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    1972 Fairlady Z RHD Owner. Z started in Japan. Shipped to Louisville, KY, USA in late 70s, shipped to Melb in 2019

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  1. Gav, why no S30 gallery? An oversight or just not enough of them on our shores? 

    Coming from the owner of S30-100698 (JDM FZ-L)


    1. gav240z


      Sent you a PM.

  2. Disappointed that it’s been cancelled. I’d spent hours preparing by z for showing.....
  3. FYI - the three letter / numbers stamped on the jack indicates the date of production. Check out the thread - https://www.classiczcars.com/forums/topic/59648-let’s-find-built-date-of-jack-and-tire-stopper/?tab=comments#comment-543912
  4. Clips over the top window frame edge. check out the photos here... https://zcardepot.com/collections/door-parts/products/window-glass-roller-bumper-guide-240z-260z-280z#&gid=1&pid=4
  5. I brought in my 72 Fairlady Z from Boston when I returned to Australia last year. The biggest issue you will have is border control. As well as usual quarantine, Australia has a zero tolerance to importation of items that contain asbestos. It was recommended to have key parts tested before it left the US. If you do not they are likely to send it for testing and it will cost you way way more, plus you will need to pay to have any parts removed and disposed of. As it was a few items tested positive and had to be removed. This included rear brake pads, exhaust manifold gasket, cam cover gasket, head gasket and the under body coating. I did all this before I packed it up for shipping into a container with the rest of our belongings.
  6. scotta

    240z Strut tower

    I have a bent left rear strut on my 72 Nissan Fairlady Z-L (same setup as 240z). Potentially looking for a replacement otherwise I will have to resort to a large press to try to correct. Looking for a replacement if available.
  7. That I did. Thanks Locky Anyone know where I can source a replacement?
  8. I'm in the process of rebuilding the 72 Fairlady Z rear end. Before the tear down the rear camber was different left to right. I now know why. One or both of the rear struts are bent. Height from top of wheel nut studs to strut opening - angle of strut tower to wheel plane Left 213mm - 14.6 degrees Right 197mm - 13.1 degrees. a difference of 16mm / 1.5 degrees Anyone know what the correct one is / i.e. which one is bent?
  9. I don't think I'm going to be back on the road by then! I'll try to still come along however.
  10. They look great. More accurate that the z-findings floor pans. I used a set last year. The stock seat mounts do have some gaps against the outside edge. That is normal from what I have seen.
  11. L20 engines were also used in JDM Fairlady Z. (Mine has is a 72 with the original 2.0L L20 engine and original carbs (they are slightly smaller than those fitted to the 240z / L24 engines.) check around.
  12. Jeff, what are the size / offset of the Enkei comp wheels?
  13. I am restoring the air filter box from my 240z can anyone tell me what colour the red/orange is? Also where might I find some?
  14. scotta

    Diff mount

    I’m looking for a replacement diff mount for my 72 240z. Any one have a spare landed in au or know where I can get one. will order from the US or japan if nothing local.
  15. A great day was had. Perfect weather and a great drive.
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