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  1. Thats a epic compressor. Let us know your feedback once you start using it
  2. Hahaha fine then, no more political donations haahaha
  3. Its running a GT3076R. I had the chance to upgrade the core to the GTX3071R gen 2 but regrettably I didn't, would have made 330kw mark. Its a built motor manley rods pistons upgraded cam head studs valve springs blah blah blah. Theres no point going harder on power when you cant do anything on Sydney streets. Also Im wanting the RB to have the 390+kw on the Z but even that kind of power I dont think it wouldn't be a enjoyable drive unless it was a track day
  4. Its very disappointing to see this happen within our community. I hope the admin sees this and takes action against such discrimination
  5. Please stop disrespecting me and my RB powered car. Well, when its running lol
  6. Thats quite good for 98 but the RB25 engine is bigger than the Sr20det
  7. 26psi on E85 could get more if I upgrade the injectors from 1000cc to 1200cc and upgrade to a Haltech Elite which I have but saving it for the 240z. Spending never stops
  8. So been a while since posting on here about the 240z but been busy with my other little toy the GTiR Pulsar. A few weeks back I was happily driving when I decided to hit it in second and blew the turbo. Investigations found that the turbo was oil starved. Took the car to Just Engine Management had the boys tinker with the car, replace some bits and pieces, get High Spool to rebuild the turbo and run a new tune on dyno Quite impressive 279atwKW, the car drives amazing compared to the old tune the car had and it actually sounds more aggressive. Gave it a good hit on the way home and first, second gear wheel spin and sliding. Craziness I need to control Will need to get that pod filter extended away from the turbo and fix up gutter rash on the rear passenger wheel VID_243721106_063854_147.mp4
  9. Haha yeah I had to get a eye check up from squinting so much
  10. Reminds me of a pyramid scheme
  11. Ita a nice red, would look better in the sun
  12. Not sure if this has been posted here before
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