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  1. Hi folks, This isn't my car, but a long-ish build thread I came across recently that seems relevant here. While I wouldn't do everything the same as this guy, he's definitely having some fun with the car. But it got me wondering, how would Zed people here feel about it…? https://grassrootsmotorsports.com/forum/build-projects-and-project-cars/1973-datsun-240z-budget-build-or-something/62569/page1/ Discuss Jeff
  2. Not currently Gav, but it's on the must-do list. Whatever I end up with will need to be custom made, original works type would be rare-as nowadays, plus, I have Webers instead of Solexes so the mountings will be different. Jeff
  3. Faced with a similar situation l went for the short Unifilter foam socks, they work nicely. jeff
  4. That was an interesting read, thanks for posting. It's so satisfying to finally solve a puzzle like this, hope you can now enjoy many happy drives. One of the (few) upsides of lockdowns / COVID etc, is the amount of jobs completed on cars while tucked away at home. Jeff
  5. This scheme (not actually "rego") has been well and truly taken advantage of by the few, spoiling it for the rest. Over many years I've seen everything from a Ferrai F40 to white Mitsubishi delivery van on club plates. Mitsubishi van…? WTF! Jeff
  6. Thanks, they are a but a small part of a whole vehicle restoration, or more accurately, resurrection.
  7. The first photo was of a car from Zama, the second is mine. Yes, the seats have been refurbished, they were in very shabby condition beforehand. I'm all for original, but not when it looks like they've been salvaged from a dumpster. From the outside they seem to offer little support compared to a modern rally seat, but I find them super comfy Jeff
  8. Thank you gents, I know a little more now, especially that the seats in my car are rarer than previously thought… Careful, it's not a Zed
  9. Can I please post something kind of rally related here? Does anyone (Alan T?) know what these seats were called or who made them? I know they're Datsun works seats, but I would really like to be able to refer to them by a more relevant / official name. Thanks, Jeff
  10. This is a spectacular build, however I note you've added plenty more 'go' but no more 'slow'. Do you think (what appears to be) standard brakes will be up to the job? Jeff
  11. Ah, that makes sense, the 260Z was the model on sale at that time so why promote the 'old' product. Thanks Alan.
  12. Whereas at some point it had 240Z tail lamps…
  13. This is a very old thread by now, but I found this relevant pic elsewhere and thought it may be of interest to some. The event was the 1975 Alpine Rally in Vic. Jeff
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