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  1. Hey Guys I have the original break booster and master cylinder I restored for the 73z last year not used for sale as I have upgraded to a R33 setup. Not sure how much its worth but I paid about $380 to have it restored by Burt Bros in Fairfield. Located Sydney, will ship at your cost. Happy Restos
  2. @gav240z Bro do you have a dartboard at your house with this guys picture on it lol
  3. Some more progress pictures of the S30z. Finally mounted up the Motorsport rear spoiler and really happy with the fit. The only issue we had was the rear hatch lock cutout was off centered and couldn't align it with the lock. Might need to make some modifications. All panels have been aligned just need to mount up the front valance and lip. The car will be ready for highfill, finally.
  4. 960K seems fair for that block. I cant get over how cheap some houses on large blocks are in Vic. If it wasn't for family we would have moved a long time ago. My favorite suburb in Melbourne is Templestowe and Upper. Big blocks, big houses, development potential for subdivision and duplexes. Sell, buy another, repeat till content. Spend money on the S30z
  5. @gav240z this one is for you...... https://m.realestate.com.au/property-house-vic-narre+warren+north-131558814
  6. More progress on the S30Z Front mount, intake piping, manifold, dump, Westgate all welded up and ready to get pulled out and get powder coated black and ceramic coating, including throttle body powder coated black. Also will get the radiator powder coated in black. Blow off valve to be fabed up when everything gets taken out so it can be hidden somewhere underneath the piping. So moving forward tomorrow the engine will get taken out and the shell sent to get some small body work done on the front guards and then prepp for paint. Also need to get a clutch stop fabricated up so my leg doesn't go through the firewall lol. I have asked the guys at Race Solutions to replace the oil pump, rear main seal replaced, timing belt replaced, rear head oil drain installed and some other bits and pieces to ensusure the longevity of the RB26. So we test fitted the R33 GTST front and rear breaks to SW brackets and all was well. We also fitted the 15x8 Watanabe wheels and we had good clearance on the front caliper and wheel but had issues with the rear caliper touching the inside of the wheel spoke. It was the Nissan lettering that was touching the spokes. Might need to machine the lettering or figure something out. But definitely will not machine the wheels. Happy Restos Guys Youhan
  7. Hey Gavin Its Mick at Race Solutions he is the fabricator at the shop. When I purchased the engine I didn't buy the twins, they were R33 twins.
  8. Box of tissues needed Progress on the fabricating turbo manifold and dump pipe. I decided to Go with a Garrett Gen2 GTX34/82R due to its mid to top range power, no lagging needed. With a built engine could get 500kw of power which im my mind is too much for this car, not that it doesn't deserve it .
  9. Some pressure washers have a detergent hose that you can use to run some diluted acid in a bucket. Could be a good option to give that a try with acid and leave it to sit in there and then give it a good wash out with fresh water.
  10. Wow must have taken ages to get it all out. Better you are doing it now so your heater core lasts longer.
  11. This car has been for sale on and off for the past two years.
  12. JDM-TOY

    EFI Parts

    @L26VW I have a complete L28 EFI kit including ECU and lume asking $350. Let me know if you are interested. Im in Sydney
  13. Yeah I agree too much focus on power and not enough handling. You cant beat European handling. Like Holden had McLaren engineers design the suspension on the VF GTS including the GTS-R W1 but even that is a beast around corners. But still not enough power lol
  14. This guy would have given me Anxiety loll but definitely a Hectic Car the Charger Hellcat is. Enjoy
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