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  1. SO this is why you have been sending me lots of Volvo wagon videos lately! @KatoKid Dave, you have excited @gav240z a bit too much, even it you are putting an LS in! haha
  2. Has an L28. Original engine no where to be seen
  3. I don't know him personally, I just saw him mention on social media a little while ago he was going to sell it or auction it, so I enquired for the fun of it. Way above what I would/could pay for a Z right now. Also, the more I look through the photos, there are more things that I do not like about the car or issues that bug me. which I would happily overlook at it's current price point, or even upto $50k. I must say though, I have not seen the car in person, but I have heard it drive by at Highball Cars & Coffee, very loud
  4. It has a very high reserve, which i do not think it will get remotely close to....
  5. Spotted this for sale! Sorry, but no points for guessing who's car it is $65k! https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/datsun-240z-1973/sse-ad-12816879/
  6. Careful sharing that here, @gav240z has a thing for old Volvo wagons. Do I also sense a V8 after our discussions the other day? haha
  7. This 2+2 sold $34.5K + fees https://www.shannons.com.au/auctions/2022-shannons-autumn-timed-online-auction/O4CMDCJQLE16FN82/
  8. Best part of that video starts at 12:30, nice way to start Friday morning!
  9. This one has dropped to $75K on FB Marketplace
  10. Yes, the bent gear stick does my head in a little, I will most likely get a short shifter kit, which comes with a new lever I believe. It could also be a W58 box
  11. Once I got the car back home, it was just a matter of waiting for the new seatbelts and finding the time to put them back in. We choose to get both sides rewebbed so they matched and were both new, seeing as they are the main safety device in the car, it was a no brainer. Seatbelt king supplied new reels in the end as legally they are not allowed to re-sew these, but they do use the rest of the old hardware. The new ones do not have the locating pin, hopefully this wont be an issue, as when I installed the new reels with the newly supplied bolts, they came loose when you slightly twisted them, so I used the old bolts and havent had any issues. Of course the little one wanted to jump in help Next up was to tackle the headlights, so swapped out the headlight switch, and they seemed to work for the first couple of days, and then passenger side was bright, but te drivers side was very dull. I cleaned out the connectors to the switch, seemed good, but then played up. The RWC mechanic said he would take a look at it for as well, turned out, a loose connection at the headlight........phew!
  12. Thanks Dave! It's a Supra 5-speed, but I do not know which variant as, I havent really bothered looking into it as yet, as I figured I dont need to do anything to it at this stage.
  13. I see this after I have uploaded all of my photos! ooops lol
  14. Well this might be the reason: And as you would expect from the fuel tank & filter New sender has since been installed and the fuel tank has been cleaned out, dried and re-installed:
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