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  1. @CBR Jeff Thanks Jeff I will definitely hit them up for a bell and If they decline I will threaten them woth fair training lol. @KatoKid Hey Dave thanks heaps I will definitely check out the link and FB pages. Yeah your right about the X- Caliber 8 it is a much better optioned bike. I feel if I was to keep the Marlin 7 I would need to do the upgrade down the track or if worth it upgrade parts on the Marlin 7. Even though you are right I dont want to make the jump for now to the X-Caliber 8, Lets see how I go with getting back into riding and enjoying the sport again. I might even find a good deal within the FB pages. Cheers Youhan
  2. Hi Jeff Thanks for your reply Yes I agree, I wont be doing any hardcore tracks or long distance courses I don't think the X-Caliber 8 wont suit my needs, the guy at the shop said the same thing. I think as I get more experience and want to excel in XC or Enduro will consider an upgrade The Marlin 7 is $899 plus on dirt/road costs such as bottle holder, wider saddle for those cheeks, bottle mount, stand and minus Bupa 10% setting me back just over $920 which is no too bad for s decent bike. I think I will shop around for other accessories for when I need them but I did forget the bell, dammit!
  3. Hey Lads Happy New Year to all I wanted to see if I could get some advice on purchasing a MTbike. I have been at my local Trek bike shop and have been looking at two different bikes. I initally had my eyes set on a Marlin 7 but after looking at a couple of other bikes Im also considering the X-Caliber 8 a bigger price difference at $1499 from the Marlin 7 $800 or so. Im heading to the bike shop again today to have another look but would live to hear your feedback. This will be my first bike in a few years to get me back into things Cheers Youhan
  4. Seriously I wish I could move the family to Melbourne, Sydney is so depressing with everyone stressed out with this fast paced environment. Although Im notbsure if Melbourne is heading down that path But not to happy with the current gang culture and fanatics around Melbourne. Hate going to the CBD and being handed pamphlets that I did not ask for.....
  5. Congrats on the property champ Love the multi-level garage idea with a car lift would be epic but excavation costs heaps and deceiving as to how much land you would need to cut and fill. We had the side of our place excavated 3 weeks ago for a retaining wall approx 20meters by 1.5meters and it set us back 12K as it was mostly rock. Yeah estate agents frustrate me, hate dealing with them. I would rather give Warren Potter a call than deal with an agent lol (not)
  6. @gav240z This is for you champ, some inspiration for the new house https://www.realestate.com.au/news/10-of-the-most-impressive-garages/?rsf=syn:news:nca:rea:news-strap
  7. Hey @kamarchi we had the mounts fabricated and I purchased a RWD sump from a nissan patrol as they have a big rear sump. We fabricated the sump to hold 8 litres as I have purchased a Nitto high volume oil pump.
  8. Some more better pictures Paint looks really nice except for a small section of paint run on the rear passenger quarter next to the bumper moulding and a few dust particles on the edge of the roof on the passenger side.
  9. Sounds good Gavin, when you planning on moving?
  10. It does look like a dune buggy loll. Thanks Dave, will look better once put back together under a clear sky
  11. Seriously if anyone wants them you can take them. I dont have the space at the new place
  12. You can pick them up after I slip on the Watanabes lol
  13. With great joy I would like to post these pictures up. Haven't seen the car in person, heading out there later this afternoon. Cant wait to change those ugly wheels Enjoy
  14. Hey Chaps Picked up all the powder coated pipes, radiator, intercooler and turbo housing a few days ago and man everything looks mint. Just a small glimpse for you guys. Ill put more pictures up when everything is assembled in the engine bay.
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