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  1. That's if we can still drive petrol cars then
  2. I would say chalk and cheese. I wouldn't think this would be a collector's car, I assume if will be mass produced like the 350z & 370z. If they do Nismo versions, they might be worth collecting. If I was in the market for one, it would be a daily, or something I would definitely drive very regularly. You can always put a deposit down now, and then if you change your mind later, get a refund, I believe they are refundable anyway.
  3. So who has put down a deposit already!?
  4. https://www.grays.com/lot/0001-10050920/classic-cars/1981-nissan-280z-manual-coupe
  5. He has now posted up a follow-up video:
  6. HS30-102499 going for Auction in the UK. 1973 Datsun 240 Z Super Samuri Estimated at £50,000 - £60,000 https://www.handh.co.uk/auction/lot/67-1973-datsun-240-z-super-samuri/?lot=54277
  7. Lots of spare parts though. It looked like most of them had full drive trains. The guy does say he would love to part them out and make more money (he paid US$7500 for the 70 cars), but he had two days to move it all. and obviously didnt want to spend the time parting it all out.
  8. Well the video got taken down, must have copped a lot of hate. Heavydsparks on YouTube put up a video of them hauling off and crushing 70 cars, I believe they were all Datsuns. S30s, S130s and a couple of other oddballs. Here are some pictures I borrowed from someone else:
  9. Cool back drops & environments, but those graphics are hard to watch haha. especially after playing Forza Horizon 4 over the weekend.
  10. There was that Blue on Blue one in SA earlier in the year
  11. But i thought the first run of ADM S30s were technically a Series 0.5.......
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