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  1. The next job was to go refurb/ replace the front brakes. These probably hadn't been been used for the last 20 years. They were ceased and the brake fluid channels were blocked solid. The only for me was to split the brake caliper. Cleaned, sprayed, new seals etc looking through my photos, I don't have one of them installed in the car
  2. Good Evening all, I am chasing I'm in the process of getting my engine installed and noticed that my fuel line was damaged in a couple of sections as it comes into the engine bay. Does anyone have a spare fuel line that they are willing to part ways with? I would prefer not to make too make too many joints in the line if possible. Located in Vic and can pick up. Thanks Julian
  3. Then we worked on refurbing the rear brakes From this.. To this..
  4. The colour of the shocks are very close to the exterior paint (the only reason why I didn't go Koni reds ).
  5. It has been a while since I have updated this thread. Since August I have made good progress to to try and meet my goal of having her on the road by Christmas. There was a massive delay on getting some key parts from america due to some very ordinary customer service. One of the jobs we tackled was to install the new shocks (Koni Yellows) and king springs. These coil spring clamps worked a treat. The install went relatively smoothly.
  6. yes it is... Hoping to be on the road before Christmas
  7. Thanks. I just checked the ebay store. They don't seem to have any left in stock. You must have purchased the last one.
  8. Hi All, Does anyone have a crankcase breather tube for a L28 that they are willing to part ways with? I'm located in Vic and can pick up. Thanks in advance Julian
  9. Hi All, I was wanting to purchase a Rear Hatch Strut with mounting bracket, Rear light wiring harness and left rear brake cylinder for a 72 240z. Can anyone steer me in the right direction or have any spares. Thanks Julian
  10. Small donation sent through. Thanks for all your work on this amazing resource!
  11. Thanks Ryan! The paint colour is norfolk mustard yellow (lotus colour)
  12. Over the last month we have made some more progress. Most notably passenger door, fenders and interior. Its was so excited seeing the door and the fenders on the car.
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