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  1. Hi guys, I'm chasing a 260Z Tail Light Trim Panel (interior 2 seater) in good condition. Let me know if you have one please!
  2. Can i get a 4.11 speedoooo drive please?
  3. d3c0y

    240 seats with rails

    I meet these conditions. I have 240Z rails, 260Z seats that have been trimmed in velour (but you can get new covers from VIC for your year), and I live in Brisbane. Shoot me a PM if you are interested we might be able to work something out?
  4. d3c0y

    260z fuel tank

    Hey i have one! It is a bit dented but should be repairable. It's in Brisbane.
  5. I have one from a LHD that you might be able to use for parts. I'll dig it out and send you a photo.
  6. Thanks Matt, I've sent you a PM. I'm still chasing standard ones if anyone has them.
  7. Hey Dave I have these and i'm in dutton park. You don't have any 260Z seat rails by any chance?
  8. Did you get your seat mounts? I have a pair that need a bit of lube, cheap. $10 per side.
    I'm at Bald Hills 0448 775 084

  9. I have a bell housing! https://www.facebook.com/groups/2254553151535098/permalink/2380481868942225/?sale_post_id=2380481868942225
  10. I'm pretty sure i have all of this if you are still chasing it.
  11. Hi all, I need some seat rails for a 260Z years 74.5 - 76 that have the following style slopey back mounts. I'm willing to buy seats if they are attached.
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