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  1. Just to clarify, by 'exhaust header' are you referring to the factory cast iron exhaust manifold or are you actually looking for a set of aftermarket headers?
  2. Thanks for that, much appreciated! Yes this is for a 2-seater.
  3. Can/did you buy the Kia seals new or are they only available second-hand? What year(s)? I've already put new repro S30 door seals on my 260 as the originals were perished, but they're too fat and haven't squashed down, PITA as after two and a half years I still have to slam the doors hard to get them to close.
  4. But where's the emergency keyhole, is it hidden under the driver's door handle or somewhere? Not wanting to steal one, just curious. Not sure that this has much to do with long life spark plugs. But the subject of car owner/driver hands-off technology has come up at home with a friend buying a brand new car which appears to us to be not just automated but almost robotic - keyless, fully auto, automatic lighting, automatic wipers, self parking, etc etc. We're not sure that the friend has to do any more than just get in and aim the thing down the road. Which in his case being non-mechanically minded is perfectly fine, and he'll be paying someone else to service it and fix it when it breaks down. Being a dinosaur with dinosaur cars, I'm left well behind with new technology much of which I regard as being very much unnecessary and removing of the driver experience and stunting development of any real driving skills... and I like to service my own cars... but that's just me.
  5. Gawd. You'd think they'd have an access panel in the floor or something wouldn't you. Q. I see all these modern cars are now keyless. How does one get into the car if the car battery goes flat, or even if the key fob battery goes flat? At least my Falcon and my wife's Mitsubishi still have a keyhole on the driver's door. Curious.
  6. Ditto what AndBir says, my 260 is the same in the doors as his photo - a bitumastic impregnated foam strip which provides both adhesion and also a little spongy 'give'. If you do decide to insert a new foam strip make sure you use a genuine closed cell type butyl rubber. Some of the supposedly closed cell strips on the market for draught sealing in houses etc are not 100% closed cell at all. The last thing you want is water uptake in there. But if it were me I'd look at using a bitumastic sealant of some kind, position and hold the door skin where you want it and use the sealant as an adhesive.
  7. Your 'digression' is fascinating stuff, what a contrast you've been faced with. My father, as a vet, was kept home and restricted to horse-mounted Home Guard service during the WW2 years but hated the Japanese due to the enduring stresses and privations of the war years when everyone in NZ and Australia expected Japanese invasion forces to come sailing over the horizon at any moment. And all too many of NZ's and Australia's fighting forces were occupied defending what were regarded as primarily British interests in the European and Middle Eastern theatres of war. It had quickly become common knowledge of the manner in which the inhabitants of occupied countries and captured combatants were being treated by the Japanese. He lost several friends due to the Pacific conflict, and always resented that the authorities hadn't allowed him 'to do his bit', by that meaning service overseas. He owned numerous Ford and Holden cars for decades refusing to buy anything Japanese made, although very late in life he did finally relent and owned just one which being more compact better suited his needs. I can recall him being mortified, many decades ago, when I'd pointed out to him one day that his National transistor radio, with which he listened to the cricket, despite the 'English' sounding name was actually made in Japan! Oops. One of my grandfathers as a front line medic survived both Gallipoli and the Western Front in WW1 and went off to war again in 1940, sadly succumbing to typhus fever of all things in the Middle East in 1943. Like your father-in-law, he was a medical officer, going off to war with bandages not bullets. We know from his letters home that he treated the wounded from both sides of the conflicts, with apparently no hard feelings towards the enemy despite some of the horrific scenes he must have encountered. He must have been an exemplary character. His loss to his wife and family was profound, it affected them all for the rest of their lives, my late mother never got over losing her dad while she was still a teenager and it haunted her in her final years while succumbing to dementia. As you say, heavy stuff. Again, apologies for being off topic.
  8. No it didn't, praise the lord (and pass the ammunition). But only due to the sheer guts, determination and heroism of the Aussies sent 'up the track' to stop them. I've just finished re-reading 'Kokoda' by Peter Fitzsimons... a great read. Sorry, getting off topic...
  9. Beautiful work. The name of this post is very apt. Am much enjoying following this build. Shows what can be achieved with time and elbow grease.
  10. No, any broken or non-functioning auto parts that I could see no way of fixing by me went in the bin during garage clear outs when shifting house and later crossing The Ditch to here. I have a non-powered aftermarket unit in place at present. FWIW, one of the power aerials I used was retrieved from a 280ZX at a wreckers, it looked the same at the base and all I had to do was alter the wiring plug and it worked fine for many years. So maybe that's another potential source when looking for parts. But I know there were at least two different mast styles, probably no good for 240Zs then.
  11. Interesting. With both of mine there was a stump of the cord left in place and no way that I could see of accessing it. But you've encouraged me to look at it again.
  12. In my experience, twice now, the nylon cord has sheared off up inside the top tip of the metal concertina aerial. No show of fixing that I don't think. And the modern ones are wired differently, as an informative thread on this forum described sometime late last year IIRC.
  13. Check on eBay, there's a front one listed right now.
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