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  1. Ha! That Puslar! Stole the show!
  2. Was a good day overall! Thanks gents! Next time let's not invite that Patrol driver!
  3. Figured....hate to see what your street is like!
  4. Just seeing if people are still good for this weekend even with the current weather predictions? I know this has already ruled one or two out.
  5. https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/keysborough/cars-vans-utes/1976-datsun-260z-2-2-manual/1241206904 $17k o.n.o
  6. Have you thought about these working modern units, with the "retro" fascias?
  7. I know it's only the start of the week, but the weather looks like it might hold out up in the hills! fingers crossed Hey Bruce, surely you have to deliver something that day! haha Damn! no chance of getting it fixed before the weekend? come in another car?
  8. So I can buy it now yeah!?
  9. Perfect! OK, @scotta & everyone else: Sunday Feb 16th Lilydale Supercheap Auto car Park. 8.30 chat, 9.00am drive. Bring CB radios if you have them
  10. Already sounding like a good turn out hopefully. any suggestions/requests on the route we take? I am happy to do Warburton, Reefton Spur, and hopefully go up Lake Mountain, assuming our weather doesnt throw down some snow. as always, other cars are welcome, I will be in the Renault again.
  11. Usual meet times and spot. Open to suggestions for the route
  12. anyone keen for a drive Sunday Feb 16th?
  13. well he watched more than i did! and i dont even know what is factually correct either
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