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  1. I've seen these before on Rhdjapan, but could never quite get my head around them. Incredibly expensive for what they are, basically the hilux caliper and aren't officially the real thing as far as mk63 is concerned. unless these can be used for race purposes for historic classes I can't see why you'd buy them. For street use you'd be better off with the hilux sumitomos or trying to track down the real thing. At least you can probably get race car spec pads for the replicas over the hilux 4x4 brake pads
  2. I also had to cut the brackets of the frame and remount to move battery over 20mm for some clearance for the 6th sock on the webers
  3. These should be available still through Nissan spare parts, I can still get them ex Japan and do regular bulk orders. Freight used to take 3 weeks but now takes about 8 weeks. The bracket and rod would be $75 delivered to you if you wanted it. See if Nissan have any in Australia and what their price is. These are designed for a big battery ns70 I think from memory
  4. Sorry, didn't end up getting anymore, have 1 new and half a dozen used ones
  5. Here we have a new pair of coilover sleeves, lock rings, top hats and c spanner. These are supplied by Datsport See link: http://www.datsport.com/suspension-front-coilover-kit-dsp0052.html Cost $275 Sell $200, freight Australia wide $15
  6. I posted this info previously and may be of use
  7. have you tried John Williams machining in the USA , i paid $550AU shipped about 2 years ago
  8. Sorry I dont have any currently, they come from EG civic if that helps you
  9. Originally 71b was ametal shaft drive, this is the plastic version from the bluebird 71b. Appears to have 6
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