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  1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kia_Sportage#First_generation_(NB;_1993) rear doors, not front
  2. I got used seals from a wrecker and they were perfect
  3. This popped up on my fb feed just this morning so jumped in the Z and headed off for a look. A few cool cars:
  4. This guy /\ has an amazing build thread for this car, wish I could find it again! Also did an awesome LS swapped BMW wagon
  5. Im lucky Ive got all the Dandenongs in my 5km radius so spoilt for choices, only Silvan is out of reach.
  6. https://www.facebook.com/Cars-that-do-not-deserve-club-plates-1565807697000162/ Tradie utes, vans and trucks well over represented.
  7. About time but also too late. Its farcical the number of cars on CH plates that clearly should not be.
  8. Top work mate! Good to see someone having the balls and ability to take this on.
  9. Oh dear...... You sound like Santa Claus unwrapping presents!
  10. Thanks, I have plenty of diffs and the stub axles that go into the diffs. I'm after the flanges that connect the drive shafts to the axle in the wheel hub.
  11. Bump! Surely someone has them gathering dust somewhere. Happy to buy and pay for freight interstate if needs be. Thanks.
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