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  1. Good morning Bob and Lindsay, Just a quick line to let you know ROSENBERG was finally located and arrested on the 18th of July by Lilydale Police. The file returned to me over the weekend with the interview discs. I have not listened to the interview yet as I have been tied up with demosntration duties in and around the city. I will review the interview at the earliest time but. The next step will be to produce a brief of evidence to my Sergeant for review and hopefully producing a summons for ROSENBERG to attend court re theft of carbies. If you have any questions for me please do so via email as my hours are very erratic and at odd times. Regards Mathew Craine First Constable 38267 email: mathew.craine@police.vic.gov.au Public Order Response Unit Tower 3, Level 2, 637 Flinders Street Docklands, Victoria ,3008 PH, 96287000 Fax 96287065 DX 210096 Unfortunately the wheels of justice are slow.
  2. What is your problem Lurch? I keep getting phone calls and emails from bemused customers telling me you are constantly bagging Z Shop Performance and I don't think we have ever even met. We service tune and rebuild far more Nissan performance vehicles - 240Z's etc than anybody else in Australia. Our customers cars have won more motorsport events (historic, state racing & Targa Tasmania) than any other Z service provider in Australia since 1986. We currently have 8 x 240Z's being worked on by our 3 mechanics and are running 2 shifts x 6 days per week with extra casual staff to try and keep up with our work load. Our web service provider has been eager to update our site for ages but we are plain and simply too busy providing quality service in our workshop to give him the input he needs. If you have grievances with this company why don't you call me discuss them instead of being a loud mouth on a public forum bud.
  3. A LH one mysteriously disappeared off Jeff Thomas's race car outside in our car park while we while we were all flat strap on the spanners & had a shop chockers with annoying time waster enquirers yet again. Will have to sharpen Fin's teeth & stop feeding him. Would greatly appreciate any assistance in finding a replacement & + a spare or 2/3. We have 4 x RH ones with free tin weather undershields if anybody wants a swap. No damage outer faces please - retaining bolts not necessary on the LH ones.
  4. Get Rob Crichton to make a few sets - we need 3 X. Make sure the bleed nipple is exactly in the original position or you will never get a good bleed & the hand brake cable does not foul on anything.
  5. Don McKay left a set here - wants $100
  6. John's @#$well right - old filler could have absorbed goodness knows what solvents over the past 20 + years. You will be shattered when your immaculately prepped surface has an awful adverse reaction when the paint is being applied. Polyester/Isolator is the best safeguard. Bear in mind that the thicker your Polyester or Hi-Fill is over you NOT CHEAP filler the bigger the chip from a stone or other impact. Bake/age your preparation , Guide coat & block it back hard before paint.
  7. Rarespares rubbers are good. Use non setting type special black screen sealant liberally then wipe off the excess with Kero. Always fit your moulds first on a flat table or you will tear the delicate lip edges trying to get them in later. Corners can be fitted very very carefully later.
  8. Fraser & Alan at Alfa fibreglass make ultralight outer hatch half shells. We Sikaflex the Lexan in & try to stop the water with foam rubber strips. 2 x Dzus fasteners at the top - bonnet pins at the bottom. Check with CAMS. You might need vertical Aluminium straps to stop the Lexan from getting sucked out. Careful Lexan scratches easily when cleaning - only pressure wash the grit off.
  9. Frasear & Alan at Alfa fibreglass have a mould for a 240Z dash
  10. Cant say much till our lawyer does his thing. The owner of the webers informs me that Constable Crane from Oakleigh Police has just returned from leave. Charges are about to be laid.
  11. Not sure who you all are with your internet nick names but thanks for your support fella's. Was a scum sucking idiot that had worked for us previously. Never take pity on losers. They will try & reduce you to their level. The owner of the 48's just informed me that the Police will recover them shortly Yes we & other local traders have been robbed hard before. There is a rehab - just got out of prison house virtually around the corner. Then a client wasn't going to be using his R200 LSD for quite a while. We stupidly fitted & loaned it to what we thought was a good fellow/client that I am informed very regularly writes on your forum. Took 12 months & a visit from the owners Policeman brother to recover it. Customers cars get badged in our car park - a box of original door mirrors walked. We operate from a 3/4 acre factory all concentrating on cars we are repairing. On average 20 people a day wander in to visit. Some think we are pick a part & shove it in your jacket spares. Will swiftly change their names to Neal if we catch them.
  12. We see a lot of 240Z's that have been bought or sold for roadworthys. Cars with matching numbers always appeal to the discerning cashed up older buyer for far more $$$$$ Fill your 240 engines bores/plug holes with oil & stash it. The 260Z motor was a stroked 240 - bit of a pig. Go nuts with a 89mm bore 10 to 1 flat top 3lt N42 block & head L28 - have a ball & when the funs all over you can sell your car as an original matching number car then have another $ale of the party bits. The old 2 valve engine tuners formula for power was 100hp per litre at the fly wheel. 600cc more under your bonnet automatically = 60 more horse power at the fly wheel. A rough formula to convert to KW @ the RW is deduct a third for frictional loss through the drive line then another third to convert from RW horse power to KW ~ 130 RWKW
  13. This is the first time I have ever made a post on the internet. It is all very foreign to me. I would like to thank Gavin Doyle & some other members here for their assistance regarding a clients set of 48mm Webers, linkages & manifold that were stolen from our workshop. Our client informs me that hopefully the Oakleigh Police will recover them shortly. In the event that somebody has been offered these carburetors please let me know by personal email so I can pass the information onto the Police. Unfortunately this is not the first time stuff has been stolen from us. Cheers guys - Lindsay
  14. The Z Spares site is not "down", it is active with a message advising that we are not trading online at the moment. We're in the process of replacing our e-commerce provider, and of course need the personnel available to handle orders. Rather than accept orders and disappoint buyers with slow processing, we elected to suspend sales until we resolved staffing issues. Z Shop Performance is alive and well, operating at 4 Paran Place Glen Iris, with some familiar faces, including Ted Palmer, formerly of Z Worx. We're short of staff - there's a general skill shortage in the area of mechanics, and more so in specialist Z mechanics, but we're doing our best to support our valued clientele. And we are looking for specialist Z mechanics. If we're busy with a customer, our phone will divert to an answerphone advising callers to email. Emails are checked regularly and we respond as soon as its possible. Our parts holding and parts resources similarly are intact, and a walk through of our Glen Iris facility is sure to impress. Bob Rogers Manager Z Shop Performance
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