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  3. HY GUYS, I am seeking R200 differential gear set ratio preferably 4:1 TO 4:4 Hans
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  5. With the rear quarters clamped in position, then next thing we had to do was fit the rare spares door skins. Rare Spares has a sticker on ALL their panels stating that: "This is panel is only a vague approximation of an OEM panel and shitloads of work will be required to make it fit correctly." Paul clamped them onto the rebuilt door frames to check fitment and... well... there were issues. The door handle recess was 'low' in one skin in relation to the body line. The door handle recess in both skins was 'sucked in' when a ruler was run across the body line. The handle holes were in the wrong spot. The upper body line was not sharp enough or not there at all... Paul spent 3 days rectifying these issues - we worked out it would have been quicker to make new ones from scratch! But eventually they were fitted to the frames (after I removed the e-coating): Before the skins were fitted I Epoxied the insides of them and applied a coat of KBS Rust Seal to (hopefully) keep them rust free forever. We are aiming for a 5mm panel gap and it appears we will succeed in obtaining that measurement.
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  7. Once these manufacturing 'defects' had been identified, we started on rectifying them. The vent hole and side repeaters were filled, the filled smooth. The RH panel aalso had the fuel filler 'bucket'(?) fitted. This was removed from the original quarter panel, media blasted, repaired and welded into position: While the Z was in storage in 2022, I was informed via socials of a company in Atlanta USA called 'Resurrected Classics' that were having other 'difficult to obtain' panels made in China. Items they were having made were - amongst others - early vented Z hatch's, tail light panel and reproduction tail lights.. This was a HUGE bonus as this Zeds hatch was pretty bad - rust, bog and lots of damage. The rear valance was also toast and I'd consigned myself to remaking it, but with a suitable one-piece tail light panel now available, it was going to be much easier and cheaper. So I ordered them during this time, and fitted them up together with the rear quarter panels. These panels also needed work to make them nice, but it was a great start.
  8. In May a friend of mine mentioned that global freight prices were slowly coming down, so I decided to take a look again at the KFV rear quarters. KFV had changed freight company's and to my great delight the cost had come down to $1200AUD! Still expensive, but at least it was palatable... I spoke to the owner and he agreed to the purchase and continuing the project, so he sent me some more $ and I went and ordered the rear quarter panels. They duly arrived in June and I sat them on the bodyshell. They were good but they were going to need work to make them 100% right. The two glaring issues is the US spec side repeater hole would have to be filled and the quarter vent hole also filled as the early Zeds had the vents in the hatch. Some main bodyline was far to sharp. The pressing around the tail lights was not consistent and to wide. The step joint to the tail light panel was in the wrong spot. Fixable but also annoying...
  9. Time for an update! Back in March '22, #211 it went into storage because we'd gone as far as we could with the chassis repairs. This was because of the rear 1/4 panels... Yasee I deemed the originals beyond economical repair, as due to the previous 'repairs' to them, I had to more or less butcher them to remove them from the bodyshell. We toyed with the idea of making them from scratch (we have the capability), but when I estimated the hours require to fabricate them, it would not be cost effective. However I'd heard a rumor that KF Vintage in Columbia - who make the green panels - were nearly done prototyping FULL 240Z rear quarter panels. Joy! And so we waited. And waited... And finally at the end of '22 they became available to purchase! I placed an order and got the freight quote... I nearly fell off my chair: Nearly $7000AUD just for the air freight! This was outrageous and the owner of the Z agreed. I contacted the owner of KFVintage & he agreed to look at other freight options and failed. Apparently getting freight out of Columbia is an issue due all the corruption (this is a story all on it's own). I had to do something so in January I retrieved the Z out of storage so I could reassess the situation: We looked at other options... Somehow repairing the originals. Looking again at making our own. But neither of these options appealed to us, so the shell was pushed around the shop for a few months while I did other jobs on the project (more on these later).
  10. I don't know how true this is, but was told by a tire guy that you can get hard/old tires heat cycled & they become nice & soft again. Can anyone confirm this?
  11. NickF


    Thanks Don't have the ability to DIY bonnet repair has to be spot on Nick
  12. I used Gundam marker works well...
  13. gav240z


    Economically you'll spend more getting it fixed than a reproduction new one will cost you. Unless your able to fix it yourself of course. Then it's just time / effort.
  14. Just resurrecting this thread as the guy is still looking for these tyres. I have recently sourced two for him that were in very good condition but he still needs a few more. So check your spare or maybe that old tyre in the garage.........thanks.
  15. NickF


    Hello Would it be viable to repair? additional damage to rear centre Nick
  16. It's the perfect compliment to YASS! Probably why they got rid of the creepy clown..
  17. Datsun 240Z unfinished project https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/dubbo/other-automotive/datsun-240z-unfinished-project/1316338412 $28,000 Negotiable Datsun 240Z unfinished project Early chassis number 155 Ring for details after 5.30pm Located Dubbo-Parkes area Central western nsw
  18. when you realise it is pronounced "YAY" ducking LOL! What a drive though!
  19. Did not see one Cockatoo when driving through Cockatoo - I want my money back! Also whats with that suburb 'Yea'? lol In my defence, my guide was sleeping most of the time & I was too busy looking in the rear view to make sure the front of the car didn't check out.
  20. That the right way to the Bat cave? not Via the Monash Car park.
  21. Alexandria - Black spur - Healsville - Cockatoo, apparently! Someone should have read a map before they left! Hume, then the Monash would have been far easier...
  22. I just don't have the time/connections/tools/experience to do what was needed to be done to the Z anymore. I'm sure the boys will do a better job that I could've ever done on it. Pretty keen to put it together though! Honestly I cant remember. Hume hwy until about 3 hours out of Melbourne, then backroads to get to C.A.R
  23. Did you go via Canberra - Cooma - Cann River?
  24. For sale turbo manifold for l series engines Looks to be in decent condition no turbo included. $300 Happy to post at buyer expense pick up north brisbane
  25. Cant relate at all mate... Its frustrating. more so for you as your skills are more than capable of getting the job done. Better to keep moving forward though. In good hands now
  26. Wrapped up, heading to C.A.R. When the 9:30hr drive turns into 13 hours. Shout out to the tarp for disintegrating itself at 5am in the middle of nowhere. Had to head to bunnings and wait for them to open to get some plastic wrapping to keep it in one piece. 2 x Nice E-type mate! 1 x Is that a Porsche Carrera? (Took as compliment..?) Waze also decided to take us through some of the best driving roads i've ever been on - Would of been good in the S15/any other car but car trailer/ute!! The Z's best driving experience in over 3 decades lol. Arrived to C.A.R and up she goes. See you in a while, Z.
  27. Molotow liquid markers easy to use come in a few sizes fantastic finish
  28. I can understand why some restorations take soooooooooooo long been fiddling with this knob for ages printed the insert and found chrome markers that actually look like chrome need to get some non yellowing lacquer and remove the bridges from the insert then should pass Nick
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