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  1. I wasn't expecting interest from the Prince of Saudi Arabia... but it's all happening it would appear.
  2. Thanks again @HS30-H I have some Chinese Wheels with Stickers and Lanyards and Keyrings to send your way! Only joking of course..
  3. Hi Folks, Sorry I've been slack updating members status to donating and thanking people. Or I should say just busy with the little 1. So a late thank you to you all. Some of you will notice an upgrade to donating member status and with it access to the new sections. Especially the register of HS30s (sorry if you own an RS30 or GRS30 and wish I had the same data for those cars - I wish I did also, but it's time consuming enough for 240z's!). @CptZa, @GregTas, @evolutionise, @24 Dat, @GTI-Z (extra thank you for the massive donation!), @HS30-H, @Dragonball240z, @JDM-TOY (likewise thanks for the big donation), @Enzo (can't thank you enough for the ongoing support over the years, thanks again!), @YellowRX, @Daalp1 (thank you, the donation is more than enough don't worry!), @Shaun05 - thank you! , @andyk_79 - Thanks matey!, @peter t, @Brenden, @SiftyZ - I know you're relative new here, so thanks for the big donation, @Mickl, @Andrew_L26 The following donations were received (3) but I couldn't attribute them to a member on here. Trademark Sign Company (Michael - sorry I forgot your username on here to upgrade your membership please chime). Anthony who sent a donation after getting free bumpers. Thanks, but not sure which Anthony :). Dyson your email didn't match the 1 you use on the forum and I think we only have 1 Dyson, but it's not associated with a member name of same. If you can let me know if it was you I'll update the member group. We have about 4 months worth of costs in the kitty now. So thanks again.
  4. Any reason for an L24 and E88 head over say an L28? Specific racing category?
  5. https://www.tradeuniquecars.com.au/news/2009/late-model-japanese-imports-are-booming
  6. It's not Datsun or S30Z specific. I am tracking several cars on CarSales (thanks to the star icon you can save certain cars) - it's my little wish list. :). Anyway I get notifications daily of price moves. Majority of prices are being pushed up and not down, especially for 90s JDM stuff, but also early rotary and other Datsun's, Toyota's etc.. GTRs are out of control. The real problem I see is that you have the RBA talking of dropping rates further to 0.1% and more talk of QE, but even though the RBA denies it (like they denied the next move in rates was down), it's likely they will try negative interest rates as other places have done in the world. Despite the evidence suggesting it doesn't work, it won't stop them trying. When there is no return on your money in the bank, you funnel it into anything that provides a return, which could be vintage cars and other assets (deemed low risk). Of course you could argue this is the intention of such policies to encourage people to spend etc.. but I see it as a dead end and I have no idea where the madness ends. The only reason I'd sell any of my Toys at this stage would be to get the Mortgage paid off. As to when / if JobSeeker/Keeper ending will encourage more liquidity. It will be interesting, but I suspect people on JobSeeker were not buying Datsun's. Unless their name was Hayden of course.
  7. New 1 in Canberra this morning. https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/datsun-240z-1973/sse-ad-6831280/?utm_campaign=search-alert&utm_source=notification-center&utm_medium=email&csn_atid=35d2bcdc-c08b-4461-b2ba-acea7a0b7e7e
  8. Have fun, nothing can prepare you for the lack of sleep. The 24/7 demands etc.. Every time I think I have 5 mins spare to go work on something the little 1 has other plans.
  9. The other problem is I see 3-4 wanted ads on Gumtree right now. Here is the Brown 240z. The colour may put some off, but I always buy based on condition / originality. If the colour really bothers you, it can always be changed. https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/chermside/cars-vans-utes/1973-datsun-240z-sports-5-speed-manual-coupe/1256153334
  10. The floor at the moment for such a car is $30k (a 260z the other day sold instantly at $35k). Probably more if it's a 240z, a bit less if a 260z. The real problem is that lately there hasn't been much to choose from. Very limited stock appearing. There is a brown car in QLD that looks like a good starting point.
  11. https://wolfstreet.com/2020/09/19/asset-class-of-vintage-cars-during-the-pandemic-sales-at-high-end-on-ice-after-steep-price-drops-earlier-in-the-year/ The stand out at the moment is R34 GTRs. http://www.gtr-registry.com/en-r34-gtr-auction-results.php#2020September
  12. All gone long long ago. Best to buy from the UK auto panel solutions I think? Andy.
  13. I try not to sell anything these days. Things are just getting harder to source.
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