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  1. Its funny the real estate market is picking back up due to no stock and heaps of buyers but the classic car market has good stock but no buyers Tell that to the RBA........
  2. If I wasn't building mine would definitely have bought this. Not far from my place
  3. Th Orange one for 120K seems about right as long as the restoration was done properly. 90k to 100k is about the price for a full restoration including running gear, wiring, interior, suspension, wheels/tyres import over night parts from Japan.
  4. From my experience I think Shannons is quite good looking after their customers
  5. Yeah NSW is ridiculous, cant even have fender mirrors
  6. Same, Im just worried about it not being ADR approved as its not collapsible. Price is steep but when your already in the build whats an extra $1500
  7. Dash areived today, quite happy with the finish. Has some imperfections at the inner glove box section but will be hidden once the glove box door goes on. iC7 fits quite snug and now looks complete. I wasn't sure how it would look when finished and Im suprised how well it looks complete
  8. Did you do the installation?
  9. I have a 3 and a 6 year old and man its so difficult to get work done on the Z. Not to mention the Mrs always needing help. @ND240Z Bro you will get there. As long as you get small tasks done you will be finished in no time. Also I hear vodka & orange helps lol
  10. Thanks mate, Dashboard Dr charged me $1,100 for the full resto, I had Concept Garage do the Ic7 insert. I used Ego for transport from Sydney to Melb with insurance was $105
  11. Dashboard is heading down from Dashboard Dr, looks amazing. Big difference from the broken dash it was Not sure why the photos are upside down
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