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  1. See previous post wanting a rear disc setup.. If anyone has a more or less complete drum setup I'd go with this also...
  2. I have some coilovers to fit at some stage and will probably get the bits together to run an r31 disc brake setup so if you have a rear disc brake setup to sell please let me know about it.. Doesn't have to be r31
  3. Just curious, these are shorter?
  4. Here we have a Rb20 type 71c from a Nissan Cefiro. This was a very low km gearbox. Gears and syncros in very good condition (best I've seen of all the used ones I've come across). New seals and front bearing installed with L series bellhousing. No shifter with this one but if you need one I know of a couple of used ones.. I'd probably recommend a solid short shifter anyway which are readily available. Located Adelaide but can ship at buyer expense $1000
  5. Big Nissan valve cover, no dents or scratches but obviously needs to be blasted or painted to be best presented $175 Can post
  6. Adelaide, can post at buyer expense. I usually use e-go/hunter express, around $40-$50 to eastern state capital cities
  7. I have a few items for sale, I've come to the realization im probably never going to use these First up Subaru r180 3.9 suretrack Lsd. This will need a pair of John Williams' output shafts to convert to Datsun spec half shafts (us$300). Once done though looks factory perfect and gives you the popular original ratio in Lsd. $600 - SOLD 2nd 4.375 Nissan r180 diff. Gears are in good condition but needs new bearings fitted. $600 - SOLD Next : Rb20 71c 5 speed gearbox, excellent condition, syncros fine, no noises or whines, L bellhousing fitted, unnecessary
  8. I'll take a L series mechanical fuel pump if still available.

    I can make payment by direct deposit or via Paypal whichever you prefer.


    John   'gilltech'

  9. I have a couple of new L series mechanical fuel pumps, these look great and are the traditional look and design. I have one on my L28 with triple 45 Weber and happily supplying fuel to this gas guzzler. $95 posted Australia wide
  10. I've seen these before on Rhdjapan, but could never quite get my head around them. Incredibly expensive for what they are, basically the hilux caliper and aren't officially the real thing as far as mk63 is concerned. unless these can be used for race purposes for historic classes I can't see why you'd buy them. For street use you'd be better off with the hilux sumitomos or trying to track down the real thing. At least you can probably get race car spec pads for the replicas over the hilux 4x4 brake pads
  11. I also had to cut the brackets of the frame and remount to move battery over 20mm for some clearance for the 6th sock on the webers
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