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  1. @GregTas Yeah already committed but that OBDII is a good idea, Priced well too
  2. Unfortunately. What protections are there for consumers in this situation lol
  3. Im sick of telling someone who apparently knows how to do his job, how to do his job. So now the whole car will get rubbed back and painted again...... Is this acceptable ? Is he expecting to charge me for his time to repaint the car?
  4. Hey Guys Small update on the build I have not been out to see the car in person but I am little annoyed as after viewing the pictures of the car on my computer I noticed that there is a colour variation in the panels as they did not look different on my phone when I received them. I spoke to the panel beater and he said he will need to paint the whole car again with every panel on the car as he had previously painted the car separately. This build has become very frustrating, Not sure if anyone else has had these same issues with restoration shops Anyways moving on....
  5. Not sure if this has been posted https://www.carscoops.com/2020/10/low-mileage-fully-restored-1971-datsun-240z-goes-for-six-figures/amp/
  6. Hey @adamo the one that I gave to @gav240z Gavin is in good nick mate. I drove the car with the auto in before I pulled it out for the restoration and I was quite happy with how the car drove. Sorry Gavin thats if you decide to sell it.
  7. So Beautiful cant wait to put all the parts back on.
  8. Hey Rudy Yeah tell me about it, Its about time Na still needs a few small things like pulley kit that im chasing around, alternator im looking for a 200amp and still needs wiring. I am getting a custom tank made up and going to cut out the wheel well. Going to be around 60 65L. Baby pictures are cute bro hehe
  9. https://www.motor1.com/news/448906/nissan-z-proto-japan-showing/amp/
  10. Finally progress on paint work. Panels should be going on to the car tomorrow so should have more pictures to come. Giddy Up
  11. How High Will These Prices Go? https://m.drive.com.au/news/nissan-r34-skyline-gt-r-m-spec-n-r-sets-price-record-124382.html?trackLink=SMH3
  12. Finally made some time to install the sound deadener in the 240z. One of the easiest jobs to do but time consuming and annoying being on your knees most of the time. Tomorrow the panels, doors amd hatch will get painted so hopefully by Monday the car will come together.
  13. Hey Rudy good work mate. Love the videos very informative and clear.
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