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  1. Thanks to @AndBir and his mate Darren in QLD for the pre purchase inspection this turned up at 7:00 this morning...... This will be a collab with my brother Tim, he can intro himself sometime soon. We've both built quite a few cars and decided that it was time we did something together with the aim being to do drag and drive type events. LS with a big single, TH400 and 9inch Paid $1900 for it, runs and drives beautfully for 319,000kms. Had it on the hoist alreday and cant believe how soild it is.......genuienly not a spec of rust...and I know about rust! No accident damage and paint is just oxidised but some patina that we will keep. This will be an on the cheap slow build, buying parts as they come up at the right price...hopefully
  2. A few shots from HIghball cars and coffee a couple of weeks ago https://www.facebook.com/Shutter-Speed-Photography-Melbourne-107904581770140/photos/pcb.157386740155257/157385976822000/
  3. Only good part of winter is the Grand Tours....what a fucking awesome job by Hindley. Big fan of MVDP but he needs some better advice and stop trying to win every stage. TDF only a month away!
  4. Big thanks to Darren for his assitance and pre purchase inspection. Ive searched for previous recommendations for car transport but most are more than 10 years old. Anyone had more recent experience or recommendations?
  5. Hello Queenslanders...... Im looking at buying a car and was hoping there was someone close by who could check out a car (not a Dastun) in Hervey Bay area? Just want a quick eye run over it for obvious rust issues and general condition. https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/torquay/cars-vans-utes/volvo-240-wagon/1295741686 Cheers. David
  6. Well done Ned.....+1 for the heathen. What gearbag?
  7. Good summary vosadrian, I think youve got it pretty right! Original restoration vs. tastefull restomod? I can see value in both and it comes down to the market and what the buyer wants. I love the classic modified JDM look and wanted to keep that, so from the outside and even the interior you wouldn't know that my car is so extensively modified until you open the bonnet. I did want to stay with the heritage of a N/A inline six but wanted a more modern and capable feel to the driving experience. I did hedge my bets both ways so everything I've done is bolt in and easily reversible and I've got the original parts, including matching numbers engine and gearbox and everything needed to revet back to standard.....if a buyer wanted to do so. What its worth doesnt really bother me and I wouldnt change a thing if I had my time over again.
  8. Lurch's back yard...he must know this?
  9. Great evening drive ending up at Skyhigh with the BMW club #wolfinsheepsclothing
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