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  1. Most bushes you can still buy new from Nissan if you know the part numbers. The only exception I've found so far are the moustache bar bushings (which I used Whiteline insead of OEM).
  2. It's great to see little events like this are starting up again!
  3. That linkage thing above is a piece of crap. In the end I threw that junk out, cut the stock linkage to an appropriate length, sleeved and welded it. You could do exactly the same thing and keep your original linkage by buying a LHD linkage rod and using that as the donor.
  4. If you don't cut your guards for flares you won't be able to run the car particularly low because the lip of the old guard will get in the way of the tyre.
  5. +1 for Howards, they have been around for ages and aside from being perennially busy they have always done exactly what they promise.
  6. No that will poke significantly out of the rear guards and will need either flares or a skinny tyre and a lot of camber to fit.
  7. I have a Pierburg and once the car is running its not noticeable. Just make sure to mount it on some good quality anti vibration mounts and it will be fine.
  8. Its a shame there isn't anyone in Australia (as far as I know) that does full car body galvanising/e-coat dip primer in Australia to stop this from happening in the future.
  9. I "repaired" by horn pad retainer by putting a cable tie around the outside of the plastic. I had to carve out a bit of foam for the square part on the end of the cable tie but it worked very well. Here's a photo from another forum:
  10. I don’t know the figure off the top of my head sorry. It was a good thing I took it in because apparently it was locked up and wouldn’t advance!
  11. I have a rebuilt and recurved 280ZX electronic distributor which was also done by Performance Ignition in Nunawading, from memory it was about $300 odd for the rebuild. I used to have an MSD aftermarket system and the rebuilt dizzy is simpler and works just as well as any aftermarket system. It actually works better than the MSD ever did!
  12. The big change(in my opinion) which has ruined the scheme was the change allowing for "non-financial" members to be able to get club permits. This has meant a bunch of internet forums/facebook car clubs have sprung up where they issue club permits to anyone who has a valid RWC. I get the old world car club model is a bit stuffy for some but it at least controlled numbers of cars getting permits and encouraged prospective club permit owners to share their hobby with like minded people.
  13. I'm a member of CSA and raised this last night at our monthly meeting. CSA run an event at the end of the year called Datsun Day. It a car show which is run in November where all profits are donated to charity, you may have heard of it... The NDSOC have now created this "All Nissan Day" event and to be frank it cuts the lunch of Datsun Day and is almost certainly going to impact the fundraising abilities of the November event because it is so similar. I was told that the event format change was not discussed with CSA (CSA's name is on the banner because we typically volunteer to help) and if that is the case that's quite disappointing from the NDSOC Committee.
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