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  1. #718 on Collecting Cars. https://collectingcars.com/for-sale/1971-datsun-240z-2
  2. Is it the cowl panel you need (sits below windscreen)?
  3. Just bumping this up as a reminder again. Had a few new members join and try this scam again. Accounts have been deleted. From now on I'm going to be even stricter with new member post approval. Do not send money to new members with 0 posts or to anyone telling you to email someone else who has a part you're after. I may look into ways of reading PMs being sent by new members so I can catch these scams early on.
  4. Both are scammers who's account has been deleted. Hope you didn't send them any money?
  5. Worth revisiting this old topic perhaps? https://www.viczcar.com/forums/topic/6612-honda-civic-wiper-motor-replacement/ Write up here: http://ace240z.com/HondaMotorUpgrade.html You can find these Honda Motors new on eBay too around $180. But as Alan mentioned in this comment: Thread comment I'm not sure if he's referring to the Alternator or the wiper motor though?
  6. Hi Folks, I've noticed 2 things failing when posting replies here. 1. Youtube embedded videos produce a 403 result. 2. Quoting other topics/comments seems to also fail due to the embedding. I'm not sure why yet, but will chase it up with the software providers to understand if it's a server configuration issue. Update: Posted in support forum here.
  7. Hi Jeff, You may want to redact your email from a public forum/post. Helps prevent unwanted spam and scammers from sending you messages. Best to send Craig a PM.
  8. Another scammer recently signed up and tried it on. Have blocked him/her and deleted their account, but just be wary if you're getting PMs with offers to contact other people with parts etc..
  9. I'm not sure on 260z's, but on 240z's you can just purchase this plug to bypass the regulator (external 1). https://www.thezstore.com/product/178/alternator-upgrade-adaptor-70-72-240z
  10. Caching is sort of resolved, but not 100% because the hosting company doesn't support a package called redis which is used for improved caching performance. I'm contemplating moving hosts. Since it may improve the overall site performance. But it still won't be hosted in Australia. Which would be nice to bring hosting onshore for lower latency. The good news is I managed to update to the latest software version after a few hiccups earlier.
  11. I'm having issues with the caching module on the site, so it's probably performing slower than it should be. Seeing what I can do to resolve this.
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