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  1. @CBR Jeffit is surprising how much upper body you use. I fitted a droper post to my bike which I tried out at Lysterfield this morning, seemed to do the trick on some descents however I am still not instinctively using it which hopefully will come with practice.
  2. I did the Lake Mountain Cascades trail 2 weeks ago. Got the shuttle to the chalet and was expecting a cruisey 2hr trip down the mountain with the Marysville bakery for lunch. How wrong I was. I was so under prepared. Had 1 bidon of water and no food. I found it Super technical (for someone of my ability). Got back down to Marysville around 4 and a half hours later absolutely spent. Couple of pints at the Duck inn helped immensely.
  3. I agree that it seems a tad low, although there is $3000 in purchaser commission on top of that. Also, Is it a widely known site for selling (and buying)?
  4. @Gordo, I saw you were at Phillip Island on the weekend putting in some pretty quick times. Be very interested to hear how the car went.
  5. Thanks for the clarification @gilltech . My door key doesn't open my hatch lock, but I thought it may have been due to age. It does however open the petrol flap. I hadn't even thought of using it on the glovebox lock.
  6. Apologies for the thread steal, but out of interest are these keyed differently to the door locks?
  7. There was only a couple of photos that looked like historical photos, nothing Current
  8. https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/gerringong/cars-vans-utes/datsun-1969-240z-built-for-targa-and-marathons/1257213556 Anyone know any history on this car?
  9. hey thanks for following up. I will send you a pm cheers Bruce
  10. I have been gifted an imitation Nardi steering wheel without a boss kit. Would anyone have a generic boss kit before I buy one retail? The BCD is 70mm and it is 6 bolt. thanks Bruce
  11. Wow, what a journey. Kudos to you Andrew for your persistence. Looking forward to further updates.
  12. I am heading up to Bonnie Doon this weekend to check out some of these tracks. Bought a Pinarello FP3 a little while ago which has taken my time away from my Z. Brilliant bike I would be keen for a ride down the track if there is interest
  13. Thanks for organising, but unfortunately I am riding up to kinglake so can't make it. cheers Bruce
  14. I don't think I need any bits, but I need an excuse to get my car out of the garage and blow some cobwebs off. Let me know the date Dimitri cheers Bruce
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