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  1. Good info! Thanks! Yeah I happy to grab the three like you said. Where abouts are you in VIC?
  2. Just a reminder for this weekend. Hopefully the weather doesn't scare too many away!
  3. Me me me! I got given a price of $185 per door for second hand one from wreckers the other day......so yes, I would like to get these! haha Not sure which ones I need the doors on my 2+2 though if anyone can help with that?
  4. Great story! Still got the flared jeans I take it!? haha
  5. Is this coming out for a drive any time soon?
  6. *Edit: changing to the following Sunday 20th Of October
  7. Hey gents, I would like to go for a drive on Sunday Oct 20th in the morning. I will most likely be in the baguette (Megane), and keen for anyone and any cars to join! The usual Lilydale Supercheap Auto car Park. 8.30 chat, 9.00am drive. I was thinking the drive to "Warburton, Reefton Spur, Lake Mountain if weather ok then coffee at Marysville or Buxton Burger for an early lunch. The standard Loop." (can anyone remember how long the drive is?) *Edit: changing to the following Sunday 20th Of October
  8. OdinZ

    240Z HS30 ID Plate

    Don't know if this helps, maybe this guy can make them?
  9. One day you might have all of your cars running too, but hey haha
  10. It is. Same photo as last time. I think it's been taken down already.
  11. Hearse! I should be there in my Z!
  12. Haha I had a feeling it was done already!
  13. What's the L28 going into, another Z project? haha
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