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  1. Agree with David. My recommendations are. 4.1 ratio LSD diff. L28 with flat top pistons / N42 head for 10:1 comp. SM needles for SUs.(rebuild the SUs - Z-therapy do excellent work) Since you're in North America contact Steve Bonk for recommendations on camshaft specs. Nice set of headers to suit (if don't have already). E12 Electronic Distributor (Hitachi) off a 280z/280zx. Have it re-graphed to suit your cam / engine set up. A good ignition shop will be able to do this. Around 16 degrees initial advance and a further 16 in mechanical/vacuum total is probably a good combo. But get an experienced shop to set it up. You'll easily spend $6k if you're rebuilding the motor and doing above. But you'll hit 150+HP and have a really good set up in an early Z. I'll find an excellent thread to review also in a minute and link to it. If budget allows I'd highly recommend going Triples..
  2. https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/1971-datsun-240z-manual/SSE-AD-14205058 I believe this was @alanwil's car but new owner name appears to be Barry.
  3. Any chance you could share the VIN #? I keep a registry updated for these cars and don't believe I have a record of this 240z. Thanks.
  4. What did you paint the bezel with? Vinyl paint? I would think you could buff/polish the plastic for a similar look / restoration.
  5. I would need to look, but I don't think so. I did look at having more made, but not sure of demand. Probably not a bad idea to make a few more.
  6. These days aftermarket rods may be best. By the time you prep factory rods the price is pretty similar to proper rods. I believe Kameari sells suitable rods for example but I hear max speeding rods is another option. 25 odd years back it was all about the LD28 + L14 (136mm) and Honda XL500 pistons combo. As a budget stroker. L14 rods are as rare as hens teeth now however...
  7. I have a friend in NZ I keep finding cranks but they are 6 hours or more drive away from him. Bit of a pain. Also I'm finding sellers unwilling to separate engines and cranks these days. Makes it a bit of a challenge to buy a few in bulk.
  8. If it was me (and if that counts for anything), I'd probably look at using a modern turbo, modern ECU and coil on plug set up etc.. there is some really good stuff now for L-engine guru's. https://www.facebook.com/protunerzz/ And I'd add aircon in the old Z. So you have a nice comfortable street driven Z with modern luxuries like aircon for those hot summer days. But also plenty of power when / if you want it.
  9. Old school, but cool set up. What ECU does it run?
  10. Prices are always sticky on the way down. People are reluctant to sell for less than what they saw at peak. Not a lot of 240z's for sale. Lots of 2+2s however..
  11. I hear you, it's a long slog. But just remember it will be done right and will be worth it when finished. My 2 year old son is a time thief. Constantly up to mischief so I can't have him with me in the workshop.
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