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  1. I'm a member of CSA and raised this last night at our monthly meeting. CSA run an event at the end of the year called Datsun Day. It a car show which is run in November where all profits are donated to charity, you may have heard of it... The NDSOC have now created this "All Nissan Day" event and to be frank it cuts the lunch of Datsun Day and is almost certainly going to impact the fundraising abilities of the November event because it is so similar. I was told that the event format change was not discussed with CSA (CSA's name is on the banner because we typically volunteer to
  2. Sorry to hear about your mother. My mum died from lung cancer back in 2013 after a short battle, she was a passive smoker (never smoked herself). Unfortunately for her she grew up in an era where smoking and second hand smoke was inescapable. Not related to your mother at all but the smokers who argue that they have done it for their whole lives and are still healthy really rub me up the wrong way. Their actions can have a larger impact than them as individuals and the collective impact of their actions are largely overlooked, I call it an of collective responsibility. You could apply the
  3. Has to be, who spells Dennis with only one n?
  4. In future read the thread a bit more thoroughly...
  5. Try this one: https://www.efihardware.com/products/261/lift-pump-340hp-Rollercell
  6. My brother uses one of these in his IDA 13B RX7. They work well but your pump MUST supply fuel to it at a lowish pressure, they get overwhelmed if the supply pressure is over 10psi.
  7. I'm interested pending compatibility with the 260Z chassis
  8. I have nothing constructive to add but when you do find a local supplier let us know.
  9. F2 emulsion tubes were developed for methanol applications. Try F11 or F7 instead.
  10. The Alfa fibreglass ones have the embossed section from memory
  11. Hi All, I'm moving a different direction with my car so I have some now surplus gear for sale: 1. Triple Dellorto DHLA40 carb kit suits stock L28 The carbs were rebuilt to as new condition in 2012 and turned by Les Collins Racing in Wurragul in late 2013. Since then the car would be lucky to have driven 5,000km on them. The setup would be best suited on a stock or mild L28 but would be an easy tune up for any other L series engine. I would suggest they be re-synchronised as I haven't balanced them since mid-2017 but they have consistently kept their tune since I put them on with on
  12. Agno

    2018 VicZed BBQ

    I’ll be there but no zed this year
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