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  1. Yes, white Z32. A number from NDSOC also going in a convoy.
  2. Thanks. $40K plus $10K in rust repair is still a good buy if everything else checked out, do you think? Matching numbers, full history, one owner, older lady owner, etc Did all of that check out? I could not get anything out of them after the first two discussions so I called it a scam.
  3. I'm calling this as a scam ... it's 260Z, old lady, one owner, too good to be true. Avoiding direct mobile calls but picking up all calls from the Carsales hidden number, trying to get more on the hook. Nothing coming forth with proof of ownership or history, no more photos ... delaying tactics etc 1974 Datsun 240Z Manual-SSE-AD-7054656 - carsales.com.au
  4. I believe it's still 14 in government quarantine at your own expense
  5. hi, anyone up or near the Sunshine Coast willing to look at a car for a fee? I'm stuck in Melbourne with COVID-19 restrictions.
  6. No. It was at $116K when I stopped refreshing the page. I went back a 2 or 3 minutes later and the auction was over. When it ended, it did not list a final price.
  7. 2 cars did not get a bid. The LX Torana and one of the HSVs. Below are starting prices.
  8. Yep. It didn't quite finish at 9pm (AEDT) as it went into "BONUS TIME". Something I was not aware of. I was purely spectating as bidding started at $101K and way past my slush fund. I got annoyed and switched off at $116K at approx. 9:10pm. It could have hit $120K but with the 5.5% buyers premium, someone will be out of pocket over that anyways. I suspect a backroom deal was done with the Marcos to get a hold of the car's logbooks, ownership history and resto paperwork.
  9. Closed auction today at 4pm AWST for bidders closing at 6pm AWST (9pm AEDT).
  10. I did bid and just received the following ... Hi All, Despite significant increases to our website capacity, due to unprecedented levels of interest and traffic volumes, the bidding platform still managed to exceed capacity and therefore the auction has not been completed. Confirming no vehicles have been sold, and the auction will be reopened in the coming days. Sincere apologies for the inconvenience and we will keep you all informed of the next steps. Feel free to contact myself or Steve Waterman 0417 777 893 with any questions. Kind Regards, Mike Emery General Manager – WA
  11. I spoke to the auctioneer. He said he was surprised at how little interest he had from overseas.
  12. IMHO The only collector buying this car will be "connected" to the previous owners in administration, Chris Marco & Co., where they will have done a backroom deal for the paperwork. I can't see someone spending $100K+ to buy a car with ZERO history and paperwork.
  13. I did check the car out. Dash is badly repaired, paint work is patchy, needs a closed door respray to get it constant. No real rust from a very quick look (some surface rust in bottom of hatch, under the battery, rear guard but nothing serious)?? Carpets are not original but seats are! & interior is good. No RWC due to fender mirrors. Mechanically, drives very well with fuel injection, warm cam and performance pipes but notchy gearbox grinding a little even when it warmed up. Suspension, brakes & steering are very good. Needs $5K+ to get it up to standard.
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