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  1. Try this one: https://www.efihardware.com/products/261/lift-pump-340hp-Rollercell
  2. My brother uses one of these in his IDA 13B RX7. They work well but your pump MUST supply fuel to it at a lowish pressure, they get overwhelmed if the supply pressure is over 10psi.
  3. I'm interested pending compatibility with the 260Z chassis
  4. I have nothing constructive to add but when you do find a local supplier let us know.
  5. F2 emulsion tubes were developed for methanol applications. Try F11 or F7 instead.
  6. The Alfa fibreglass ones have the embossed section from memory
  7. Hi All, I'm moving a different direction with my car so I have some now surplus gear for sale: 1. Triple Dellorto DHLA40 carb kit suits stock L28 The carbs were rebuilt to as new condition in 2012 and turned by Les Collins Racing in Wurragul in late 2013. Since then the car would be lucky to have driven 5,000km on them. The setup would be best suited on a stock or mild L28 but would be an easy tune up for any other L series engine. I would suggest they be re-synchronised as I haven't balanced them since mid-2017 but they have consistently kept their tune since I put them on with on
  8. Agno

    2018 VicZed BBQ

    I’ll be there but no zed this year
  9. Thanks everyone that came, great weather and a great turnout
  10. I’m working in the morning but I’ll make an appearance in the afternoon. A lot of effort from myself and the rest of the CSA Committee has gone into this event. All profits go to the Cancer Council so please please please PLEASE come on down, even if it’s only for a few hours! We want to raise as much money as we can!
  11. It’s a long shot but if whoever is collecting these parts wants to sell the front grill I am very keen
  12. My car is almost identical to your car in terms of spec and original intention and like you I imagine I would struggle to sell it. I bought my car as a very enthusiastic 20 year old kid that was excited that it had a roll cage. I wanted to take mine to track days, but my car was 1/4 of the purchase price of your car. The market for Datsuns was completely different back then and I believe there was more space in the market for cars like ours (cheaper = better suited to being a "toy" vs an investment). I think 1600Dave was on the money, the cage would scare a lot of people off. Take t
  13. Seems cheap, but there is no mention of the car's history in the article which would most likely explain the lower price. Looking at what it sold for my guess is it would be a UK import or missing a big chunk of ownership history. Or both.
  14. Blacking out the chrome is what makes that second 2+2 really pop.
  15. Instead of using your fingers I've done this in the past with good results: 1. Put two plastic tubes into the fluid reservoirs 2. Connect them to the bleed nipples on the side of the master (black nipples in top below photo) 2. Bolt master cylinder to booster, connect brake lines to master 3. Fill reservoirs 4. SLOWLY stroke the brake pedal until all the bubbles goes away (helpful to have a spotter here) 5. Bleed the rest of the system working from LR, RR, LF, RF (furthest brake to the nearest)
  16. Please people stop trying to help this clown he will not listen to you. Just look at all of his other threads!
  17. For the uninitiated, can someone please explain the supposed benefits of the BMW unit over the standard item?
  18. The owner has a number of these for sale which is why the ad is still up.
  19. That is absolutely brutal. Sounds like he doesn't want to sell it at all.
  20. I used either a 0.8mm copper washer or a 1.5mm washer (I can't remember) for my S12-8 Hilux calipers to center them over the rotor... about 3 years after I put the calipers on. It really hasn't made any significant difference to pad wear at all.
  21. I've got a set of these to suit square ports (N42 head). The flange thickness on these headers is quite thin, meaning I had to weld up washers to get everything to line up square with my Redline manifold. I'm not sure of the flange thicknesses of the other types of header but at this price point it's probably on the thin side.
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