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  1. https://japanesenostalgiccar.com/sungs-garages-new-wheel-pays-homage-to-z432/ https://www.instagram.com/p/CRvMsbssVwx/ "The 78 nanakorobi yaoki -(“fall down 7 times get up 8”) wheel. Inspired by the 432 s30 & vintage Campagnolo wheels. Made for the DocZ -to homage the 1971 East African Safari 240’s . I’m doing limited orders of 20 if you want a set for your s30 or 510. 16x8-3 piece wheel. 2tone grey. 90 day turn around."
  2. So you can call him an idiot again!?
  3. shameful bump. lol
  4. Hi all, Once things ease up in the Covid state, I plan to go look at a car or two on my list, but figured I would ask around and see what people are thinking of selling. I would love a 240z, but I know most of them are out of my budget, as are most 260z (2-seaters). But I have seen a couple of 2-seaters recently sell for $40k, I was just too slow. Running & driveable is preferable and preferably in Victoria. Preferred with an Lseries motor, but will consider others. Can be manual or auto. I am not looking for a car in pieces or requiring major rust repairs, but also know I am not expecting a concourse car. Must be RHD, I will not consider LHD. Looking to spend around $40k depending on the car. Cheers, Ned
  5. Good price for everything! In case that one doesnt work out, gearbox only. this one has apparently been rebuilt: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/154232948112
  6. In case that one doesnt work out, this one has apparently been rebuilt: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/154232948112
  7. Haha, I said he sounded like an R-rated Santa.......
  8. I thought Lachlan was all of the above, so the answer is: yes, yes, and definitely yes!
  9. I like my oversized bagutte with heated seats thank you
  10. not the C34 Stageas, they aren't "luxobarges," they just hearses
  11. The guy isnt putting a price on it as such. Call him up and have a chat, he is a nice enough guy.
  12. Pics or it didnt happen! haha "I couldn't afford a Datsun so I bought a Porsche!" this i can relate to on so many levels!
  13. Is this what you are looking for? GTV might have some old ones.
  14. Well as you can see above, #535 sold for $31k. but apparently had over $10k parts to go with it as well.
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