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  1. RestoZ

    2+2 Carpet Kit

    Has anyone used this mob to supply replacement carpet sets for their cars? https://www.all-car-carpets.com.au/ Alternatively, has anyone recently bought replacement carpet for their Z and can recommend a good supplier? Doing a bit of initial investigative work. Cheers
  2. Hi GH I know it's been a while since this post, but was wondering if you still have a supply of these? I'm chasing one for my '76 GSR which I'm doing up. Let me know if you do and if the process is still the same for ordering. Cheers Paul
  3. Nice to see some colour - even if it is only beige (or is that off white) and silver
  4. I thought it might have just been me but if it's the same for all then that's fine. Having spent a number of years in IT leading support and development teams, I understand the amount of time and effort required to rectify such issues can be significant. Thanks for the update.
  5. Hi Gav. See Lurch's post above the "send part numbers now" line. Sometimes they have a .jpg extension, sometimes not. When you click on it, you get an image of the item come up in a separate window, but that is all. They appear quite randomly throughout a number of posts and replies. Not a major issue, but just want to be sure I'm not missing anything. Thanks Paul
  6. OK, so no one else has this problem?
  7. On a number of occasions, as I troll through different posts, I come across links to .jpg images. So for example XXXXXX.jpg with a small image icon. When I click on this all I get is a picture of the icon not what I would expect to see as per the naming of the image. Is this my browser, is it a setting, is it a bug or is it just me? Cheers Paul
  8. Thanks Ryan, I'll check them out. Yea, wasn't keen on the Rare Spares option, so having an alternative is really helpful. Cheers
  9. Having been to the US and got smashed on some parts not available locally, I'm not keen to go through the experience again if I don't have to. I'm chasing left and right lower front panel sections as per those Ryan ordered above, and was wondering if anyone can recommend a good fabricator/supplier locally. Know I can get them thru Rare Spares and will do that if that is the only choice I have.
  10. OK, mine do have the rubber gaiters and they are still in good condition, so I can place them back on when the time comes. The interesting thing though is Jeff's comment "The weight of the shaft will eventually drive it down through the oil as there is no opposing force to keep it suspended in the oil." My limited knowledge re these shockies presumed that if they dropped, they were stuffed, but thinking about it now if I was getting controlled suction and discharge then presumably the piston seals were doing their thing. Whether it is to the required/desired degree is hard to know until
  11. OK, an update on this post. I wanted to go through the process of seeing if I could resurrect these struts, so after disassembling, cleaning and reassembling I managed to buy some 10W motorcycle fork oil which effectively is the same as the oil specified in the FSM. Filled the front and back housings with 340cc of oil as specified in the later FSM I was able to download and following the procedure outlined managed to get the air out and get good controlled suction and discharge but was not able to maintain pressure. The piston rods slowly dropped to the bottom after about 5 minutes
  12. Yea, wasn't sure of the terminology for each of the components, so just made it up as I went along. Mine is the later 1977 model with the taller rear struts so the manual referring back to 340cc in FA wouldn't apply to my rears. But 340 is a good start for the front. I could possibly do some sort of calculation based on the length of the inner and outer components of the rear and calculate the volume based on that. Alternatively, if anyone has a FSM which specifies the volumes for each and could provide that for me, that would be most appreciated. Also if the manual provides a
  13. Oops, here is the post https://www.classiczcars.com/forums/topic/39665-240z-factory-cartridge-type-shock-absorber/
  14. I have the bigger 56mm ones. There was a thread on here which did mention volumes, but it was a very early thread and I doubt the volumes related to these later struts. Have looked on the net, but can't see anything referring to a internal strut rebuild kit. Only had a quick look, so will look again tonight. I did find this, but not sure if it relates to the later shocks - I don't think so, but will see if I can access a later manual.
  15. Hi Guys Making progress on the resto and lovin' it. Doing a number of things, but the main item at the moment is sandblasting, stripping and preparing the suspension components for respraying. In the process, I've removed the original strut inserts thinking I would simply replace them with KYB's or some other brand of insert that was appropriate. Being the curious type thought I would pull the originals apart and see if perhaps they might be salvageable. While the oil was shot and there was some build up of crud in the internals, it seems the majority of the components
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