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  1. Hey Rudi Yeah I was surprised at how nice the dash came up too. I thought he would have made a mistake and re-skinned it but the invoice said repair on it Shipping each way was $56 each way with insurance. I used the website Trans Direct and put the recieving addresses as a business otherwise it was calculating the costs at $130 each way. The dash re-skin cost is about $600 but he only charged me $120 Re: The mechanics and panel beater, yeah not happy about this situation. I wish I had the tools and some help and do it at home, would have been good but it is what it is and I have learnt from it for sure. Cheers Youhan
  2. Hey Lads Just a few updates I recently had sent the 240z dash to the Dashboard Dr in Melb to get a re-skin and was surprised at how honest Alan is. The dash was really faded and it had some deep scratches and some of the skin had been damaged but nothing major. Alan called me up and said that he didn't want to re-skin the dash and that he would do a quick repair and give it a coat of paint. This guy could have charged me $600 plus and just done the quick repair. The dash arrived the other day and it looks like its been re-skined and the glovebox lid looks amazing. Very nice to know that there honest people out there. So was busy tonight trying to get the centre three gauges in and in this cold weather I broke a sweat trying to squeeze them back into place. So after some failed negotiations with the dash I decided to give my old friend Vaseline the opportunity to do his job. Not even 5 mins and the gauges had slipped in place and at this point in time I asked myself why I didn't grab that container in the first place. The worst part was the wife's look after the first failed attempt and even after the second successful attempt. A while back I had purchased new side air vent inserts and I gave the vents a good clean and inserted the new chrome inserts. Im having a issue with finding screws that screw into the rear of the dash to tighten up the vents. I was wondering if anyone know if there is a screw kit that I can use for the dash and its bits a peaces as currently there are 10 different screws that I have in a bag that was holding everything together. I have purchased a complete nut and bolt set for the car but I need a screw kit/set if there is one available Giddy Upp!
  3. Yeah, I read that that they are noisey too but I found out that there are two options for KAAZ Two Way. There is the KAAZ Two Way (Standard) and there is the KAAZ Two Way Super Q. I initially spoke to Stewart Wilkins about this option and I thought he was pulling my let lol, so I looked into it and he was right poor Stewart loll so I ended buying one from him coz he always helps, the poor guy. I'm always thinking about conspiracies lol The SuperQ is a option through KAZZ and they machine and treat the unit so that it has reduced chattering and smoother engagement. This is from the KAAZ USA Website after intensive research after speaking to SW. There is about $300 difference in price between the two units SuperQ (WPC treatment) Every Kaaz limited-slip differential is offered in a SuperQ variant. SuperQ units feature reduced chattering and smoother engagement for an enhanced driving experience. With the help of WPC metal treatment, SuperQ limited-slip differentials also come with better heat dissipation and longer wear life with no break-in process required. Just like all of Kaaz’s limited-slip differentials, SuperQ units allow for locking rate adjustments. https://kaazusa.com/product/nissan-skyline-hr32-33-er32-33-rps13-s13s14-n-a-2-way/ Hey Cozza thanks heaps. I will give James a call and see what he says in the next week or so. I just dislike mechanics saying yeah bro we can do the job and the car sits at the shop collecting dust on that new paint. The boys sent some stuff to get powder coated last week so hopefully they pull the finger out
  4. Disappointed with Great Joy!
  5. So many speculations and I bet Nissan will leave fans disappointed. This is what happened when Nissan replaced the Pulsar shape with the Tiida and then realised that they needed to revive the SSS to pick up sales again. Seems like coporate management at its best.....
  6. So over the past few months I have been umming and Ahing over upgrading the factory headlights I decided to purchase a Dapper Lighting HID kit upgraded from the factory globe's. 1x Projector Kit Relay Harnesses (V1/V2) 1x Dapper Lighting 7" Classic V1 1x Bulb 1x Chrome Base 1x Headlamp Protection Covers I will update with install pictures once the cars getting put back together. But from what I could see Dapper make quality upgrade kits
  7. You killed it loll cant stop laughing
  8. You should be ashamed of yourself! sell the Datsun's
  9. Very Nicee. Love the factory look
  10. Yeah Im the same as Gavin, family's keeping us from moving too. Also cousins by the dozens keep things interesting at family BBQ's lol.
  11. 21A Divett Street, Port Adelaide, SA 5015 https://www.realestate.com.au/property-house-sa-port+adelaide-133428898
  12. Hey Guys Hope everyone is doing well Been a month or so since my last post, been quite busy work wise. Also been waiting for the running gear to get put in the car and its taking longer that I expected. Spoke to the guys next door to were my car is and they just keep putting off doing the work to m car, its a little frustrating waiting. I wish I had the tools and equipment to put it together at my place but due to having no working area or tools its just easier to get someone to do it for you. Also have paid cash for all the work that has been done and all the purchases the guys have bade just dont understand Since the running gear was sitting at the workshop I took it in and gave it a good clean and gave it a good lick of saturn black. Looks quite nice after the paint dried up just needs to go in the car now lol. So I as I wait I have been looking up different LSD options for the R200 and I'm tossing between a Kaaz two way or a OS Giken and I wanted to see what experience some of you guys have had and if there is any feedback on the two products. Thanks guys, hopefully wont be too long but an considering taking the running gear elsewhere but other than SW dont know anyone reliable
  13. Yeah I think that the lower end will decline for the short term but I also think the higher end of the market will keep their values. There always is that percentage of people who still have money to spend regardless of how the economy is going.
  14. Is it time to start buying up? https://www.hagerty.com/media/news/what-the-coronavirus-outbreak-means-for-the-collector-car-market/
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