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  1. Hoping someone, preferably in eastern suburbs of Melbourne has a pair of 27 spline companion flanges I can borrow for a few days ? Cheers David
  2. Pretty impressive turnout today. Numbers of classic cars is dwindling and being replaced by late model luxobarges, not complaining just an observation. Managed to get a good early morning sunlight with some shadow of mine. Cars that tickled my fancy: 13B turbo RWD conversion Mighty Boy....not sure how legally legit but impressive build non the less. Looks like recent Safari Gold partly done resto. Ke70 Corolla with a turbo VG
  3. Anyone going to this https://fb.me/e/291nVl3uR ?
  4. My 240 Z is a 4/71 #728 and had the same propshaft mod with a 71-B box fitted to it when I bought it. As Alan says, it seems to have been the done thing to replace the gearbox end flange with the slip joint from the later box when fitting the -B box
  5. Any pre E92 M car......E30 are unobtainium, even the much derided E36 are going through the roof and as you say manual conversion E46
  6. One of the young guys from our Tuesday night group took out the U17 XCO......one to watch for sure
  7. I'm running Rota RBX, 16x8 -4 and no issues. My caliper setup is unique and I was careful to ensure the caliper/disc was as far inboard as possible.
  8. Got a few mates from my Tuesday night ride group down there. That's some sweet Tassie dirt there!
  9. I resisted the dropper for years .....suffice to say once you try there is no going back!
  10. Apex one looks pretty crap to me. Agree that something coming off the top strut mounts would be a better option.
  11. @BruceYes Cascades is not to be taken lightly. I've not done it but quite a few mates have and they all commented how technical it was. @CBR JeffGravity/Enduro has really taken off. Its really captured the imagination of the younger kids and has dragged their fathers into as a consequence. Has become a real family thing which is great. But don't overstep the mark, its easy to get carried away watching the young and fearless !
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