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  1. C.A.R.

    Efi turbo L26

    Slab of Crownies?
  2. C.A.R.

    Efi turbo L26

    They turbo will probably be to small, but get it running with it then upgrade later. The injectors won't flow enough - IIRC they are less then 200cc Hunt around for some R32 GTR injectors - they are 440cc and will give you some headroom and will fit the manifold.
  3. You can grind injector notches into the head with a burr grinder and re-drill the side of the head for the EFI manifold mounting holes. It's been done many times before.
  4. Compare 'how' Justin? Both will fit and make brum brum noises is that's what you are asking...?
  5. Hi Dennis, Sorry for you loss. As Gav said we are very busy at them moment but give me a call to discuss the 2+2 on: zero four zero zero zero five four five seven two We are located in the Warragul area. -Lachlan.
  6. Let me have a look through my parts for one...
  7. Bar some panel beating, the body is now done finished with a fresh coat of epoxy! Now onto the panels...
  8. The RH front bonnet hinge mount was rusted out, so we unpicked the duct, repaired the area, media blasted the duct, repaired that, then applied some KBS rust seal, then welded it back on: Done!
  9. Last Year. He's dropping in again this year on the 1st of April.
  10. RH Rear quarter panel was next - due to the extent of the damage, we decided it was easier to cut out the damaged area and weld in a new panel: After media blasting:
  11. Time for another update! The firewall behind the battery tray / inner skirt area was ventilated and badly pitted, so a template was taken, then a patch was made and welded in:
  12. Do you know in what direction it went? Do you know what specs you want? '"Big Cam" is a little vague, Matt...
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