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  1. Thanks Linton, my sanity has been restored, although some who know me may disagree! Your knowledge is invaluable. This is the final missing piece to the puzzle, so can move forward now. Thanks again. Cheers Paul
  2. Hi guys Need help identifying where the attached washers/seals/spacers/? go. For some reason I had these bundled separately to all my other grouped bits and I just can't remember where they came from (old timers disease, I think). They are a firm rubber, but they are pliable. Outside diameter is 40mm, inside 17mm and 23mm across the raised sections. Car is a 77 2+2, commonly referred to as the Bus by Locky. Any suggestions really appreciated. It's driving me nuts. Cheers Paul
  3. Thanks Luke, will check them out.
  4. I have one of these on the 77 2+2 I am currently restoring. Apparently they were installed at the factory on later cars to address a "clunk" and/or vibration coming from the diff/rear end. They also fitted them after sales if the customer complained of a clunk or vibration end the rear. They are referred to as a diff counterbalance. Don't know how effective they are, but from what I have read it seems the main issue was with the automatics, but mine (and a number of the other contributors to this information) is and has always been a manual. So mine probably added as a result of a complaint after sales. Hope that clears it up. Cheers Paul
  5. Out of interest, where did you source the headlights from? I'm looking at something similar for my rebuild.
  6. OK, mystery solved. For anyone interested, this is a support for the rear seat in the 2+2. When I bought the car the rear had been pulled out by the PO and all the bits stored in a box. There was also a different seat base from another vehicle included and this support came as part of that. Somehow it got mixed up with my dash stuff in the storage process. Apologies for any confusion. Freddo still safely ensconced in the fridge. Cheers Paul
  7. Hi guys Reassembling my dash and interior and this bracket was in with those parts, but I can't work out where it goes. Size of one face is 75mm x 60mm and other face is 75mm x 80mm - this face has a plastic covering which probably stops whatever (I presume) is resting on it from sliding around. First in with correct answer gets the Freddo. Cheers Paul
  8. Great, thanks Locky, just what I was looking for. Cheers Paul
  9. Hey Wags, just wondering where you bought the USB outlet you installed under the cigarette lighter in your car. Want to do the same thing but all I can find online is USB's with coloured lights, bells, gauges and whistles - not the look I want. Cheers Paul
  10. Well done guys. The finished product is a credit to you both and all those involved.
  11. OK guys, a little challenge. Does anyone know of anyone in OZ who might be able to supply a replacement rectifier (see below) for the alternator in my 1977 260z? These Hitachi units were used in a number of vehicles so I would have thought there would be some demand for parts for them. Have stripped down, cleaned up, polished up and plated some parts up on my old alternator and just need one of these to finish the job off. I can get them out of the US but the postage just irks me so if I can find a local supplier I'm a happy camper. I can also buy a new alternator, but trying to keep things original. There has to be someone around who has a stash and would be prepared to part with one. Maybe, maybe not! Cheers Paul https://www.googleadservices.com/pagead/aclk?sa=L&ai=DChcSEwiJtaS6m8L0AhUHmGYCHV-sB78YABAHGgJzbQ&ae=2&ohost=www.google.com&cid=CAESQeD2LStrzajKRmYRutqiqM7merPgyKRsJmL6weN2zL_tnYzfmL4UbqYDcmwHT5hka3a89IdBm81aQGcFIRymoW6a&sig=AOD64_1IpotTKyWMqaEVbReqB7T1JJdnHA&ctype=5&q=&ved=2ahUKEwiR9Zy6m8L0AhWkUWwGHdGSAbEQ9aACegQIARBE&adurl=
  12. Another option perhaps. US based, but in Oz. Not sure of quality etc. research required. https://www.energysusp.com.au/product_info.php?cPath=255&products_id=7802
  13. I will be writing up the process of restoring the original struts and dampers that I went through sometime in the future. Mine worked out well but want to be sure they work as they should and can't do that until the car is back on the road. As a matter of interest, I used fork oil purchased from Honda Motorcycle Shop to refill mine. Not sure of the difference between that and ATF, but the 320ml is the same for both the front and back even though (in my case) they were different lengths.
  14. Check this post. Might have something you are looking for. There are some photos in here which might be helpful. https://www.viczcar.com/forums/topic/21227-original-strut-rebuild/?tab=comments#comment-221250 Cheers Paul
  15. Good call Rudi. Save yourself a grand or so and it's not difficult - just takes time. Have done all the stripping out, filling with expandafoam and final filling on mine and have it ready for the final finish. A mate of mine did his and he put a very light cloth (4 ounce from memory) and an epoxy resin over the top of all the repairs and then a final spray which looks really good, but does have a slight texture but not that original textured look. It will never crack with the cloth and resin in place. Thinking of doing the same, but want to replicate the textured look of the original dash. One of the guys on here did a bedliner finish and I did enquire how that had stood the test of time, but haven't heard anything back, so still in decide mode. Have a crack, Nothing to lose.
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