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  1. I've had some interest in 1 of the rocker cover. The preference is to sell both.
  2. Ok only the rocker covers are available, $200 each
  3. I have someone interested in picking up the entire lot, so pending pick up. Thank you for the interest.
  4. Sorry mate, I was wrong, I've uploaded photos.
  5. I will take pics tonight, edit. Oops haven't seen them in a while my original answersv were incorrect
  6. Hi everyone I have a bunch of parts that are not needed anymore. Pick up in eastern suburbs Melbourne or post at your cost. 2 x rocker cover - $400 both Edit: removed sold parts
  7. this happened to me a few months ago as well, was gland nut.
  8. hi fellas i converted to a cable accelerator setup a year ago as my then carbs were set up for a cable. new carbs in now still using the cable but it seems to be real shit in ways which I don't really want to explain. So i would like to hunt down a factory set of 240z linkages and an accelerator pedal. thanks, Phil oh 403603292.
  9. i've got 2 here in Melbourne (cairnlea) $100 each lettuce know.
  10. i need a rhs one, mines cracked
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