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  1. Hi Craig Do you have anymore of the fans listed above? Still $75? Cheers Paul
  2. Thanks, appreciate the response. I suspect over the years the two have parted company on both doors so will have to address. I have been raiding the local panel beater's dump bin which is full of old doors and I see on modern cars they put big blobs of a sticky glue which sets but is still pliable so will see if I can find out what that is and post it back on here. Thanks again.
  3. Hi Guys have been through the threads on door skin replacement but cant see where mention is made of any attachment to the horizontal centre spar which runs across the middle of the door frame. I'm stripping my doors (and the rest of the car) and my skins seem a bit floppy, but if I push them back to the spar they seem quite rigid. Should they be attached to the spar and if so what is the best product to use to do that? Car is a 77 260z 2+2. Thanks Paul
  4. RestoZ

    Bare Metal Strip

    Thanks Dave, the roughing up and scraper made all the difference. Sheez, that stuff is tough! I'll have a crack at the dings tomorrow and see how we go. Ouch C.A.F!! If I did that I'd have to throw the rest of the car in behind it. This is probably one of the better panels and anyway I haven't got a big enough bin. Guess if I was paying someone by the hour to strip this back, your suggestion would be the way to go. But given I'm retired, have plenty of time on my hands (particularly with winter coming up), my hourly rate is zero and I don't like to be beaten by these things, think I'll persevere. Still a way to go but getting there:
  5. Hi Guys Started a full resto on my recently purchased 77 GSR30 a couple of weeks ago and have now got to the bonnet which is proving a challenge. I'm using paint stripper and mechanical follow up with a grinder and wire wheel. I did the front guards and the nose cones without any major issues but did need to do up to 3 runs with the stripper (Poly Stripper - Dichlormethane) and then a final run over with the wire wheel. This car has had 3 paint jobs in its life by the look of things and the second one looks to be a 2 pack which has set like a rock on the bonnet and probably on the roof and doors when I get to them. The top coat which is crazed and peeling comes off easily, as does the first coat once you get the 2 pack off. The picture below shows my attempts at softening the yellow 2 pack layer and the result I get on the right with the grinder and wheel after the top green coat is removed with stripper. the shiny finish on the left is a test with 120 grit in the orbital sander. I'm conscious of the heat issue with the grinder and as constantly cooling with a damp rag and moving to different parts to limit the amount of heat I'm generating. The $64,000 question: is this approach ok, or am I doing some sort of irreparable damage? Does the second coat seem like a 2 pack and that' s why it is so hard to remove? Third question, what is the purple coloured finish on the right? On a different note, there are a couple of significant dings on the leading edge of the bonnet and I was hoping I could get some advice as to the best way to attack them. Have attached close ups below and thought maybe I could run a fine cut along the top edge so I could pull the front out and knock the top down then patch and fill. Not sure if that would work so any suggestions would be most appreciated. Thanks again. Cheers Paul
  6. Hi Gav, Another small donation from me. Only been on for a week or so but benefits far outweigh. Cheers Paul
  7. Thanks Craig, think I will go with the Tridon brand and keep it standard (sort of anyway). How do I arrange payment? Do you send me your bank account details? Haven't done this before and new to the site, so bear with me. Cheers Paul
  8. Hi Craig Do you still have some of these available? I'm chasing timing case cooling housing, top thermostat housing and lower thermostat housing. Also if you have a standard thermostat, I need one of those as well. Cheers Paul
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