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  1. I agree, great video Jeff heaps of work done on the car. Already watched it a few times.
  2. Yes, 15 × 8 zero offset Na Im going to keep it. Took it off FB will take it off Carsales too. Dont know why I even bothered putting it up for sale
  3. Thanks Jeff I just want to make sure its done properly. I feel like I was managing the panel beater hahaha, but I guess I needed to be on top of him (as in making sure the car is done properly). Have a Merry Christmas mate Youhan
  4. Hey Guys Putting the car back together and after stripping the internal door locks and window winders I have this part left × 2. I know they assist the window going up and down but I cant find where they clip into on the inside of the doors. Any assistance would be appreciated
  5. Hopefully will have this bad boy in my garage in a few days. Fitted all the new rubbers around the car. Still need to source some missing rubbers from overseas. Fitted the Watanabe wheels and adjusted the front coilovers to lower the front but will need to take out and chop the sleeve so the car will sit lower. The rear has plenty of room to lower. Anyone had this issue before?
  6. Hey Guys Finally car is coming together. I previously had purchased Dappa Headlights and fitted them up. They look nice on the car but the passenger side gap look smaller than the drivers side (not wired up yet). Anyone have this issue?? What is acceptable "gap wise" for the Headlights?? The tail lights were a straight fit from JDM Car Parts. Look amazing and high quality. I found a company in Penrith Old Auto Rubber that sells full rubber kits for the 240z. I purchased new door rubbers, boot rubbers, window rubbers and everything fits well no issues. Hopefully car
  7. I think Im going to buy a Rocky Auto sticker through Ebay and put my car up for 1million. Why not? Haaaah!
  8. Seems like all the fun is down south of the border. Sydney is so boring
  9. Hey Lads I headed out to the panel beaters today and the car came up pretty well . I just wish he could have done it properly the first time. But anyhow Will start putting her back together again next week. Fingers crossed
  10. Yeah the 200sx are creeping up too 30k is just the lower end of the Grade, good examples are going higher 40k plus R33s have surprised me too
  11. Yeah I love those twin cam Corollas, not easy to find. One of my old friends bought one back in the day when he got his full licence and back then he found out it was a cut and shut but he loved it and had it for ages. I even managed to get him pulled over by the police and the poor guy copped a fine lol Yeah CRX are creeping up too, a CI version original car sold in the US for 30k. Its people like you and me driving the prices up on these cars. As long as the S30 keeps going up im happy
  12. So finally after some deep and meaningful discussions with the panel beater he finally painted my car again. The car was painted today with all panels on it so it will be one colour I HOPE. I haven't seen it yet but I will be going in tomorrow with my grumpy face to see the car. Hopefully the video I put up is clear. Nope video did not work. Will post up some pictures when I head out there tomorrow
  13. The umbrellas do come up from time to time for around 1K for a decent one. Yahoo Japan best place ever
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