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  1. Well said and couldn't agree more with those brilliant films. The Big Short was a game changer for me but neither are a patch on the greatest story of all time, SCARFACE. I especially love the bit where Tony Montana says, "Say hello to my 240Z."
  2. Time will tell. Whilst governments keep pumping money into world economies, there will be buoyant times ahead. You know, public money finds its way up the pyramid to wealthier individuals with lots of disposable income. Holiday homes, classics cars, bikes, art, wine, boats, ... are all on the play list with interest rates so low. At some time, the cash flow has to stop and the band wont play if no one is paying ...
  3. I was thinking the same thing @gilltech however the opposite has happened. People have taken a "you only live once" attitude since the pandemic and classic car sale values have increased since the first lockdown according to auction houses.
  4. ptZcar

    2 SEATER 280ZX

    Forum member @rubberman has a lovely one in Adelaide with an L20 in it.
  5. Thanks. If you're right, then good for him.
  6. Wondering if this car actually sold for $28K in NSW on Wednesday morning. Got an email on the price drop and tried to call, but sold instantly. "A very nice example of an Australian delivered 240z in Silver with Historic Registration. The car has matching numbers, is driven regularly on weekends, is kept covered and garaged. New Avus seats improve the ride and feel of the car. New brake lines, fuel pump were replaced and an exhaust and extractors were added to bring the engine to life. A set of 260Z wheels are also available and the original manifold, should you want to return the exhaust to standard. Available for inspection in Sydney's northern beaches." https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/datsun-240z-1972/sse-ad-6425075/
  7. https://www.graysonline.com/sale/60006097/motor-vehicles-motor-cycles/classic-car-auction-november Classic Car Auction- NOVEMBER Catalogue and Bidding available from 23/11/2018 4.00 PM AEDT
  8. Up for sale and looking for feedback on value before listing. I'm thinking $5K. On the mark? Australian delivered 5-speed manual. Respray looks good from afar, drives well, but interior butchered and a little rust in the usual places; behind battery on firewall and small spots on the floor under passenger and driver's foot. Previous owner resprayed all visible areas but left rust in places such as door internals etc. I have many detailed photos I can email or SMS a link to and report from Z specialist with high resolution images of rust spots. Just about everything is functional outside of radio, volt gauge & spotlights which may be related to a possible earth somewhere in the dash, which as you can see, was resprayed black. There are more details in the report which I can share. Sadly, the gloriously loud 80's red and burgundy interior is mostly gone. Car is in East Warburton (80 kms east of Melb CBD) where there is a hoist for inspection. I received this car as the beginning of a restoration project but with a Z32 and S30 to drive and 4 bikes to ride, time to get realistic and move it on. Not registered and will not come with a RWC.
  9. I read that it was sold in OCT 2018
  10. Apologies, should have posted in "Cars For Sale (3rd Party Sites)" back in March 18th.
  11. Hi to all, wondering why this one hasn't sold yet? Looks ok. Anyone seen it? https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/new-farm/cars-vans-utes/1972-datsun-240z-coupe/121287642
  12. Spoke to Graham this morning and he tells me that the car sold over the weekend. An excellent buy to the lucky new owner.
  13. Yes. I should have bought it in 2015 when GCM bought it. My beautiful wife was arguing the point that having just come back from touring central Australia in a Subaru and Jayco Swan, I didn't have a job or much money or any real prospects - a few points hard to argue with. I followed that car on @matt drago website for some time. Spoke to him at the time, price was fair. It came up 2 years later and I thought I had it. I was making transport plans when they delivered the bad news. Went to a lawyer. FYI - If an organisation provides you with an invoice for your deposit and they have an LMCT license, then that paid invoice is still legally just a letter of offer unless it has been signed off by a director. It's the game they play to get the highest amount. The things you learn. Anyway, it all ended well.
  14. Thanks. I'll get another opinion regarding rust. However the interior was butchered some time ago. A previous owner has repainted that gloriously loud RED interior, installed leather seats that sit too high and covered everything else. Some people can't appreciate genuine beauty the way its maker intended.
  15. I have been stalking this forum for years and have been admiring Z cars since I was a teenager in the 80's when older guys were buying them second hand. I would only dream of owning one. I'm sure it's a story repeated many times. I started looking for a 240Z over 5 years ago and even bought one only to be shafted by Gosford Car Museum taking my deposit and then selling it on me. I missed out on that same silver 240Z twice and after a few false starts and distractions, I ended up with 1973 240Z (113) manual #102924 with original delivery paperwork. In addition, there's a lovely Z32 NA manual in the collection with original 96,000kms and I inherited a 280ZX which looks good, drives great but a rust bucket underneath. Not sure what I'll do with the 280ZX yet as it is not feasible to repair for a RWC. Any suggestions? Might have to make space soon ….
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