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  1. Quiet you lot, or I'll make @C.A.F.the admin here too. (as well as the FB group)...
  2. Just an FYI that Donations are helpful, especially because there is a small but modest increase in the annual licence fee for the software that runs the site.
  3. What's worse is that all the Yolo hipster types that want to slot in big power engines into these cars when they have no idea if the integrity of the car structure is any good. I mean chances are most cars running around are not as strong as they were when sold in 1970 now due to issues like this.. yet they all want 500hp+... recipe for trouble if you ask me. But I've just outed myself as an old fart. Shouting at young whipper snippers with my walking cane.
  4. I've seen these wheel caps about from time to time, problem is the coloured / enamel part always always has chipped off and the fingers on the rear that hold it to the hub are often broken and or very fragile by now. I bought some off @Scoota G a couple of years ago but he cracked the shits with me and never sent them. But if he's feeling more generous and still has them I'm happy for you to have them..
  5. Sunroof + shiny lower sill tax. Really can't work out what's the story with those sills.
  6. The finish looks "flocked", shouldn't be too hard to replicate on another dash I would imagine.
  7. Do you specifically want that dash or just a suitable dash? A 260z dash will work and can be restored. PS: Fixed the images in the original post.
  8. https://aclassmetal.com.au/electro-plating-plastic-car-parts/ For Chrome Plating plastic... I believe @Ledge recommended them in the past!
  9. I'd be happy to donate my sunroof in HS30 00150. Although @C.A.F.may want to fill it for a customer in future as it appears to be a very good rust free roof otherwise. I don't like the way it stands out and ruins the clean lines. I don't mind the sunroof that sits flush and looks like the roof (solid).
  10. Haha, yeah I watched that the other day. Does make me wonder if certain people are manipulating values of specific cars. I have heard of that going on with the GTR market in Japan for example. Worth watching..
  11. Please post more photos or #48! Always excited to find an early car. Mine is #51 and is also 907 Green.
  12. Pop it back out, will need a competent panel beater to heat shrink it, but wouldn't replace the whole roof. Would repair in situation.
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