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  1. What are you saying, that the image has been shamelessly hijacked? Or did you provide it? Looks good though, either way! Great colour.
  2. My advice: replace/rebuild the stock brake system using off-the-shelf OEM parts, for now, it works perfectly well, it will be cheaper and simpler. Then there shouldn't be any issues with getting the RWC and rego. Then get out and about and enjoy your new toy - a tribute to your grandpa - and tidy/fix up any other issues, before you start going down the track of modifying things which unless you're going racing is mostly OTT for general street use.
  3. AFAIK the pad shims are there solely to reduce noise, so install them. Typically they are metal with securing tabs on them, but I believe some are made of rubber. If you still have a problem after installing shims, then I suspect a sticking piston.
  4. Bloody amazing work! Rather you than me. Following your project with great interest.
  5. Awesome! Thanks for posting the photos, I'll show them to my kids who are into modelling and model trains (OO / HO). Nice collection of N scale, the F7 style engines are my favourites. Stylish. They look like engines should and remind me of the old Tri-ang R55 and R159 engines back in the day. Wish I had that much space. Looks chaotic but you know where everything is so no matter! I see a big flat screen. Some bare walls around the train layout, what plans, maybe some big Art Deco railway posters? Ditto. Shut out the world. I have an old camp chair in my man cave, and sometimes "I goes there and sits and thinks. Or just sits". (Quote/unquote whom I can't recall).
  6. Hmm, sounds like you have a mix of both types on your car for some reason, some being replaced during a partial restoration perhaps? Clear glass actually has an inherent very pale greenish tint to it by default, just look at an edge. If you have one glass darker than the other then is it simply because it's thicker? 260 hatch glass is thicker than 240 hatch glass. Or maybe one is an aftermarket replacement? Dunno. What Standards markings do they have? Anyway, the Zed's factory blue tint glass I would describe as very pale. My NZ-new car has the factory blue tint. In NZ, I once had the screen replaced under insurance due to stone damage, and when it came to be fitted it was an Australian-made clear glass screen not a Nissan unit (sadly, but can't complain as it was a freebie). Looking at the car closely in the right light you can see the difference between the screen (clear) and the rest of the glass (pale blue), but it's subtle especially with a black interior. I later bought a good blue screen out of a JDM Fairlady, and have that stashed away. I have also collected spare door, side and hatch glass since being in Australia and it's all clear. So I have a full set of each type.
  7. Ouch. Very sad. Actually, it looks American?, going by the number plate, and the bumper guard. Those are steel wheel rims too. Yes no doubt many classic cars will have been lost or seriously damaged, with people having to evacuate with little more than the clothes on their backs.
  8. 'Frost Fighter', now that's the go. You'd think they'd do defroster lines to order, if they are in the business of providing OEM replacements to a wide range of vehicles in the market place. Factory tint on the Zeds is blue not green. They'd need a sample to match to though, it's only a very pale blue tint.
  9. Or horizontal defrost lines. My NZ-new 260 hasn't got them, IMO a dumb omission for a colder climate. (Seems we got the hazard switch instead). The wiring is there, & I got the correct switch from a US supplier, but I had to add one of those stick-on defroster elements which lasted a few years but after it died I peeled it off again.
  10. Those that want 240/260 door glass should check the bolt pattern and lower edge shaping will match, but it may be just the track that changed. But the 2-seater glass did change for the '77 model. Mixing and matching doors and their internals can be a PITA for those buying project cars in bits. I've been in to Autoglass and my impression from talking to them was that the glass is Australian-made to our own standards. I was told that as long as they have a pattern they can make most auto glass. One of the guys there is a Zed owner himself. Unfortunately for those of us who have the light blue tint glass (generally imports from overseas markets?) Autoglass will only do the clear at this stage.
  11. Interesting, but nah, that place just looks like a new car showroom and a place to show off excessive wealth. I like the old tumble-down barns like you often see on American Pickers, full of old cars and motorcycles, chock full of dust and grease and plainly down-to-earth. Someone's collection of Studebakers, or Indians, or whatever has sparked their interest over many decades.
  12. FWIW, 260Z rear glass is slightly thicker & heavier (stronger) than 240Z rear glass, so you might want to check the thickness you'd be getting. Q. Is all door glass the same across 240 & (2-seater) 260Z? I ask because there are several different window winder mechanisms used across the years, I don't know if they all bolt up exactly the same. I'd be interested to know why the AutoglassWarehouse rear screen is $725 yet their front screen is only $135.
  13. I have struck the same problem. The old antenna had seized with the plastic wand inside the telescopic tubing detached rendering the unit unrepairable. So I bought a new 'modern' one which looked almost identical but couldn't get it to operate in both directions via the factory switch no doubt for the very reason you describe. Your solution is well planned and executed but way over the head of this non-electrickery person!
  14. I take it you are referring to the bondage handcuffs? Cheap, only an eighth of the price of the inspection lamp.....
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