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  1. There was one for sale on this site not so long ago. Only four clicks down. nizmOzed. Some people are just plan lazy these days. LOL.
  2. Are you after original or after market ZED parts. Plenty of aftermarket parts from the states for ZEE parts.
  3. Carbie bloke at Yatala does good work. Comes from Darwin. Have to dig his card up.
  4. I had clunking noise rear left when going in and out of the drive over the gutter. Just fitted new shocks and standard springs. Clunk gone. Might have had something to do with lowered springs and konie reds. The bump stops were shagged.
  5. Had mine replaced by a steering shop and it came back with more play than original. they had to turn up new ones to take all the play out.
  6. Nice bloke and has a good car that he is working on. Well worth the drive up there to chat and check out his Z. All the parts are exactly as he advertised them. Beautiful part of the country as well.
  7. Got one hanging in the shed. Doesnt fit my battery so off to Autobarn I did go.
  8. I will have to visit and give him some advise. Have now made contact via e-mail.
  9. Hi Peter,

    sorry for the late reply l have extreme difficulty learning how to work this site. Yes the steering column is still available .

    i am unable to post a photo as I cannot work out how to do that on this site. If you send me an email to bsharp05@outlook.com I can reply with a photo and details for my address.



  10. Hi Gav using heat shield from Supacheap. Air box from "Bits of Italy" but should be bits of crap. Had to do lots of work to line backing plate up with carbies then modify fibreglass box to fit and the supplied gasket is crap. Cost a fortune and not worth half the price considering all the work I had to do to make it fit.
  11. Well after a few more additions this is the Christmas 2020 COVID version.LOL. New engine is going great after final dyno tune. Wiper upgrade done with new wipers as well. New koni yellow adj shocks all round and Standard King springs installed. I got sick of it hitting down all the time. ( getting old) Lets all hope for a better 2021 but I think its just a case of getting used to the new world of COVID shit. I am looking at getting valves inserted in my lungs in the new year so I can breath a bit better so I hope that works. Meanwhile here is the 12/20 version of my Bus.
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