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  1. I used genuine Nissan throughout. Not a fan of poly bushes on a road car
  2. Keep a spreadsheet or something similar of all the alternatives you come across when researching and add prices and comments along the way. Makes it so much easier when it comes to decision time.
  3. I really like it.....not sure about the rear, looks a bit S13'ish. Tragically most new cars look nothing like their concepts/protos when they finally reach production Twin turbo means aftermarket will go nuts for it.
  4. Such a nice looking car, watching how this turns out.
  5. Congrats Gav, life changing for all the right reasons! I can confirm that fatherhood and Z's can coexist.
  6. Time for Mossy to chime in re S30 and Mustang comparison! Sure, new Mustangs are nice but they are like arseholes......no one notices or cares too much about them...they are just another new car (albeit pretty good looking) that anyone can buy.
  7. Not necessarily a must watch but spot the Datsun part at 2:32+
  8. And watch the longer version in the link
  9. Nice! Serious surge tank.....cos race car?
  10. Pretty good build thread here with lots of S30 and other JDM goodness. https://zilvia.net/f/showthread.php?t=654450 Guy has deep pockets but has built some fantastic cars including one of my favorites: https://www.bimmerforums.com/forum/showthread.php?1904279-E39-touring-LS-swap-project Its such a pity that good build threads are dying off and people using social media instead.....just doesn't work for me.
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