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  1. Now fully refurbished and available as a set of 3 if interested
  2. Price drop to $68k. Unfortunately I need to move this on. This is a steal at this price. Considering how much money and time went into it.
  3. Officially for sale now. Looking for $75K.
  4. Selling a pair of s5 44s with 34mm chokes fully refurbished. Vapour blasted, replated and rebuilt with new gaskets. Was selling them previously in good condition but not reconditioned, decided to have them cleaned and sell them at same price. Bargain. Can sell with a 3rd unrefurbished for an additional $1000. I would have sold them as a set of 3 but it's a friend who has the 3rd one. Hit me up if you want more pics. $2500 Ben 0421565541
  5. So as I'm moving to Silvan in January I've entered the Monbulk car show for Sunday too. Still coming to the BBQ but will be a bit later, close to 3pm. Will it still be going?
  6. Hey mike, I've got a few if you're still looking
  7. Haven't really got serious about selling it just yet. Move into new place in Jan, planning and permits for the extension will take a while so I don't need the coin immediately so will keep it for a while yet. Low key keeping an eye out for a fairlady/roadster project though...
  8. Getting excited. I get mine back from Les this week. See you all there. Ben
  9. Bought acreage near you mate so I may need the coin come settlement. But I'll only sell it if I get what I think it's worth, otherwise I'll sell other toys
  10. 1977 Datsun 260Z. No expense spared to build the best street 260Z in Australia whilst remaining faithful to the original design. This is the much sought after later model S30 shape with better doors and stiffer chassis of the US spec 280Z. The 77 is a rare car in RHD. Too many hours and dollars have been put into this car to even start to calculate it. Car has had a full bare metal restoration and has zero rust. Was cavity waxed when put back together and painted in original 305 Blue. Interior Bespoke custom trim in European Leather by leather experts BnB in Carrum. Ever
  11. I maxed out at $30k and was leading until the last minute or so. ☹️ Agree that was a steal for that price. I went and viewed it last week and it was pretty mint. Dash had no cracks, car was super straight. Annoyed at myself for putting my ceiling so low now.
  12. Looks good to me mate. What time? Meet at the bottom of the 1 in 20? I'm coming from Bayside and can leave this area by about 1:15. Should be enough time for the roads to dry out. Gordo, you coming for a squirt?
  13. Sweet. I put it on the facebook group. Jeff Beeman is in too
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