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  1. d3c0y

    240 seats with rails

    I meet these conditions. I have 240Z rails, 260Z seats that have been trimmed in velour (but you can get new covers from VIC for your year), and I live in Brisbane. Shoot me a PM if you are interested we might be able to work something out?
  2. d3c0y

    260z fuel tank

    Hey i have one! It is a bit dented but should be repairable. It's in Brisbane.
  3. I have one from a LHD that you might be able to use for parts. I'll dig it out and send you a photo.
  4. Thanks Matt, I've sent you a PM. I'm still chasing standard ones if anyone has them.
  5. Hey Dave I have these and i'm in dutton park. You don't have any 260Z seat rails by any chance?
  6. Did you get your seat mounts? I have a pair that need a bit of lube, cheap. $10 per side.
    I'm at Bald Hills 0448 775 084

  7. I have a bell housing! https://www.facebook.com/groups/2254553151535098/permalink/2380481868942225/?sale_post_id=2380481868942225
  8. I'm pretty sure i have all of this if you are still chasing it.
  9. Hi all, I need some seat rails for a 260Z years 74.5 - 76 that have the following style slopey back mounts. I'm willing to buy seats if they are attached.
  10. Awesome thanks matt. Just top and bottom measurements of each pipe would be excellent
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