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  1. Stand down! Reverb problems fixed. Read on interwebs that over-tightened seat post clamp was common cause, didn't believe this but tried it and truth is truth.....and so it was. Also 150 PSI instead of 250 PSI didn't help!
  2. So doing my bit to support Rule #12 and bought this for Derby. Hardly used 2016 Canyon Spectral AL 7.0 EX Rode it for the first time yesterday and confirmed a few things: Long travel bikes and dropper posts are awesome but XC still rules. Has a Reverb Stealth dropper that sticks with the last 20-30mm to extend. You can hold the button and pull the last bit up but feels like it goes through a tight spot. Any suggestions why and how to fix? Interweb is full of Reverb problems
  3. Technically you are correct however old master cylinders that haven't been bled for a long time don't like to travel through a long stroke (as you do when bleeding) as the seals get damaged by crud deposited in the region where the seals normally don't operate. If you are confident that both front a rear systems have been bled properly then good chance the master cylinder seals are damaged and are bypassing.
  4. 5 days @ $100 a day is a bit rich for hire. I'm hoping to a buy a bike and flip it afterwards for the same price (if I don't keep it) and be $500 better off
  5. I'm going to Derby in November with a few mates and 100mm XC bike isn't going to cut it so looking for enduro/trail 140mm+ travel sized Medium to Large. Anyone got one for sale?
  6. A few videos posted on their FB page.
  7. Meh....not sure. Not really oriented to my tastes.
  8. I built an LJ GTR many years ago: Stout small block Chev, toploader with vertical gate, 9 inch with 4.11 gears. Was a lead tipped bullet but a lot of fun.
  9. Not likely Mick.....way to valuable as an XU1 to be a used as a race car but it is a GTR. Brother doesn't have time to race anymore so this was probably last time out in its current guise as its going to be converted back to a road car. Motor still undecided.
  10. So interesting day out at this event yesterday. Had some really nice cars there but also very Drift/Stance orientated. Some of the nicer and more "interesting" cars there:
  11. Shinisha was there and I played passenger in my brothers LJ.
  12. I was that way too but needed some variety so went for a roadie....but still worries me about being cleaned up. Only two MTB's for me, both 100mm XC. One hard tail and one dually for longer races. Love riding up hills and a moderately good descender but nothing like some of the Enduro/DH guys do....I'm not brave enough or too old
  13. Have ridden with him and can vouch for legitimacy of those quads
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