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  1. NDSOC run before Sandown Historic Please join us for a short run before the Sunday Sandown Historics When: Sunday 27th October Meeting Time: 8:00am for a 8:15am departure. Meeting Point: At the back of Sandown Park Hotel, Corrigan Rd, Noble Park VIC 3174 https://goo.gl/maps/JDuU2rcWFVnjuM8v9 Planned Route: https://goo.gl/maps/dReEL7sN8u7qU7M27 Finish back at Sandown @ about 9:30 drives@NDSOC.com.au
  2. Reminder that this drive is on this weekend. https://www.facebook.com/events/563473634186102/?ti=icl
  3. Only 12 sleeps to the drive; https://www.facebook.com/events/563473634186102/ Would be great to see a few Z's
  4. I think I stole the route from this site. Thanks! Planned Route: https://goo.gl/maps/Tfu93qxMz4tiqbcW9 Being new to Melbourne I’m looking forward to the drive and meeting people.
  5. I had a chat with Hung a month or so ago. Relative to the LHD versions there is only a small demand for the 240z. Whilst he has spent a lot of time looking for manufactures that will do smaller volumes, the tooling cost are still quite high. Min volume to make it viable is about 1000 dashes. As a result at this stage he is unlikely to do the RHD 240z dashes. Let hope things change in the future and this gets back on the list.
  6. Smugley, I'm interested in possibly getting a copy of this, if you are willing. My FZ-L has been in a front end at some time and I would like to check some of the dimensions. I would pull the file into Fusion360. The service manual only has a few key points. FYI, I'm based in Melb.
  7. Thanks, I’ve reached out to PEC. Hoping to find something local in Melbourne if possible, rather than shipping from US
  8. I’m looking for a set of 240z rear brake shoes. Can’t seem to find a supplier in Australia. Could someone point me in the right direction.
  9. How much interest is there in getting replacement dashes for 240z / Fairlady Z? I have a Fairlady Z RHD car and am currently based in the US and have been looking for a replacement rather than going down the rebuild path. Hung Vu, who is very active in the US Z community, has been producing reproduction Z parts for some time. He recently started developing dash replacements. Vintage dashes have done a LHD 240z (Mk1 & 2), 260z / 280z version as well as 510 and other cars. They are the dashpad only, fitting over your existing frame. I have seen these dashes installed on a few 240z at local meets. They are very good quality and built using more modern material, hence much more likely to last than OEM stock. He has plans to do a RHD 240z version, it is in the mold process. If we can demonstrate interest it will help him gauge demand and move the priority up the list. Please post here if you are interested and email them them to get your name on a wait list 'Vintagedashes@Gmail.com' https://www.instagram.com/vintagedashes/?hl=en
  10. I've heard that there are more restrictions in Vic relative to Qld.
  11. I am going to bring my 1972 Fairlady Z into Au from the US. (It is JDM car with fender mirrors) I have been told I will need to have the vehicle inspected by an engineer and it will need to meet Australian design rules in place at the time of the build. The list included; Rear view mirrors, the RHS mirror has to be adjustable from the drivers seat (electric mirror or on drivers door) – manual mirror on front guard not legal. Anyone running fender mirrors? How did you go getting around this requirement? My fall back is to 3d model and print a version that looks like the originals but incorporates a power mirror motor assembly. (I'm working through the required asbestos testing required prior to shipping and will share my learnings and experience later).
  12. Looking for a bonnet latch mechanism - male part for a RHD 240z. I'd take the whole mechanism if someone is looking to sell complete. An Aussie based in the US but would prefer not to try to convert a LHD version. (JDM Fairlady Z)
  13. i have the same problem, I'm interested in the answer as well. I'm guessing mine has had a front end altercation at some stage.
  14. scotta

    72 bonnet latch

    Whilst I’m based in the US I have a RHD version car, that’s why I’m reaching out to Aust for the right version.
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