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  2. There's a bloke here in Brisbane making all the bushes for Zeds. I will find out details for you.
  3. But not simple bolt in as the advert suggests going by the e-mail I got back from my inquirey.
  4. Hi Justin, How is the supply going with these units in these troubling times mate? Peter.
  5. Yep got the SU's from CP Competition. Still waiting for my mate to do a final tune as he has been quite busy. I still have a set of 240 round tops if anyone is after a set.
  6. Must be getting old so here is an update to what has happened to the old bus. Got rid of the triple 45's / Wasn't happy with them as a road car and got sick of the carter pump groaning away and annoying crap out of me. Went back to the Holly but couldn't stop it from fouling plugs. Purchased a set of brand new 1 3/4 SU carbies, Scorcher ignition system, new leads and plugs. Fitted a o2 sensor port in headers for tuning. Car now goes beautiful after being tuned by a good mate who knows what he is doing. Fitted new Koni yellow shocks and King standard springs/getting too old for low. LOL. Now have a very enjoyable Z to drive. Also have some fluted vent panels from Skillard.
  7. Have used the Fast (Crane) ignition for years and never had a problem. You just have have to get the one to suit the resistor and coil you have.
  8. There is a steering wheel on FB market place Brisbane for $200 but no horn pad.
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