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  1. Hey everyone thanks for all your donations. I haven't updated everyone's status to donating member yet. I'll do it in bulk when I get a new laptop (handed in the work 1) and new Macbooks have a 2 week wait on delivery. Yikes! Hard to do from my phone because admin section is best suited to desktop PC. Anyway, thanks again. I have had a couple of job interviews so may have work again soon.
  2. Super clean S30z https://buyee.jp/item/yahoo/auction/s728710183?lang=en
  3. The Zcar Garage StopTech kit? I've been thinking about it. But would probably look for Mk63s first. Otherwise sounds like a good kit.
  4. Z car garage in San Jose has a couple of nice S30z's featured. L28 turbo build. Safari Gold stroker L28.
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  6. Thanks all, very much appreciated. I am currently interviewing for a job in my existing field. But each day things are changing. So I am just planning for worst case scenario.
  7. Hi folks, I so recently quit my long term employment after 11.5 years at Google. Of course this was a couple of weeks before the Corona Virus hit global economies. My timing is excellent. In a bid to reduce my expenses I've been going over my recurring bills. 1 of them is this website. Unfortunately the fall in $AUD has hurt because the website is currently costing $175 USD per month. I've looked at migrating to Amazon cloud (S3) a while ago but got stuck on the set up part of the configuration. But even so I'm not sure I can trim much off the operating costs because it's likely to remain an expense in $USD. Advertising has always helped and donations with it to keep the site up and running. The short fall I've always covered out of my own pocket, but now that I don't know when I'll find employment again I'm asking if folks who are in a position to donate can, then I'd really appreciate it. Especially for these next couple of months. Thanks and a big thank you to all who have donated over the years. It's very much appreciated. Gavin.
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  9. Hey mate, Take car of your health. I too have a boy on the way in August and had quit my job. So now looking for a new 1. Try not to stress also, if you can. I know it isn't easy.
  10. @dat2kman do you repair the oiler bar?
  11. My guess is that it's chassis no. HS30-100209 https://photos.app.goo.gl/5pavUYpmzULqhiXD7
  12. 73 240z. Clearly a skilled craftsman has done it. Question is, should it have been done? In my humble opinion no. But I see it as the boomer equivalent of the Gen Y strawberry front S13s or R34 GTR stagea conversions. But perhaps slightly more perverse?
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