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  1. Pretty sure that photo is a 200sx - 6speed
  2. Anyone have a broken master cylinder lying around with larger reservoirs sitting around they don’t want. Only interested in the reservoirs. When I say larger, as per photo. Cheers
  3. Roady

    Dead Engine.

    When you say it’s dead, as in won’t crank on the starter motor either? Or it cranks and just won’t start and run by itself? Have you still got the ram tubes inside the cold air box? How long did you idle it for before this happened?
  4. Where about in Sydney are you located?
  5. If it’s overheating, or using water then that’s an issue. If it’s not doing either of these things, as Locky said, perhaps check it a couple of times to make sure it’s not losing water then you’d probably be right just to drive it without checking every day.
  6. Last time I ordered a set of these (Last year) I was able to go through Nissan but they didn’t have them here in Australia so there was a waiting period till they arrived.
  7. 4 nankang (NS2) tyres (tyre only) for sale. 215/45R17 I’ve had them for around a year, as they came with a set of rims that I bought but I think they are about 10 years old. Selling because they are 5mm too wide, will be changing to 205’s. Seem to be in good condition. Measuring depth to the tread indicator, all range from about 7mm to 5.5mm. Personally I’ve only driven 400km on them, still very grippy. Can ship at buyer cost or pick up from Newcastle. (May be able to drop off between Sydney and Newcastle). $100
  8. Early 1999-2000 sti had 4.44 ratio which were the mechanical/plated R180 LSD
  9. Roady


    Ok good to know, thanks
  10. Roady


    Hi all, I’m just curious (particularly the people who are racing their cars), what fuel you are using. People with the higher compression engines, are you using an additive (nulon pro strength, supposedly had good reviews) or just using 98 etc. Reason I ask is I stumbled down the internet rabbit hole of people using xylene, toluene, acetone etc to boost their octane. So I was actually curious if anyone here is using any of these things in their high compression race cars on top of 98 octane? Or is avgas still the go in the racing world? Cheers
  11. Roady


    All good thanks, it’s one of a couple of spares so I won’t bother getting to upset and also now know not to waste any time trying to fix it. Thanks for the tips!
  12. Roady


    After you got the T-shirt did you bother trying to repair the other one Gav? Cheers Jason
  13. Roady


    Hi everyone, I’ve been testing some of the spare gauges that I have to discover the Ammeter gauge did not work. After pulling it apart it appears that someone put an excessive current through it and has melted the wire connecting the battery and the alternator. Just wondering if anyone has replaced this wire or know where to get an equivalent replacement grade/gauge of wire. Cheers
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