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  1. That's an amazing resource, within just a few minutes I had found something that I've been chasing for weeks. Excellent link, thanks!
  2. Today I removed the pinion drive and counted the teeth on the worm gear, based on each full turn being counted as one tooth, it has five. A 4.6 pinion drive when they become available will do very nicely. Jeff
  3. Thanks very much for the photo, looks like I have a challenge on my hands. I see there was an option for a 5-tooth gear, any thoughts anyone?
  4. Hi folks, A question related to the posts above for the speedo drives: does anyone know the standard number of 'teeth' on the spiral gear on the output shaft of a 240Z/240K (FS5C71B) 5-speed, the one that drives the pinion gears being offered by GTv240z? I suspect it's five but I really want to make sure. Thanks, Jeff
  5. That one sounds like a keeper!
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