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  1. It was a new eBay piece I installed maybe a year to a year and a half ago? I had no radiator before that, and I myself have never put anything other than garden tap water through it. I even flushed the radiator a few weeks ago when I had it out to replace those clutch fan grub screws. I've known the whole system needs a proper flush but figured I'd do one after it's rego'ed - then I could add in a proper cleaner and drive it around to cycle the cleaner instead of just push it through once. So I've just reverse flushed the engine as recommended. Put the thermostat cover back on with
  2. I think you're right and this is why I wanted to try my hand at tuning the carbs. I've only ran the car a handful of times since putting in a new set of the recommended spark plugs, but the set I took off were all completely fouled and black. Because the Haynes manual says to adjust valve clearances and timing first I've ran the car with the new plugs before attempting to tune, but perhaps it's so rich they're already fouled? I only have rubber fuel line from the mechanical pump attached to the engine (also don't have an electronic pump at the rear), there's a pic I think on my first p
  3. Apologies in advance for the long post, but I think I need some direction! Thought I'd update my thread instead of make a bunch of different new topics. So I've made small bits of progress over the last couple of months, mostly easy stuff I thought would help get her running a bit better. I was going to try and attempt to tune the flat top carbs with the Haynes manual today, but took a video to see exactly how much smoke there is. I'm not sure but it seems to be a fair bit worse than I thought it was, a week ago I would have said there was only blue smoke on deceleration but the video sho
  4. Not especially helpful information but I actually emailed these guys about a month ago. I was trying to work out if there was any possibility of them having a single piece version of the front air dam that would work without the flares and rest of the kit. That, or how hard it would be to make it work on it's own. I knew it was a long shot, but I didn't really grammatically understand the reply I got, but there was a 'no' in there somewhere and not much more so I gave up pretty quick. I do really love the look of that air dam though, nothing else quite like it as far as I can find...
  5. Hi Guys, Hoping someone smarter than me can help - I'm a little confused about the wiring for my fusible link situation and what I can do to replace it with something that should pass a blueslip check. I haven't had much luck with wiring diagrams, I have a 1975 260z and can't find any diagrams that match what I have (no shunt, volt gauge, 3 fusible links). Before I go tearing up my wiring harness I figured I'd check here. I did find this thread https://www.viczcar.com/forums/topic/15679-correct-amp-rating-for-1976-260z-fusible-links/ that explains the fuse ratings, which I used to figure
  6. I got both the headers and exhaust from MSA ( https://www.thezstore.com/page/TZS/CTGY/classic19k ), but after currency conversion, shipping and import costs I think buying local would probably be smarter these days. The exhaust also doesn't fit as well as I'd like and I'll probably end up getting a pro to adjust it and weld on a magnaflow muffler I've got sitting around. Thanks Jeff, sounds good! My housemate owns the bike, we went through a skating / biking phase a few years ago but eventually gave it up for safer hobbies haha.
  7. Hi Guys! About 5 years ago a saw a 240z in a magazine - I had never seen one before and instantly fell in love. A year or so later at the age of 24 I was in desperate need of a new hobby, but hadn't had any luck finding an already registered Z. Not having much patience, I (irrationally and naively) bought a 1975 260z 2 seater from someone who seemed to buy and sell a lot of these cars. We struck a rather unconventional deal that I thought would work in my favor considering I knew next to nothing about working on cars at the time. My car had no engine installed when I bought it, but t
  8. Hi folks! I've been checking in to this site pretty regularly since buying a Z 4 or so years ago, thought it's about time I introduce myself! I own a 1975 260z 2 seater with an L28 that I've been trying to fix up myself for the last few years, I'll make a project journal topic with more info. This site and it's members have already provided me with a wealth of information so I'll be happy to make a donation too. I currently live in Wagga Wagga. Does anyone on here own an S30 in regional NSW? Hopefully one day I'll be able to get the car rego'd and join some of you on a drive!
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