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  1. Volvo built to last forever, but they are a ugly little thing. My Dad had a green 1980 240, I can still remember the smell of that car lol True story, my mum made him sell their XY Falcon to get the Volvo lol.
  2. Hey Guys Been a slow journey trying to get things sorted on the 240z, mostly waiting for a spot to open up at Croydon Racing to take the car in. I finally decided to get a custom fuel tank made up to replicate the stock, damaged rusted tank. I had issues cleaning and fixing the old tank and I didn't see the point of buying the reproduction tanks selling online. I took the old tank to Chris at Castle Hill Exhaust in Sydney and he designed and fabricated a new aluminium tank. New internal punp, new sender, new lines will definitely make things easy moving forward. Some pictures of the new tank. Still needs to put in baffles and weld it up once pump and sender have been test fitted. When we fit the tank I will take fitment pictures and put them up
  3. Came up really nice, hope you dont mind haha
  4. @ND240Z Did they dunk the whole dash to Zinc plate it? Looks amazing
  5. Wow congratulations @Wags car looks amazing. It was worth the wait
  6. If history repeats itself and the Z receives the "Legendary Status" in another 20 to 30 years we all should start planning our acquisition strategy (if you already haven't). Just as long as the prices dont go crazy like the VF GTS/W1 or the SS Red Line after a year of sales, or will they...........
  7. New Z pricing released https://www.news.com.au/technology/motoring/motoring-news/nissan-z-pricing-announced-ahead-of-midyear-launch/news-story/7c460e8b405e5cffc68dac0ae42ac996
  8. Wow 8 years, great progress. Love the stance Mine took nearly 3 years on body work and I was pulling my hair out and still pulling my hair out, well no hair left now so I started pulling my eyebrows out lol
  9. https://www.realestate.com.au/news/1m-victorian-man-cave-fit-for-james-bonds-aston-martin-for-sale/?rsf=syn:news:nca:news:spa
  10. We spoke to soon https://www.carexpert.com.au/car-news/2023-nissan-z-hit-by-supply-chain-hold-ups
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