expensive!
  13. Dash areived today, quite happy with the finish. Has some imperfections at the inner glove box section but will be hidden once the glove box door goes on. iC7 fits quite snug and now looks complete. I wasn't sure how it would look when finished and Im suprised how well it looks complete
  14. Did you do the installation?
  15. We have colour! Ferrari Rosso Corsa Red. My camera makes it look washed out & more white then it actually is - I can assure everyone it is very, very RED! Next the doors & guard jambs will be painted, then they well get bolted on, we'll sand the primer to 400g dry. After that it goes into the booth for top colour I'm hoping to have paint on it in 2 weeks...
  16. I would need to look, but I don't think so. I did look at having more made, but not sure of demand. Probably not a bad idea to make a few more.
  17. These days aftermarket rods may be best. By the time you prep factory rods the price is pretty similar to proper rods. I believe Kameari sells suitable rods for example but I hear max speeding rods is another option. 25 odd years back it was all about the LD28 + L14 (136mm) and Honda XL500 pistons combo. As a budget stroker. L14 rods are as rare as hens teeth now however...
  18. I have a friend in NZ I keep finding cranks but they are 6 hours or more drive away from him. Bit of a pain. Also I'm finding sellers unwilling to separate engines and cranks these days. Makes it a bit of a challenge to buy a few in bulk.
  19. need to do a little homework on build specs but could be keen
  20. ah so not essential then. depends on the pistons used and compression ratio desired. have a l28 and a l26 i can strip for parts
  21. Yes. And no. L24 rods are 3mm longer, so it improves the piston pin height. Just depends on what you trying to do...
  22. ITB are greats but the cost is huge for what it gains over a professionally tuned carbs. Get webbers and go to Steve Boyle in Perth to get it tuned. He's a guru with carbs.
  23. L6 was always the plan, I never had an original L24, only a L20, so I have a L28 head and block for the build, Ive always planned to go with carbies but lately i have been toying with the idea of doing FI wit ITBs, combined with stroking it makes a pretty potent package.
  24. NickF

    Gear Knob Insert

    After a 5 speed insert, looks like about 50 new inserts were distributer about 4 years ago hopefully someone kept their old one Thanks Nick
  25. I know its been a long time any left ???? Thanks Nick if anyone has an original (look like a lot were changed or lost?) I would be prepared to buy providing they were complete thank you
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