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  1. When I was 18 I had 3 RX2 coupes and an RX2 sedan all at the same time in the backyard at mums, I let them all go for peanuts, if I could just go back and tell the young me "sell the Datsuns and keep the rotaries"
  2. Its 4 off the assembly line before mine, but that's where the similarity ends.
  3. You have made a really nice job of that diffuser, good luck with it.
  4. Gav that article in the Australian was very hard to read, " Not on your Nelly, this is a fraudster Porkster" maybe Im getting old but that guy writes like a wanker.
  5. Aircobra, whilst these thoughts are probably correct regarding the current Zed, I cant see how this has any bearing on how much money someone may or may not want to spend on a forty year old Datsun. I predict the value of 240z's to keep on rising as long as the price of old Porsches Alfa's etc keep rising. The older the 240 gets the more people start to notice just what an outstanding sportscar it is and that there is nothing else out there in that price range that can compare to it.
  6. The badge on my 1000 coupe from 1968 is red white and blue, and they were never sold into North America.
  7. Really? Blue and Red have been Datsuns colours for at least 50 years, its on the badges, on the brochures, on the signage.
  8. I have a matched set of 48 Dellortos that I was saving to put on my Datsun, but I cant afford to build a motor that would do them justice. They came off a Holden so will no doubt be jetted wrongly for a Datto. I would be happy to sell them to a member of the site for what they cost me, $1200 or $1300 with the Ram tubes Andy NSW central coast 0408863207
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