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  1. ilbert

    Crack in paint

    Great tip. Thanks for the assistance!
  2. Hi guys, I have noticed a crack in the paint at the base of the windscreen pillar. Is this a typical thing? I'd guess there'd be a weld under this point. Should I jump on it and have it fixed or just put up with it? The car was resprayed about 4 years ago, but not to bare metal on this part. Thanks in advance.
  3. Anyone interested in webers, this is great explanation series on how they work and how to rebuild them.
  4. looks great. im thinking of removing the air dam on mine. By the way what wheel tire combo do you have?
  5. Cant make it, away this weekend. Would have loved to.
  6. I've used Randy and Andy on my zed, they know Datsuns propper good, and are nice guys in the mix too.
  7. Far from cool, but interesting choice of car for the add, probably the colour....
  8. Yes, I noticed you have additional earth's coming off the switch. Maybe a trip to the auto electrician.
  9. Refer photos: Solid black wire headlight dipper (earth common) Red wire yellow stripe head light Red wire white stripe head light Solid green indicator common earth White wire red stripe indicator active White wire black stripe indicator active
  10. I just pulled my indicator switch to bits to fix it. So keep hold of your old one, it might be salvageable. My car's a 73, I'll have a look tmo. My high beam operates from the indicator stalk, where did yours used to?
  11. Good work Bruce, long drive for you. Gordo put this Cafe down for a drive "week". Port Douglas FNQ. I reckon the zeds would need a service.
  12. I'd love to, but going to qld on Sunday. (Unless Saturday works for others)
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