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  1. No changes from first tune and just as you say.
  2. Got it I Googled it. LOL.
  3. Whats a girldle plate???
  4. Agreed You budget is really on the light side as good quality parts will cost you most of that. You can call down and go for a drive in mine now it has had its final tune. It is putting out 152HP @ 6122 rpm in third gear with a flat torque curve around 140nm. Great road car engine.
  5. Shoot me your address on a PM and I will post it to you.
  6. Yep with a bit of effort they come up alright. Mines a 260 so has a bigger horn boss etc. will take a pic tomorrow for you.
  7. I have a good Sports wheel (MOMO) that I can't use anymore and a Sunny wheel that fits and doesn't look too bad. I went back to standard wheel with cover to make turning easier. Getting too old for the sports wheel. Need power steering.
  8. I bought one some time ago and on sold it as they are just a skinny as the original.
  9. Remember this is not a race car.
  10. Is this what you want Mick??
  11. I have recently had a L28 built by JWR here in Brisbane and goes for its final tune at Brisbane Turbo and Tuning Thursday. Nothing special done to it. A bit of head work, Flat top pistons and tripple 45 webers. Compared to the L26 this engine pulls like a d9 I haven't been over 5k by my tacho and as a road car this is heaps. Depends what you want to use it for. My combo is a F54 block/N42 Head. I just used the standard NISMO cam that came in this engine to my knowledge. Will have some hp figures after tune on Thursday.
  12. Did you have hold of the wrong knob?? Seriously I will look in the shed.
  13. For all you 260z owners out there I found this for the Honda conversion and it friggin works. All donations greatfully accepted for my time. Donate to the site.
  14. After a afternoon of searching I found this and it friggin works.2.5 hours to find it.
  15. Ok I directly wired all three motors up to a independent 12v power supply and all three Honda 5 pin, r31 5pin, and r31 6 pin all work on low and high speed. So its not a motor issue but wiring issue. I will just have to bite the bullet and employ a auto sparkie.
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