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  1. That's a popular alternative for engines that have restricted oil flow from the pickup....aka Holden red sixes...ask my brother how he knows
  2. Was the price just for engineering cert or to do the actual swap? How much did they quote?
  3. Looks good. I reckon that's where the market is for a car like that so will be good to see if it sells.
  4. If you can’t lower the nose of the diff or raise the rear anymore then as you point out the only option is to change the gearbox angle. Are you using the standard diff cross member and mount or an RT type diff mount? May be easier to modify this if so. Dropping the gearbox mount will require some decent spacers to get 2 degrees so you may want to look at spacing the engine mounts to raise the nose of the engine as well if you have room?
  5. If it’s shredding bearings then I would suspect angles are the culprit. Ideally gearbox and diff need to be at the same angle or at least close. The actual angle isn’t really important (no more than 5 preferably) as long as they are the same. Assume it is a conventional tail shaft with slip joint in the gearbox or is the slip joint in the shaft itself?
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