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  1. Good quality aftermarket studs (not made in China) and you will be fine. When was the last time you saw any car with broken studs......most of the time when this happens its not because they were lug centric, generally it is other factors (stupidity) that cause it.
  2. Check spark first, your chasing too many things otherwise. Im guessing its fuel related if its been sitting for a long time. Is it mechanical pump or electric? Is there an inline filter?
  3. That would be wishful thinking!
  4. Yep, should be there
  5. Pulled the LOLvo out of the shed so I could blast 33 years of crud out of the engine bay. Came up pretty well! The first cut......battery tray has to go to make way for forced induction device My nephew picked up the TH400 donor car on the weekend
  6. Trying to tidy up the engine bay wiring so removed the full engine harness including ECU and ignition controller. Next job is to cut open the interior harness and remove everything except whats required to run the lights, wipers/washers, guages and horn. Amazed at how solid this car is, the floors are pristine! #notdatsunlife
  7. Is this the one that had the roof chop as well?
  8. Car is registered now so time to get stuck in......no turning back now! Engine and trans sold to a mate of Lurch's HVAC is excess to requirements. What a job to remove, probably took 4-5 hours
  9. Ive got another set Martin but a bit rougher and the mod on the brackets not very welll done
  10. As with a lot of stuff, I acquired these ages ago and went a different direction. Includes discs (not undersize), calipers that will need a clean up and kit through them and already have modified handbrake cable brackets, modified mounting brackets (not by me) to adapt to S30 rear struts. Looking for $100
  11. Bought this ages ago from a fellow viczcar member but went with another option so they have been gathering dust. Red painted (of course) S12W calipers that look to be in good condition and come with EBC Yellow stuff pads. Discs I beleive are 300ZX vented and comes with the required spacer and bolts for 260Z, you will need the thicker spacer for 240Z Looking for $350
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