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Its been a while between feature rides, but like always we think its worth the wait. Some of you will probably know this car well. Its been featured in other online publications and its certainly...

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What's small, green, sneezes alot, handles like a cat on carpet and moves like a hare at a greyhound race? Rob Fuller's RB25DET 240z of course. Rob spent several years turning a non-running 240z...

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This month we bring you the world's fastest streetable 240z. Robbie Ward resides in our neighbouring country of New Zealand and runs a reputable performance shop called Rotorua...

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This month's featured car comes from Melbourne's outer suburbs. Apart from the Simmons FR17 wheels the car looks relatively stock at first glance, but don't let that fool you. There's a lumpy V8...

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We're proud to present our first featured Datsun 260z 2+2, the first 4 seater Z to grace our front page. This lovely looking 2+2 didn't always look so good, in fact just a couple of years ago it...

Radovan and Michelle Von Vinterberg’s 260 Twins

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It was a beautiful spring day in 1973 when Radovan and his wife Michelle visited a friend who had just purchased a brand new Datsun 260z 2 seater coupe. It was love at first sight for the then young couple. A week later they had purchased their own 260z coupe.

Unfortunately buying a 260z coupe solved one problem, which was giving Radovan and his wife something very unique and cool to drive about. However it simultaneously caused another problem which was, who get’s to drive the car?

2013 Autumn Meet - Date 15th March

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The Auszcar folks in Victoria are meeting again this Friday the 15th of March for a catch up some pizza and possibly a light drink (for those drinking remember to be responsible). For the latest details see the forum thread.

Paul's Patina 260z

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We all have something old, something worn that's been with us forever and we don't want to let go of, perhaps it's an old pair of jeans, or an old pair of shoes that have served us forever. They are comfortable, familiar and they have history to share. That history contains memories, my father would hate buying new shoes because they looked too clean in his opinion, he would deliberately go out of his way to make them a bit grubby by placing football with me on a muddy field, that way nobody would know he just bought them.

Steven Cook's Datsun 260z Now (Fairlady Z)

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Our latest featured member car on the site will be no stranger to many, having watched this car take shape over the last couple of years via Stivva's build thread in our forums. We now get to see the car as it's taken shape and the finished look is absolutely stunning.

The retro wheels are quirky but at the same time cool very cool - even if they are somewhat pink. The flares and gunmetal paint definitely give the car a good mix of old and new school. Making this car a real head turner.

Christmas BBQ 2012

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Datsun 240z, 260z 280zx on display at Auszcar BBQ

It's back on this year the annual BBQ. A day for members to enjoy the sunshine, a beer or 2 (of course drinking responsibly) and check out fellow members cars. A good chance for existing members to meet each other either for the first time or again. With a play area for children and great amenities it's sure to be a good day for the whole family. Kindly hosted by Gordon and Sharon and situated in Lilydale Victoria.

To attend simply send a PM (Personal Message) to either:

Warren Gilbert's 76 260z with RB25DET conversion

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This month we bring you Warren Gilbert's labour of love, a car owned by him for the past 20 years and having seen several iterations of the build. Warren still has no plans to sell his lovely car though and continues to enjoy owning it. As Warren says they just get into your blood, something all of us long term Z owners understand.

Warren's also happy to answer any questions for those embarking on a similar build. So if you're planning an RB swap you know who to contact.

Scotts 1977 260z 2 seater with RB25

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Our latest featured member ride belongs to Scott Welsh who has built this car up over several years. He shares some of the trials and tribulations that go with a build such as this and gives us some wise words of advice when it comes to taking on a project such as this.

Haliday in Thredbo 17th - 20th of February 2011

Haliday in Thredbo 2009

Join Auszcar members on their bi-annual trip to Thredbo. The name Haliday is not a misspelling rather the event is dedicated to the memory of Warrenz (Warren Haliday) who attended in 2009 and is sadly no longer with us.

Team Legacy Assist - 240z Targa Car

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Team Legacy Targa Datsun 240z

The mission of Team Legacy Assist is to raise funds for Legacy and the Commando Welfare Trust to support the families of those soldiers who have paid the ultimate sacrifice and also those soldiers who have been wounded in the Afghanistan Campaign.

Legacy is a voluntary organisation providing services to Australian families suffering financially or socially after the death of a spouse or parent during or after their defense for service. Legacy currently cares for over 100,000 widows and 1,900 children and dependants throughout Australia.

Jared Cullop’s Retro Lime Green 240z

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You have probably heard the expression “clean enough to eat off”, and Jared’s 240z is exactly that. It’s not often you come across a build that makes your jaw hit the floor in absolute awe but that’s what happened when I first gazed upon photos of this 240z. The 70’s lime green really says something - not just about the car or owner but the approach to the build itself.