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  1. peter t

    Triple manifold

    hi looking for a triple weber 45 manifold that is not as wide as a redline unit to suit a L28. Any susgustions???
  2. Please order your pics from Mick as he has put a lot of effort in to producing a top portfolio of the best Z car event you will ever witness is Australia.
  3. Get all your CB 19 pics here. https://www.mtrimages.com/f244709590
  4. peter t

    Dead Engine.

    The 370 is now good to go for a drive. Clutch all fixed Aub.
  5. peter t

    Dead Engine.

    Have you got time to come over mate. It has got me stuffed Almost time for a box of matches.
  6. peter t

    Dead Engine.

    Hi I have just fitted triple Weber carbies and fitted new manifold gasket etc. All new carbie gaskets as well. Had it running ok and turned the car around in the shed and sorted the cold airbox out. Started it up to go for a run and had a small back fire now it will not start at all. Have got fuel, spark and did not alter timing at all but it is dead. Any help Thanks.
  7. Commemorative Badges and Stickers Order 15.09.19[623].pdfCommemorative Badges and Stickers Order 15.09.19[623].pdfCommemorative Badges and Stickers Order 15.09.19[623].pdfCommemorative Badges and Stickers Order 15.09.19[623].pdfhttps://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1467014096769854&set=gm.2530498550371900&type=3&eid=ARABQunpHwuiNOnKO04cDPtOpJFlUIA4k-ceS6b53ppeZxEcKAuqhm76KxIhuYX-e14SWu72ZtiNmskr
  8. Have the fuel tank out of the 260 for cleaning and coating inside.
  9. peter t

    Cork Gasket glue

    Thanks Locky. Hylomar gel seems to be another great one reffered by another friend on this site. I use Hylomar spray with great results on water joints. Have to look for some Gel for next time. Other great people have suggested top ways. egg. Glue to sump with contact and grease on the block side. Used this method with rocker gaskets successfully.
  10. peter t

    Cork Gasket glue

    Hi all, What would be the best glue to use on my new cork sump gasket???
  11. peter t

    Drilled camshafts.

    Some more pics. Thanks for any help. Peter.
  12. peter t

    Drilled camshafts.

    Ok now have blocked off the spray bar and have heaps of oil coming out of the holes in the cam but me thinks the damage has been done. Can anyone identify this cam.
  13. As the title suggests I am after a air box to suit triple webber 45 DCOE on a redline manifold for a 260z.
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