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  1. A rather less common interior colour? If no luck then find a good clean one of a different colour and vinyl spray it?
  2. Have you looked on eBay? Last time I looked there were a couple of options. All depends whether you want the add-on spoiler that attaches to the factory front valance panels, or the one-piece panel which replaces them entirely as well as providing a spoiler. Lots of different designs of both types have been and gone over the years.
  3. As I recall on this forum back in 2009/2010 there were quite a number of Zed owners wanting to go down the path for what I would call the JDM 'Fairlady Z' look with G noses, the add-on guard flares (necessitating cutting back the rear wheel arches), 'Fairlady' badging, and the hockey stick mirrors, etc. Much chat about positioning of the mirrors, and much disbelief that the JDM mirrors weren't mounted symmetrically! I saved the JDM mirror positioning diagram that was posted on this forum back then, just out of interest. But as to where it originated, and it's accuracy or otherwise, I have
  4. Well, FWIW they look perfectly fine to me, looking at my RS30 / 260Z, those swage lines are indeed a fairly tight radius.
  5. A unicorn I'm afraid. And that's changing, with the cars so sought after now that even rusty junked shells are being re-evaluated.
  6. This is a question for Gav I think. This JDM mirror positioning topic came up on the forum way back in 2009/2010. According to my filed info and dimensions from back then - which I hope are correct - yes, on a JDM (RHD) car the driver side mirror is closer to the front of the car by 3.5cm, and also 2cm in closer to the bonnet/hood. Does that match with what you've got? Gav and others might like to chip in here as I recall there was quite a robust discussion about the matter back in the day, with people unsure which dimensions were 'correct'.
  7. With the steering wheel painted yellow I wonder what the rest of the car it was once on looked like???
  8. I'll take a shot - I'm thinking the first one is off a 240K, the yellow one with spoke holes is later 240Z, and the third is aftermarket like SAAS or Autotecnica or whatever. AFAIK all 260Z wheels had padded rims although I've seen several with the 240K 'wood' style, retro-fitted probably as the padding breaks down over time. PS. I don't know why the rawl pins on the first wheel have been bent over, except maybe to fit a different car altogether?
  9. I think there is - one of these? Yes. But IMO they need gluing in place as they are so easily flicked off when getting in or out of the car as clothing catches on them. Great work BTW, especially your metal shaping skills. A real credit to you.
  10. Lap welds will only invite rust if they are not fully sealed along both edges allowing moisture in. But do a butt weld if you can, single thickness is easier to dress up and finish so it is hidden.
  11. I'm old-school so +1 for the L series.
  12. AFAIK, only the very early 260 shares the sender unit with the 240?? hence the same part number. (I hope, as I bought a new one as a spare just last year). There are different part nos for later 260s I'd thought... I'd need to check. So best to know what year the 260 is you are thinking to retrieve the tank from for your 240 if it doesn't come with the sender unit.
  13. Well it's reasonable to suppose that Nissan-Datsun origin bobtails were available via dealerships around the world which then enabled them to be replicated (more or less) by local fibreglass artisans at less cost. Alan, front spoilers too? My NZ-new RS30 has quite a tidy bobtail complete with the raised section Alan mentioned. This from a country that makes pretty much anything using fibreglass... jet boats, pleasure craft, beach buggies, kit cars.....
  14. Who knows what the repro ones are modelled off. Lots of other Jap assembled '70s-era-and-on Nissan/Datsuns had the hockeystick mirrors. They varied and evolved somewhat in side overhang and head size/shape, as did the plastic colours. Maybe my aging brain, but the ones I recall seeing on the 240Zs sold new in NZ I thought were pretty much jet black not silver or charcoal?
  15. Hang on. Q. By 280Z are you meaning the S30 series 280Z as sold in the USA ie. the continuation of the 240Z / 260Zs, ie. your car is LHD; or, the 280ZX (S130 series) LOTS of which came into NZ as used car Jap imports in the '80s/'90s and many for some reason (JDM?) had '280Z' rather than '280ZX' badges on them. Caused lots of confusion back then and probably still does. 260Z clutch and brake pedal shafts are different shapes Gav, the clutch pedal is straighter, so I don't know that using 2 brake pedals would work, maybe, but they would be closer together. Could always try, or modify
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