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  1. Came off an '82 model too, not that I believe there is any difference to other 280zx year models.
  2. Yes I believe I have a factory one spare sitting at home, I can have a look at this weekend. Located in Brisbane if you can't find anything locally.
  3. Great write up thanks! One more question - which branded rubber seal did you use and where did you buy it from? I need to buy a new one that will accept the chrome trim too, I notice you can buy seals that don't accept the chrome trim.
  4. Nice build thread. I have his Instagram account too where he puts heaps of photos. Definitely has some deep pockets.
  5. Ditto, literally need to do the same thing right now too!
  6. Think you might have misinterpreted the previous post...
  7. Welcome, sounds like a great project. Looking forward to seeing updates as you progress
  8. theremm

    WTB choke cable

    Ok thanks David. I'll give them a proper tune and balance again this weekend just to make sure everything is setup correctly. Hopefully that takes care of things.
  9. theremm

    WTB choke cable

    Hi David, I had tried that actually - anything from 1 to 4 pumps, sometimes with the foot on the pedal when cranking. Still having difficulties starting the triples on first go. Sometimes it takes many attempts which can be a little embarrassing in parking lots with lots of people around.. Was hoping the choke cable might fix this. From what i've read triples usually start quite nicely?
  10. theremm

    WTB choke cable

    Wondering if anyone had a 240z / 260z choke cable spare at all? Wanting to make up a choke cable for a set of triple solexes however would like to keep my original cable for the twin SU's intact. Mine is a '73 240z.
  11. sorry, you're correct. Didn't correctly read the original post. Thought these were reproduction as I had seen aircobra was trying to reproduce these a little while ago.
  12. are these chrome trims a little thinner than original parts? any pics of a pair fitted to the car with the lens too?
  13. I use motorcycle filter cleaner and motorcycle filter oil
  14. Anything below 3,000 gives significant stumble with foot to the floor; above that it's very crisp and pulls extremely well under full throttle. Below 3,000 is only smooth when accelerating lightly. Haven't got an air/fuel meter unfortunately but will look into that too then. My accelerator pump is adjusted to 7.5mm on the bottom hole, was considering going to the middle hole which would give about 9.5mm of pump travel. Might try that in addition to the 55/57.5 pilots and report back..
  15. How much accelerator pump travel are you running? I have a very similar engine setup to you WA240Z and have followed the above jetting recommendations (albeit I only have 52.5 pilots). As per the Mikuni service manual I adjusted the pump rod to achieve 7.5mm of travel for my 44phh carbs. I am getting a significant hesitation during acceleration when I put foot to the floor though.
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