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  1. Looks like a great day can't wait for Sydney's lockdown to end. Your car's look fantastic but I am a bit bias towards a 75 green bus.
  2. Hi Peter In the end I bought the XR700 (fas700-0231) from Outlaw Speed Shop. Thx
  3. Thx PeterBah, I'll give them a call.
  4. My first choice is for a 280z distributor but the xr700 looks like a easier solution. The scorcher/coil combo is a better option but pricier, then again you get what you pay for. Thx everyone.
  5. Hi, I have a '75 260z 2+2 and I am looking into a points to Fast XR700 electronic ignition conversion, hopefully someone out there can answer a few questions I have. 1> Which model do I purchase, I have narrowed it down to either 700-0231 or 700-0292. 2> Do I need to purchase another coil, currently I have a Bosch GT40R coil connected to the original ballast resistor. 3> Can someone post an image on how they have wired up the system. Regards Kerry
  6. At least I have 2 weeks of Covid lockdown to put it back together. cheers
  7. WOW , great restoration on that clock. Thanks for the offer but I have the original clock, as suggested I will try to replace the capacitors first but if that fails I will contact Ron @zclocks. Thx again.
  8. Thanks Gav, Since I'm on "Covid leave" for 2 weeks I'll have a go at trying to fix the clock myself if I cannot source one locally. I might also investigate Zclocks.com, I assume I have to send my faulty clock to him so he can do the quartz conversion.
  9. Hi I am after a working clock to suit a '75 260 2+2 or does anyone know who would be able to repair the existing one I have. Regards Kerry
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