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  1. Fancy knobs on that one, they aren't the usual type are they?
  2. I have new aftermarket ones available $10 each, can post photos tomorrow
  3. You can get them from Nissan spare parts. Although about $30 each.. Shape is slightly different to your picture. This is a pic of the aftermarket one mentioned in next message 46091-U0512
  4. New genuine Nissan as per pictures suit 240z / 260z Shipping included Australia wide $225
  5. This one now sold but have another 3.9 r180 to sell cheaper I haven't road tested, but have removed the back cover and inspected gears, measured backlash, bearing preload and gear mesh pattern and all within tolerances. Can also post with e~go $250
  6. If the rear mounting studs or output shafts are required let me know, I'd have some in another diff Rough price guide for freight to Sydney or Melbourne $25-$30
  7. Nothing wrong with auto! It just the 3.54 that sucks!.... You could... you know ;-)
  8. Rear strut housings from 240z, 51mm $95 Rear lcas, pair (no spindle pin bolts included) $65 Good condition Can post or pick up Adelaide
  9. R180 3.9 Diff , open centre , original 240z 110mm crownwheel good condition , can post with e-go , contact me for a quote or pick up Adelaide $300
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