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  1. Amayama website : Pistons 41122-68200, currently $33 each Pitwork seal kits, AY600NS074, currently $60 Postage $15 3 months generally for delivery Total for 8 pistons and a seal kit delivered $339
  2. Bump, I have done another small run (January 2023)
  3. Looks like this one is probably sold, If anyone else would like one of these kits or new pistons send me a message. I do an order ex Japan once a months so you'd be looking at a 4 weeks wait.
  4. Sorry just sold the last 1, I can get more but basically 5-8 weeks ex Japan these days, it used to be 3 weeks
  5. 30mm x 15mm on my jdm original. Apparently there is 2 different gauges of mesh used
  6. It is possible to have both but very difficult to find.. It is a sealed beam halogen and is a throw away item like the original sealed beam. Must have been the latest and greatest technology post sealed beam but pre h4 bulb insert style
  7. Hi, sorry only have the 2 clear bushes currently in stock $20 posted
  8. sorry this post is 2 years old and i cant get the caps anymore
  9. See previous post wanting a rear disc setup.. If anyone has a more or less complete drum setup I'd go with this also...
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