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  1. I would like to give a little plug for Jesse Streeter. After buying multiple items over the years through Buyee, copping their painful fees until finally feeling wounded after they turned a ¥300 magazine into a $20 AUD outlay, I gave Jesse a try and now won't go back. His communication is fast, his fee structure is much simpler (and very reasonable) plus being able to pay into an Australian bank is super easy. The box arrived safely (headlights), beautifully packaged and without any issues. Streeter FTW. Jeff
  2. Have you identified a paper filter element that will fit these boxes? I currently have a pair on my (non-Zed) car and just used regular Uni Filter socks, but a paper element would tick the original-spec box nicely. Best of luck with the project! Jeff
  3. You're not thinking of these when you say "... a copy of Nissan works wheels"? More commonly known as trailer wheels but they did turn up on various rally cars (often painted gold) until it was discovered they weren't very strong. Jeff
  4. For example... This is not a Violet... But the one below is. Jeff
  5. Well, some of that 'discussion' made for heavy reading. The word unscrupulous comes to mind. Others may just jump in and take advantage of the price. Jeff
  6. Some nice S30 rally history here: https://rally-japan.jp/en/about/240z/ Jeff
  7. That looks like a winning combination to me Watanabes in 14 x 7 with the same tyres would tick the box too. Period look and ride with modern tyre construction and materials. Win! Jeff
  8. Is this really a new Nissan logo? Yuck!
  9. Hi James, Good to hear the Kobe Seiko wheels didn't require longer studs, thanks also for the info regarding the longer studs on the rear of the 240Z/260Z, I didn't know that. Any chance of a photo of your car sitting on those lovely wheels? Cheers, Jeff
  10. Yes, you're right, I have them on my (non-Z) car. To my eye the orange Z with the works replica wheels needed some too. Standard studs are generally made for thin steel wheels, so I'm interested to know if (a year later) the car ended up with them. Just wonderin'… Jeff
  11. This is a bit of an old thread nowadays, but I was reading it yesterday and wondered if the wheel studs were replaced with longer ones to allow secure fastening of the rims. Lovely rims BTW, I applaud your decision to go with the period 14x7 size, not the common modern 'ginormous' sizings. (yet another) Jeff
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