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  1. I have located one thanks.
  2. The rocker gaskets from SWM are the best.
  3. Already seen one engine stuffed using "MODERN" sealants. Bits of silicon break off inside and block oil galleys. Have got a new cork gasket from SWM and install correctly should do the trick. Poor quality gaskets don't work really good in the long run. A dollar saved is ten lost in the long run. Should be able to make some when I can get out and get some steel.
  4. I have one side Gav but lost the back and straight side bit. Have an annoying oil leak that wont go away. Put a pic up on the FB page.
  5. Do you have the supports that bolt around the back and sides of the sump to enable the gasket to seal better???
  6. Hi does anyone have a SET of the sump stiffing plates that screw up at the back and side of a L28 sump. Seem to have misplaced mine.
  7. What is the brand of these???
  8. peter t

    L 28 Bits needed

    I have a pully but it needs cleaning up a bit. I am southside.
  9. A couple more teasers. IMG_1277.MOV
  10. Well the old bus has a new heart. A mild L28 built by JWM and tuned by BTT. Goes like its stolen but very tight atm. Only 200k on it so far. Doing my best to run it in properly.
  11. peter t

    Triple manifold

    Apparently the longer inlet pipes of the redline manifold gives better HP. Bit like a high riser on a v8. So I have been told.
  12. New L28 road engine going in the bus soon.
  13. Hi any one got one of these lying around they don't want???
  14. peter t

    Triple manifold

    hi looking for a triple weber 45 manifold that is not as wide as a redline unit to suit a L28. Any susgustions???
  15. Please order your pics from Mick as he has put a lot of effort in to producing a top portfolio of the best Z car event you will ever witness is Australia.
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