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  1. I posted this info previously and may be of use
  2. have you tried John Williams machining in the USA , i paid $550AU shipped about 2 years ago
  3. Sorry I dont have any currently, they come from EG civic if that helps you
  4. Originally 71b was ametal shaft drive, this is the plastic version from the bluebird 71b. Appears to have 6
  5. Hey mate, are you on our Datsun zed club of south Australia Facebook page? This would probably sell well on the local page
  6. Harada genuine part, $35 posted to you
  7. Sorry gilltech, just replied now, all sold but checking another source as they were popular
  8. I have a large quantity of new old stock, never used but fully tested 7 inch koito headlamps as originally fitted to the 240z / 260Z when they left the production line. A must have item for a well restored zed! If you don't have koito you've got the wrong lights fitted! Come in original boxes which are quite weathered $30 each + postage
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