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  1. I maxed out at $30k and was leading until the last minute or so. ☹️ Agree that was a steal for that price. I went and viewed it last week and it was pretty mint. Dash had no cracks, car was super straight. Annoyed at myself for putting my ceiling so low now.
  2. Looks good to me mate. What time? Meet at the bottom of the 1 in 20? I'm coming from Bayside and can leave this area by about 1:15. Should be enough time for the roads to dry out. Gordo, you coming for a squirt?
  3. Sweet. I put it on the facebook group. Jeff Beeman is in too
  4. Weather on Saturday this week looks pretty good. I'll be going for a squirt if anyone is keen to come. Open to suggestions on where.....
  5. Up for sale is a set of 3 matched Dellorto DHLA 40mm carburettors, with custom stainless steel cold air intake and redline manifold. These have been set up and tuned by Gordon Dobie of DatPerform and include his custom made idle jets. They will come fully rebuilt with new gaskets etc. These have been on a strong street L28 and are excellent, however I'm going Mikuni 44s purely because I can. Would be ideally suited anything from L24/26/28, but wouldn't be large enough for a race built engine with a super aggressive cam. Item will be available in a few weeks once my mikunis are ready. Let me know if you're keen. $2500 Cheers Ben
  6. Yeah I have one left over from a pair I bought from Z car depot or somewhere. Hit me up if you want it.
  7. Still looking please guys. I didn't lose it so im not paying so happy to pay a premium. Just need the part
  8. Urgently chasing a late 260z centre console lid. Condition not important as it's being retrimmed. Auto upholsterer has lost the original Thanks in advance. Ben
  9. Found of Facebook. HS30 102297 Automatic. Meredith Victoria. https://www.facebook.com/groups/261999093978643/permalink/1181791775332699/?sale_post_id=1181791775332699
  10. Hey all, Does anyone have a driver's side bracket in good condition lying around? Need the bracket, plastic mech cover and lever cover but would settle for just the lever and mech cover Thanks. Ben
  11. I've seen and driven it when looking last year.. Ian has a solid car there. Very clean but not what I wanted. I've got pics of the interior if you want them...
  12. Welcome mate. I'm also relatively new to Z ownership too having bought my 260 2 seater about 4 months ago. Very similar build to yours. Lindsay is a top guy. Great advice to give. Where in Melbourne are you? I'd love to meet up. Mine has the cream interior too but it's been dyed from its original and I'd love to see the colour. Are you on the s30 owners Facebook group? Cheers, Ben
  13. Thanks Gordo. Very excited to be part of my first one. Do I need to be a member of NDSOC or will any club do?
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