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  1. I just got one via eBay, nissandatsun_parts being the vendor; it is listed for 240Z but fits my L26, I think the metal breather pipe size is all the same on L24/L26/L28? Take a look anyway, see what you think.
  2. Excellent! Not that common and something to be treasured IMO. Gav's photos are a good start and that upholstery looks very familiar. I'll have to dig out my collection of Zed sales brochures. But as I said, the early vinyl seats were prone to splitting along the seams so repairs or re-trims were soon needed.
  3. Hard to tell from the one photo without a close-up. The factory vinyl seat covers had a reputation for splitting so re-trims were the norm back then. Whereas, FWIW I had my seats re-trimmed locally by the time the car was about 14yrs old and the replacements have well outlasted the originals. How do you know the car has only done 66,000km, do you have early records of the car? As most I think would have done 166,000 in their first 20+ yrs! The odometer only has 5 digits.
  4. There was a discussion on this subject on this forum some years back. My early 260 has the same vinyl seats as the late 240Zs. But later 260Zs often had cloth inserts, several different types of material being used and may have varied as to what trim level the local sales market deserved. In any case I have a collection of old sales brochures which show different types/patterns. Your seats look like recovers to me as the shaping isn't quite right IMO. They've been apart at some stage as if that's the driver's seat with the damage then the seat adjuster has been switched with the pass
  5. Probably right! You only have to attend a Z Club event in NZ to see lots of different spec details, there's a real mish-mash of Zeds from all over the planet. NZ-new Zeds would be a minority, thanks to expats returning home, or employees being transferred, and bringing a near-new car with them as a personal import. Yes, quite a number from Australia, with slightly different spec details. The rego can be a give-away, providing the build 'year' of car as well as the date when first registered in NZ. Import tax was payable, but reducing on a scale depending how long the owner had already own
  6. I think AndBir is on to something there. Who knows what provenance your rear springs are, a PO could have installed stiffer ones. But clearly they are way too stiff if they don't react when jacking. The car must be sitting at the top of the suspension travel instead of about the middle. But be careful with selection of shiny new springs, of whatever brand. Been through this myself. Try before you buy if possible. Kings told me their 'lowering' springs were about 30mm shorter than their 'standard'. The issue I found when I tried their 'lowering' versions on my 2-seater was that they w
  7. He says he's got 240Z hats in the rear. Both ends are sitting high it would appear. Yet you haven't changed the rear springs? The new shocks shouldn't be holding the car up. Try this - loosen off all the suspension hardware, install the glass and fuel tank and spare wheel and anything else with a bit of weight. When ready to tighten the hardware up again, get a person or two to stand on the rear bumper.
  8. Gawd. What next. 121,000km and the engine has already been rebuilt?
  9. We're probably all wondering why we didn't dig deep 5-10 years ago and buy up Zeds too when they were still cheap* as compared to now... * (My opinion, not that of that you-know-who troll who was on this forum not so long ago...)
  10. You can open the barrels up with care. They have a number of small parts inside with IIRC rectangular holes that correspond to each key indentation. Suggest you try a locksmith, take the hatch barrel in along with a door barrel and ask him to match the hatch barrel to the door barrel if he can. He might have to fabricate some new bits if they are very different and can't be just rearranged in a different order to suit a given key.
  11. Au contraire mon ami, that looks correct to me. Or at least it appears to match my '74 RS30.
  12. No, well not on my RS30. One single-edged key for ignition only, and different one, double-edged, for all of both doors, hatch, petrol flap and glovebox. Replacement key/barrel sets I see advertised online though don't seem to include those last two.
  13. I wouldn't waste any more time and money, and would start again with another car. I'd use this one as a parts car, cut it up and sell off all the portions and parts I didn't need.
  14. FWIW, I forgot to add that Mr Reg Cook as mentioned above is an accomplished race car driver in NZ, from the '70s to the present day. I can recall him racing Datsun SSS's back in the day with a great deal of success.
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