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  1. A section of quarter panel below the LH quarter glass had rusted out, so I fabricated a replacement section, cut the old section out & welded in the new patch: It just needs a little tapping about to smooth it up, so I'll come back to it in due course. The LH sill was rusted out at the front and back, along with accident damage. We decided to remove it & replace it with a new one, but as it was a Bus, it's not that simple... Cut off, de-rusted and KBS'd: I bought a 260Z/280Z LH sill from @kfvintagejdm, then cut the end off and fabricated an extension. This was then KBS'd inside and welded into position:
  2. The brown is the gas burning - not worth worrying about. Welds look good. Just manage your heat & warpage. Add more stich welds to your bracing to body.
  3. Volvo or Triumph British SU's. Parts are easier to get for them compared to the Hitachi's. They may need tuning (needles), but they'll work fine on an L28.
  4. Tim @ SSSAutomotive in Sydney.
  5. The back of the RH floorpan - under the rear seats - was rusted out, so the section was cut, rust treated, then new sections were fabricated and welded into place. Then the RH rail assembly could be installed. The RH door hinges also came back from Leon - they've been been re-pinned and re-bushed, along with a new roller and leaver:
  6. We have enough EOI's now, so I am closing the GB. Thanks for your interest.
  7. Group Buy: Non-Vented Bonnets: I am running a group buy for new Non-Vented bonnets from Resurrected Classics in the USA. Price is AUD$780.00 (excluding shipping). This is a $127.00 saving over RRP. I need a minimum of 5 order's, so please PM me if you are interested. We are currently waiting on a freight quote, so once we have that I'll be advising the total to your door. Cheers, L.
  8. Whats the issue with your original items?
  9. RH footwell: Then the rails were removed: Also the RS30 LH sill (which we'll be modifying), floor rails and bonnet hinge gussets arrived from @kfvintagejdm:
  10. Ahhhh, the marginally better looking brother has arrived...
  11. I watched a few of there videos with my guys just now at lunch. He had some very strange idea's on panel beating and panel shrinking... Media blasting is fine if the blaster knows what he is doing. Both of those guys have obviously had operators that didn't know what whey were doing. My recommendations: 1. Use an media blaster that does car body's a LOT & look at his work. If you don't like what you see, find someone else. 2. Don't blast sections of bodywork that are large and open, and away from body/swage lines. Mechanically strip or chemically strip that areas instead. Chemical dipping is far more risky and costly IMHO. There has been more than one car destroyed because the acid wasn't neutralized correctly... Wray does lovely work, but his idea's on pattern making are not my cup of tea - we just use brown paper.
  12. Onto the LH floor - I worked out the cost for new KFVintageJDM floor pans + freight + installation, and the figures said it was going to be cheaper to fabricate & install patch repair panels: I'm not taking credit for this - it's Graeme's handywork.
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