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  1. Any takers? https://www.autoevolution.com/news/citizen-rolls-out-two-watches-inspired-by-the-latest-nissan-z-model-179459.html
  2. $61K US im guessing probably $80k AUD if we are lucky https://www.carscoops.com/2022/01/all-new-nissan-fairlady-z-arrives-in-japan-starting-at-61k-includes-flagship-proto-spec-model/amp/
  3. As time progresses you will build more skills in dealing with such scenarios haha
  4. Just do it and apologise later, best way to handle the wife lol
  5. I have noticed more restored cars coming up for sale but what percentage actually sell. Price is the main driven factor on a fully restored 70's car and the market is full of buyers who low ball and waste sellers times with no consideration for the money spent on the restoration.
  6. Great build Rob I also had the pleasure of owning a early RA23 with a S15 set-up. Best cars to drive but like all Jap cars are full of rust. Sometimes I feel that the early TA RA celicas had more rust than other Jap cars... Enjoy your toy mate
  7. Not sure if you Lads have seen this one come up for sale https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/595993181480322/?ref=facebook_story_share
  8. Nismo Z or Proto Z? That is the question https://www.motor1.com/news/518670/nissan-z-nismo-rumors/
  9. Definitely is a hidden tax. People dont get that we only take home 30 to 40% of our income after taxes. GST basically on everything every time you buy, income tax, stamp duty, bank interest, luxury car tax....... I would go further to say that all insurances and all other forms of Gov payments are taxes. The only thing thats free is air and soon we will have a global tax to combat climate change (stated by Janet Yellen, FED Chair) so we are basically screwed. I even heard that the Fed Government wants to tax inheritances and State Governments want to have a rain run off tax, meaning if you dont capture a % of rain water falling from your home roof you will be taxed
  10. Seriously a Epic build, shame its in black and white. Hopefully the cameras in the year 2030 will have colour functionality
  11. I agree Everything has become expensive, just shop at your local grocer and you will see that $50 buys you nothing but a few pre packaged items and some milk and toast if you are lucky. I remember my mum shopping at Franklins and having two shopping trollies full and it was about $60. But I guess $60 was a lot of money in the late 80's based on inflation and CPI it would be around $200, but even in todays money you would be lucky to get close to a full trolley for $200 excluding items such as nappies, formula, detergents.......... these items will kill your shopping bill, from experience lol Long term assets and cash are King
  12. I feel like the world has gone mad, everything is over priced and now they are talking about inflation rising. I think that they missed the boat on inflation in Jan Feb March 2020.
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