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  1. Yeah NSW is ridiculous, cant even have fender mirrors
  2. Same, Im just worried about it not being ADR approved as its not collapsible. Price is steep but when your already in the build whats an extra $1500
  3. Dash areived today, quite happy with the finish. Has some imperfections at the inner glove box section but will be hidden once the glove box door goes on. iC7 fits quite snug and now looks complete. I wasn't sure how it would look when finished and Im suprised how well it looks complete
  4. Did you do the installation?
  5. I have a 3 and a 6 year old and man its so difficult to get work done on the Z. Not to mention the Mrs always needing help. @ND240Z Bro you will get there. As long as you get small tasks done you will be finished in no time. Also I hear vodka & orange helps lol
  6. Thanks mate, Dashboard Dr charged me $1,100 for the full resto, I had Concept Garage do the Ic7 insert. I used Ego for transport from Sydney to Melb with insurance was $105
  7. Dashboard is heading down from Dashboard Dr, looks amazing. Big difference from the broken dash it was Not sure why the photos are upside down
  8. Thanks Dave, I think I'll just head down this path just to be safe. From what I've seen there have been no issues with 4 studs with high power. Cheers
  9. The SW kit is not the problem, the issue is the 4 lug centric. Might need to upgrade to a 5 stud and have bigger studs to be safe. From what everyone is saying and my research is that the 240z is not hub centric. Will just need to see as the build progresses.
  10. Interest rates and inflation go up, cars/projects come up for sale with inflated prices
  11. Crazy build I noticed that the hubs on this build are also flush. Even when looking at the kit online the hubs are flush
  12. Thanks Guys, My main concern is that I will be running big power from the RB26 and I might run into the risk of snapping the studs. Big power Im referring to 350kwatw which is much more compared to a stock L24. I could run bigger studs but the risk will always be there
  13. So been busy trying to sort our all the fuel, brake and turbo lines on the car and fitting the front and rear calipers and have come across a issue with the rear set-up. Fuel, brake and turbo lines all look good and hidden, quite happy with the work. Im using the SW caliper kit to suite the rear R33 GTST set-up. The kit has been mounted well and the disk, caliper fit and rotate well with no issues. So the issue I have is that when we put the disc on we noticed that the centre hub is flush with the disc and that when we put the wheel on the hub does not extend into the centre of the wheel. Its just hollow and the weight of the car will be sitting on the studs and not on the hub, causing the distribution of weight to be on the studs. Wheels are Watanabe 15 × 8 zero offset, Tyres are 225/50/R15 Issue two is when we put the wheel on the wheel wont spin as it catches onto the real caliper. We can sort of solve this issue with spacers but I might run into another issue of having the wheel sticking out and hitting the inner guards when hitting a bump. I might need to machine inside of the wheels but I really dont want to head down this path as they are brand new wheels and I dont want to damage them in any way. Has anyone in the group had this issue? And what options are out there without changing my wheels Youhan
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