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  1. Congratulations Gavin & Maria, what a Blessing. Life is going to get a lot more interesting, hope you enjoyed your sleep these last few months hehe We should have a dedicated Thread on Fathering Tips for Gavin Enjoy champ
  2. 20K will just, if your lucky just, get you in the door of owning a "so called" decent S30 shell (until you strip it down and get it dipped or blasted) is unregistered, an auto and in need of another 40K in body work and some parts. Then the rest depending on where you want to go with your Z. There are good examples at the 60K mark and you would still need to put in $$$ to get it looking to what you really like (even at that price there would be rust). If you want a nut and bolt restored S30 then diggggg deepppp Either you spend the money or sit back, admire the Members Projects Journal page or Google Images under the search Datsun 240z.
  3. We just need to keep on pushing the prices up Gavin. We are not selfish in doing so lol
  4. Funny story about this car. Vinh originally posted this up on Facebook for $100k. I spoke with him managed to get him to take down the listing and relist it with more detail as to the work that had been done. He has spent a heap of money on getting the car to were it is today, also convinced him to bump up the price. He is quite modest and was happy with $120k but I think he could have got a little more Very true story, you can ask Vinh lol
  5. Coming together quick bro well done. Callipers look Hectic
  6. More pictures of it coming together
  7. Hey Guys Small update Finally 9L oil sump is done and cooler, radiator fitted. Ill put up some more pics as the come
  8. JDM-TOY

    240z/260z wanted

    The pictures look like they have been taken at the front of Stewart Wilkins workshop. Also Tim is selling the car and he is Stewarts son so possibly its Stewarts car or Stewart is on selling the car for someome...
  9. @Hood280zx I have a second hand hedders from SW that came off a L28 but you would need to get them recoated. Send me a pm if you intrested
  10. JDM-TOY

    240z/260z wanted

    Missed the boat A few spare kidneys will do the job lol I agree with Gavin, plus minimum 30k for minor rust work and paint. Then you have running gear, missing parts that you will need to buy (new aftermarket or old parts that need fixing), interior, wiring, wheels & tyres and the list goes on. Best to find a really clean example and enjoy that one and add your own mods to your taste. But its all up to you in the end.
  11. You will need the following: Cash, Cash, Cash, Time and More Time. And some hair colour for the whites that will come out half way through the build. Enjoy VID-20190506-WA0001.mp4
  12. Deposit Taken Seems like a honest car that needs some TLC to bring it back to its glory
  13. Are we able to get these compliance plates re made??. As Im restoring my Z and the compliance plate I have looks a mess I wanted to see if we could have it re produced
  14. Cars looking amazing mate. Nice wheels too
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