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  1. You might like this thread then:
  2. Is that this car? Seems like it could be a flipper if so as that auction was only a couple of months ago. I seem to recall another red 260Z with an RB30 changing hands a couple of times over the last ~5 years too. Always seemed to be a decent price (both cars), so I guess it's not a popular swap!
  3. Tesla Roadster (First Generation) - 2008-2012 (less for RHD) 100k US. There's a RHD one on carsales in Australia for 190k, less than they were new. I don't think it's a super car, but it might be considered "obvious" as it's priced like one. Pros Low volume ~2500 according to wikipedia and 50 in RHD. First production EV that attempted to appeal to enthusiasts. First model by a polarising company, will likely end up being one of the biggest car companies or a spectacular failure. Successor with the same name will soon be released with supposedly impressive sp
  4. Just an observation, but many big budget builds do seem to be running "copies" of Watanabes for whatever reason - rotas, performance superlites or panasports (mostly US cars like the OS Giken x Z Car Garage TC24 car, I believe the Green Hornet but even the Brown Hornet over here had panasports).
  5. A few years ago Rebello in the US did a 3.5l L series using the LD28 block I believe. http://www.speedhunters.com/2018/04/the-3-5l-240z-you-didnt-see-coming/
  6. This is why that WA 1975 260z 2 seater could be a bargain to the right person, even at the 80/90k valuations that people on here were shy to publicly suggest. I can see the appeal to getting a cheaper running car and slowly improving/restoring it, but realistically it's not going to approach anywhere near the same level of restoration without taking it off the road and spending a lot of money and/or time. If the difference in asking price is so small, that just doesn't make as much sense and it kind of explains the prices of restored S30s of all types we've been seeing lately on the
  7. That transition is interesting, the general profile before looks fairly 350/370z and more S30 after your changes. I don't think it can hurt values given it's a totally different buyer. But good modern Nissans and Z cars should increase interest in S30s and ensure they remain relevant and interesting to more people in the future.
  8. New prototype looks a bit like a 370z with some S30 design cues on paper, but not quite sure about it yet- doesn't look quite right to me. Edit: After seeing the other video below, I partially retract this. It only looks not quite right in some angles.
  9. I think this is the first good look we've had at MZR Roadsports?
  10. Agreed, happy to help here too. Have you looked into using a VPS like DigitalOcean, Vultr, Linode, RackSpace over AWS? It would increase some of the maintenance hassles (probably can be partially mitigated by Dockerizing the site) but should be more affordable.
  11. I'm 5 minutes in and there's already been stock footage from Edward Lee's channel and a bit of Mr K lore. But sharing as Donut Media is a massive channel and that, IMO, makes this a "cool" Z video.
  12. I thought it was a pretty good article, minimal inaccuracies (that I could spot) and full of praise for the Z. I posted a link to the article on the literature thread:
  13. Nice video, car is using some of @Sean Dezart's exhaust parts according to the comments.
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