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  1. Weather irrespective I cant make it....family stuff
  2. Yep, good story. Who are you a LAME for?
  3. Probably like most purists they would be aghast. There was an E30 with an RB26 parked right across from me at the Black Label invitational ...I thought it was pretty cool.
  4. Some of you may know that I joined the BMW Car Club of Victoria as my chosen club for Historic or Club rego......for various reasons. Its a different kind of club with lots of late model BMW cars and I'm OK with that, however I was a little concerned they would shun some old modified Japanese sports car but seems they like it....... A couple of months ago they asked me to write an article for inclusion in the next issue of their club magazine.
  5. Plug for Simon's car https://www.tradeuniquecars.com.au/news/1909/1979-datsun-280zx-for-sale?fbclid=IwAR3aepgNqfFCKY4PjNO_ER7cQbONuiOFTmEe27HVsT64zdl72yKwuensZ14
  6. Yell out when you are ready to pull the engine Gordo, I'm happy to help with the motivation and getting to the bottom of this.
  7. Yep, I'm going to drop down to start and say hi
  8. Looks like a nice bit of kit. Good luck with sale.
  9. Hang some plates on the racecar and cruise in the middle of the pack....no one will notice!
  10. Weather is looking dodgy in the arvo. As long as the morning is OK I will be there.
  11. My God, she is ugly. Well done Trek on snatching her!
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