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  1. Good to see a few Z's out today, caught up with Dale and Owen and Hardman. https://www.facebook.com/298406013699389/videos/430797640930201/ https://www.facebook.com/298406013699389/videos/503456623712024/
  2. Those "Vampire" connectors are absolute shite Gav. They have a habit of partially cutting the conductor, when you remove slide back the insulator a bit and you should be able to see if this has happened, pay special attention to the large white/red cable as this is the main power source. Some insulation tape to cover where the splice was will be fine.
  3. Mathieu Van der Poel .......the real deal or no?
  4. https://www.facebook.com/classicjapanshow Looks like the weather is going to cooperate! Moving to an afternoon event this year. I'm entered, anyone else? See you there.
  5. Can't help with mirrors but also can't believe I missed this conversion....more details please?
  6. I got delayed in Sydney yesterday arvo for a couple of hours due to a severe storm that closed all runway operations completely. Geeze Sydney cops so bad storms these days so you were lucky to miss them.
  7. Thanks Gordo, fantastic as always
  8. Some of you may recall I bought a Canyon Spectral back in August, this was specifically for Derby.....got back a couple of weeks ago and have to say that everything that you read about Derby is true......its heaven on a MTB stick! Had 6 days there and started out on the easier blue trails and then did Blue Tier and Atlas and then spent the last few days on black and double black which I never thought I would do. Riding with some really capable and skilled guys really pushed me out of my comfort zone as I have never done any gravity stuff before but the bike was awesome and the more I rode the more confident I became. By the last couple of days I was "comfortable" enough to be able to enjoy tracks like Trouty, Roxanne and Kumma Gutza . Favorite just fun trails were Air ya goin (just an absolute riot) , Flickety Sticks and Return to Sender. If you're into MTB Derby is a much do! If you want any advice or suggestions let me know. Pic of the gang.....
  9. Anyone keen for a blat in the hills before going to Gordo's?
  10. I've got a Retrosound in my 240. Apart from the clock being crap at keeping time its a really good thing.
  11. Looks like a quality build but for that sort of money you would want to include some details of VASS Engineer approval status. Good luck with the sale.
  12. No sale as yet or decide to sacrifice other toys for the greater good?
  13. Yep, better than today !
  14. Rained at my place most of the morning so the Z stayed home. Dropped in around 11:30 and saw G man leaving as I came in. Looked for Bruce but he was invisible!
  15. Looks like rain out my way so will play by ear
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