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Found 15 results

  1. Hello lads, I'm currently restoring a 1973 Datsun 260c with a tired old L26. Im looking for a new engine to drop straight in. 28 preferred but if you've got a clean l26 that would work too!
  2. Wanted N42 block for my build. Preferred Melbourne but will pay for intrastate shipping.
  3. Looking to buy a N42 block for my project. Preferred in Melbourne but willing to pay shipping interstate.
  4. I am looking for some ITB's for my L3.096 Stroker. What looks to be available on the market at the moment is. JENVEY https://store.jenvey.co.uk/throttle-body-kits/nissan/nissan-datsun-cknn03-1 EFI HARDWARE https://www.efihardware.com/products/2005/Nissan-L-series-6-cyl-pro-series-tapered-bore-kit-with-high-performance-Japanese-manifold-45mm OER http://www.otomoto.com.au/p/7830659/oer-itb-kit-for-l6.html Has anyone had any experience with these?
  5. Hi I Installed the oil pump and Harmonic balancer to my L28 {yes its still for sale} and noticed the balance plate behind the pullys. Can a learned friend please explain? My other engines don't have this plate on the balancer. Also have lost the spacer for the timing mark as you can see in the pics if anyone has one lying around they don't want. Thanks, Peter T.
  6. Hello All, I was wondering whether any of you could share any knowledge about L28 engines in 240Zs when it comes to getting the car registered in Victoria. My Zed, which I have had since 2001 or so, had an L26 fitted when I bought it. When that died, my Dad put in a regular L28 from a 280ZX that I had sitting under the bench. I then switched from full rego to club rego (back when you didn't need a RWC), but that lapsed a little while ago (I missed the renewal notice, dammit) Now, I want to re-register it again and I'm wondering whether I will have any issues with it having the larger engine from a later model. The engine is bog standard, with no performance mods, but some people have suggested I would need and engineering certificate and upgraded brakes etc. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Cheers
  7. I have a running L28 For Sale F54 Block with N42 Head The motor is in a 85 Nissan Patrol I am parting out as the body is Rusty.. I bought it for the AC unit. It runs fine. 238k on the clock. Have Video of it running as Removal is commencing Today. Prices on these seem fluid. Anything from $200 to $1200. Price is $750 - $950 Location is Dalmeny which is South Coast NSW 2546. ADMIN : If I can't put a price range I will edit it to $950 Negotiable Thanks
  8. As the title suggests.. I am in the market for an F54 block. Preferably in NSW - Sydney area.
  9. Hey guys, I have been trying to sort out my parts for my build and as I have collected a lot of stuff over the years I am having some trouble identifying a couple of things. Firstly is this turbo manifold. It was with my L28 when I purchased it (not on the engine) and I did a rough mock up to see if it would fit today but seems to be a few mm short on the end lugs (I am pretty sure middle ones line up just either end) and I did notice a lot of the US manifolds are actually sliced right through the last holes on either side giving side to side movement where as this is just a hole for the stud. When I purchased my engine it was a bunch of parts already torn down and such and a lot of spares as well. Secondly is this cam. Now I have seen in USA that turbo cams in the p90 are similar with holes drilled throughout the cam with no spray bar but there is a spray bar attached to this one as well. It was also located in a box with all my engine parts. Basically also need to know if its safe to run without the spray bar. Basically I will be updating my sale post with a few more items for todays clean up but need to know if I can make this turbo manifold and cam work for my L28 turbo build (P90/F54). Thank you for any help you can provide.
  10. Model: 240z Required Location: Sydney Required Price and Payment Conditions: $ 42888 Cash in hand, bank cheque, paypal (Has to be face to face) Item Condition: Excellent Body: Body is great condition, it still has the shine and looks great, need to see. Mechanical: Running, weekend driver. Registration: Full NSW registration and engineered with L28 Engineers Certificate: Yes Pictures: Yes lots of photos on my site website leads to malware or carsales Extra Info: Have known this car for 15 years, was purchased fully restored, poored over $25K in the last 6 months on the engine and drivetrain, all new, rebuilt and bulletproofed. The car presents very well. Contact Details: Mobile 0403739979 or through the Forum Let me know Thanks
  11. MichaelT

    L28 Engine

    Hi folks, Just wondering if anyone in the Brisbane area has an L28 engine they may be willing to part with? Looking for F54/N42. Long block would be fine but open to what you have. Preferably something that will run if I want to run around a bit, but I will plan on rebuilding in the next year otherwise. Many thanks Michael
  12. SOLD F54/N42. Looks like the head has been re-coed. I don't know if it has flat-tops in it. $500. I have a pallet if you want to organise interstate transport etc. Located Western Suburbs of Melbourne (close to the city).
  13. Hey all, this is my second time posting in the forums after looking for an L28 block a while ago but the story is this!: For a long while ive always liked 80's, 90's and early 00's performance cars (japanese in particular) and started to get curious about going back a little further to the late 60's and 70's. Surely enough i started looking at Datsuns and the 70's Z series kept popping up. This then lead to reading peoples Z project builds and i was hooked. I thought i need to get one of these cars. i have to, and so i did! I have a 77' 260z 2 seater that as nice as i think it is now, i wish to treat with some love by means of a restomod project.
  14. Hey, i got a spare l28 with my 260. I dont need it so hopeing to sell it here. Im told it was running when it was pulled out and has been turned over manually with wd40 every 6 months or so, as far as i know has never been honed/ bored out. Comes with what you see and i think i have the computer for it too $400 south east melbourne Edit - need to hold in for a while untill i find out whats damaged in my l26 may need it for parts
  15. hey guys, ive been looking around a long while for a L28 long block but im not having too much luck. if anyone has one theyre willing to sell, feel free to message me. thank you, L_Whiskey
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