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  1. Is head office / 3d scanning facility in Adelaide where the factory used to be?
  2. I have a mirror, no bracket, but also need an adjuster knob for the mirror on the car...
  3. I can supply new ones, 3 weeks ex Japan $110 delivered to you
  4. What's the difference between turbo and non turbo?
  5. are you still selling those rollers? what size are they and are they an exact fit?

    1. Gtv240z


      Hi, I still have the stuff to make them but currently very hard pressed for spare time.. 

      I have read your post on Window problem, not sure if slightly worn rollers would cause this.. If you decide its definately the problem let me know 


      I generally made these for people who had broken / missing rollers and they were quite happy with the results. The rollers axle pin needs to be ground off and rewelded on afterwards. I was also making the pins as pins were found to be broken and missing on some jobs

  6. Gtv240z

    Worm Drive Gear

    Later versions were plastic but were the same, id have a couple of those
  7. I also have a pair of standard rear LCAs I can sell if someone needs them
  8. For sale, rear lca delrin control arm adjustable eccentric bushes. I bought these quite a few years ago, and never used them, I can't confirm if they have never been used as I bought them from Gumtree I think but confident they will fit as new. Any issues happy to warranty $110 posted Australia wide Look the same as these and comes with a home made spanner for adjustment. https://www.rhdjapan.com/search/category/handling_upper-mounts-and-camber-adapters/brands/kameari/
  9. Correct! And where fitted with this half ass attempt for compliance by adding indicators to the bumper.. They should be on top of the bumper, but most were moved to under the bumper as it looks a bit better.
  10. Call your local Nissan dealer, spare parts, about $20-25 for a pack of 10
  11. Genuine Nissan still available from USA about $125 delivered
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