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  1. for those that couldnt make or are interstate: Quite a few Zs, and a lot with different engines. Just a fun fact, of the 4x white Zs (2-seaters), none with an original motor: 240z - L28 (3L) Turbo 240z - SR20DET 240z - RB26DETT 260z - Leyland 4.4L V8 (mine)
  2. nice! If I wake up early enough, I might even go to Berwick Breakfast Classic Cars & Rods before I head down
  3. st an FYI for this weekend. I know a few of us from here with be going. https://fb.me/e/36BBDKl1a "Spring Datsun Day. $10.00 per display car. Come and enjoy the wonderful spot at Jells park to show off those amazing Nissan and Datsuns. All are welcome. BBQ will be there for a early egg and Bacon and snags the rest of the day. Please bring cash for this. All profits to go to the MS Australia."
  4. when you realise it is pronounced "YAY" ducking LOL! What a drive though!
  5. I do not know why, but these interest me! haha Probably safer than my OEM seats! Do these have rails or mounting brackets?
  6. OdinZ

    Efi turbo L26

    nice work! any videos?
  7. I realised I hadn't been getting any notification emails. And yes, I checked my junk folder. Haha
  8. For those interested (not my event): CSA Presents: CHRISTMAS IN JULY CAR SHOW 2023 SUNDAY JULY 9TH 8.30am-1:00pm FREE ENTRY - NO LOCK INS Come when you can, Leave when you must Open to All - Inviting all PRINCE-DATSUN-NISSAN-INFINITY Owners Entrance from Ferntree Gully Rd Not sure if I will make it, but I assume there will be some from here & NDSOC attending
  9. A facebook member shared this the other day. ARP Head studs from VPW (ebay Store) = $293.15 incl. shipping ARP Cylinder Head Stud, Pro-Series, 12-point Head, For Nissan/ Datsun, L24, L26, L28 series, 6-Cyl, Kit SKU: ARP-202-4206 (there's an eBay discount code you can apply to reduce the price from $318) https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/325650427232
  10. Good seeing you again mate! For anyone with Instagram, Mike Stevens (Director of Digital Whichcar & Wheelsaustralia) took some good pics of Dave's Z: https://www.instagram.com/p/CrukPkWpc6i/
  11. Haha yeah mine has the same V8 & 5 speed combo. Think we have chatted on facebook. I bought mine with the same plan, but now keep changing my mind about what the next motor will be, and also thinking of putting a Holley Sniper self tuning unit on the current motor.
  12. *from the peanut gallery* Keep the Leyland V8!
  13. haha I know how QR codes work, but they dont work so well when one is already using their phone to look at the forum. Anyway, sad you have to sell it, but good luck with the sale mate
  14. Hey Peter, that's just a picture of a QR code and doesnt link to anything by clicking it. I assume you are trying to link your carsales ad? https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/1975-datsun-260z-22-manual/SSE-AD-14527172/?Cr=1
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