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  1. Email Gav, the reply to my asking. $630 is for the outer piece then you have to buy the adapoter plate then all the other bits.
  2. Advertised for $630 BUT add on all the extras and it becomes $1043. Buggar.
  3. peter t

    Drilled camshafts.

    Thanks I still have the spray bar fitted so I guess it would be getting some oil.
  4. Thought this was a man cave site not an ad for real estate.
  5. Hi does a drilled camshaft have a plug in the end and if so what sort of plug is used. I have a spray bar but the engine builder originally stuff my cam as he used silicon and blocked the spray bar. He fitted a new cam that is drilled but I have just noticed there is no plug in the end. The spray bar is still fitted. I also change the oil every twelve months but it is really black in there. Thanks in advance for any advice.
  6. This post was started by a member who no longer owns a Z car and was never a member of ZCCQ. Should be deleted.
  7. I usually use house hold detergent for my K&N filters on another car and use K&N oil.
  8. Yep going to place an order for one of these.
  9. Hi am wondering what is the best to clean an re oil weber filter socks??
  10. You are on Mate. Will you be in the GTO
  11. Thank god for this. Might fix a few on here.
  12. https://www.bing.com/images/search?view=detailV2&ccid=02VWL5Xp&id=EE1E88B6193FD47F6A7FAD8D27CAEC2812F96CDE&thid=OIP.02VWL5Xp7rVGifBzzPQmqAAAAA&mediaurl=https%3a%2f%2fi.ebayimg.com%2fimages%2fg%2fi04AAOSwtxxbXkiG%2fs-l300.jpg&exph=300&expw=225&q=280z+horn&simid=608014299804535526&selectedIndex=23&qpvt=280z+horn
  13. Yep you are right. The 240 and260/280 are different. Looks like I am missing a spring inside a plastic tube. Off to Bunnings to get some tomorrow.
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