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  1. Nice work mate. Are you planning on keeping/using those chrome headlight covers? Would be interested in buying them off you if not. Alex
  2. I concur. Have ordered heaps from him over the past 6 or 7 years and never had a complaint. Very transparent fees and items are always packaged excellently. Bidding is super simple too.
  3. I'm using an R factory airbox, 50mm mikuni solex trumpets fit just fine within. I think 70mm/75mm trumpets would be too big though, it's a pretty close fit with the 50s. I could check and measure at home though to confirm
  4. I'm using this one from Trade Tools for a Toyota 12HT engine (about 330kg), really happy with it. https://www.tradetools.com/renegade-industrial-680kg-rolling-engine-stand Also using a standard ~450kg stand for my L28. I prefer the 680kg stand, think it is a much better design.
  5. Ok thanks mate, will give them a call to discus.
  6. Ok thanks for the honest feedback. I hadn't spoken to an engine builder yet about my specific plans or budget so wasn't entirely sure how far my money would get me. Given 5-8k might be on the lighter side then for a complete rebuild, another option I had considered was just getting the bottom end of an L28 done and pairing with my current head. I have an E88efi head on my L24 currently which was rebuilt by MIA (including with a regrind cam) about 1.5-2years ago. Already set up with an adjustable cam sprocket too. I can assemble a short motor at home myself and dial in the cam etc so that coul
  7. Budget is about 5-8k, probably prefer to keep on the leaner side if possible. Already have exhaust and intake system sorted so that's not included. Can do all the fitting/installation/carby tuning myself, but would prefer to just send a motor away on a pallet and get somebody else to do the work as I have another project which is my main focus currently. It's really just a quick road car that I'm after. The L24 is nice to drive when you're out in the countryside and at higher speeds but its frustrating around town as you just have to rev the thing out to really get any decent power. Below 3,00
  8. Cool thanks Peter, looking forward to see the dyno/tune results later this week then once available. Sounds like a good baseline comparison.
  9. Hello The bottom end of my L24 is using a bit of oil and so I’m considering going in for a full engine rebuild with MIA engines. Have had some cylinder head work done by them before and was very happy. I have a spare L28 at home which I was leaning towards taking out to 2.9L with one of their stroker kits. Now is probably the smart time to upgrade. Other than my slightly worn out L24 in my 240z I’ve never driven another L series. Wondering If any members around Brisbane who have had an L28 or even L24 rebuilt for that matter wouldn’t mind showing me how their car drives in
  10. Do these offer a big performance difference over the smaller hitachi SUs?
  11. Is that a typical characteristic of the L28 or is it likely cam related? I have never driven an L28 but definitely don't have that problem in my L24. Between 3.5k-6.5k the L24 just wants to keep going.
  12. Came off an '82 model too, not that I believe there is any difference to other 280zx year models.
  13. Yes I believe I have a factory one spare sitting at home, I can have a look at this weekend. Located in Brisbane if you can't find anything locally.
  14. Great write up thanks! One more question - which branded rubber seal did you use and where did you buy it from? I need to buy a new one that will accept the chrome trim too, I notice you can buy seals that don't accept the chrome trim.
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