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  1. Selling a pair of s5 44s with 34mm chokes. Good condition but not reconditioned. These come up amazing when vapor blasted as you can see from the set of triples I just had another set done. Hit me up if you want more pics. $2500 Ben
  2. So as I'm moving to Silvan in January I've entered the Monbulk car show for Sunday too. Still coming to the BBQ but will be a bit later, close to 3pm. Will it still be going?
  3. Hey mike, I've got a few if you're still looking
  4. Haven't really got serious about selling it just yet. Move into new place in Jan, planning and permits for the extension will take a while so I don't need the coin immediately so will keep it for a while yet. Low key keeping an eye out for a fairlady/roadster project though...
  5. Getting excited. I get mine back from Les this week. See you all there. Ben
  6. Hardman

    EOI 77 260Z

    Bought acreage near you mate so I may need the coin come settlement. But I'll only sell it if I get what I think it's worth, otherwise I'll sell other toys
  7. Hi all, Putting an EOI out there for my 77 Z. This is the later model S30 shape with better doors and stiffer chassis of the US spec 280Z (so I'm told). Too many hours and dollars have been put into this car to even start to calculate it. Car has had a full bare metal restoration and has zero rust. Was cavity waxed when put back together. Painted in 305 Blue. Interior has been completely custom trimmed to look original in European Leather by leather experts BnB in Carrum. Hidden Alpine UTE 204 stereo and amps under the seats, with Mille Pro 69 speakers in the tool boxes. Engine is currently being built by Les Collins with freshly rebuilt Mikuni 44s with 37mm chokes. Acid bathed block, honed and bored to 88mm. Welded, ported, polished and flow tested head, ceramic extractors and 3" exhaust. All the internal goodies etc. We have a power target but not keen to put it up here. I've gone for a very strong street build; this is not a race car. If you're keen, let's talk. Rebuilt struts with King springs. Nolathane bushes throughout. Whiteline sway bar. Currently has a a longer ratio box in it but have the 2.9 ratio Z box as well. Genuine Simmons V4 wheels If you know how much it costs to build a car like this and how rare rust free Z's are then you know what it's worth. Car is still currently with Les having the engine finished. Hit me up if there's serious interest.
  8. I maxed out at $30k and was leading until the last minute or so. ☹️ Agree that was a steal for that price. I went and viewed it last week and it was pretty mint. Dash had no cracks, car was super straight. Annoyed at myself for putting my ceiling so low now.
  9. Looks good to me mate. What time? Meet at the bottom of the 1 in 20? I'm coming from Bayside and can leave this area by about 1:15. Should be enough time for the roads to dry out. Gordo, you coming for a squirt?
  10. Sweet. I put it on the facebook group. Jeff Beeman is in too
  11. Weather on Saturday this week looks pretty good. I'll be going for a squirt if anyone is keen to come. Open to suggestions on where.....
  12. Up for sale is a set of 3 matched Dellorto DHLA 40mm carburettors, with custom stainless steel cold air intake and redline manifold. These have been set up and tuned by Gordon Dobie of DatPerform and include his custom made idle jets. They will come fully rebuilt with new gaskets etc. These have been on a strong street L28 and are excellent, however I'm going Mikuni 44s purely because I can. Would be ideally suited anything from L24/26/28, but wouldn't be large enough for a race built engine with a super aggressive cam. Item will be available in a few weeks once my mikunis are ready. Let me know if you're keen. $2500 Cheers Ben
  13. Yeah I have one left over from a pair I bought from Z car depot or somewhere. Hit me up if you want it.
  14. Still looking please guys. I didn't lose it so im not paying so happy to pay a premium. Just need the part
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