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  1. Just a comparison between old and new and a look at the new enclosed fuel filler route
  2. Me and perhaps you yes, spare wheel in a can yes, full size spare no LMAO
  3. Buy CBR a cigar! correct, as the tank now sits in the spare wheel well I had to re-route it and encase it as I will be running dual exhaust and dual mufflers so this way the filler will be away from any direct heat source.
  4. Thanks Dave, Jeff’s 1&2 ;) Got onto some nasty surgery today Anyone willing to take a punt on the lunacy I’m up to?
  5. Merry Christmas Zholics Custom rear lower control arms near completion
  6. Port lid for the new surge tank done now to build the guts of it next week all
  7. When necessity is the mother of invention Core of the tank is now complete and now to move onto all the ancillary pipes and fittings
  8. Been a few weeks, unfortunately illness and waiting for John Lange to finish the custom rear control arms have slowed me down So moved onto the rear fuel tank fabrication, using the LPG donut tank as the basis First was chopping 65mm out of the height through the centre aa well as removing the center tube section Then it was a matter of fabricating a centre rise section to clear the spare wheel well hump With the modifications, I’ve worked out it should be between 58-60 litres plus another 8-10 in the additional surge tank All in all so far a perfect fit See you all next week
  9. Mine is a 75 coupe and was originally this colour
  10. Rear gearbox mount almost done, just need to fix the height position and fab some outriggers to the cradle lots of room for the twin exhaust and will tuck inside the tunnel snd of course start of the obligatory smoothing of some weld areas and metal finishing due to my OCD
  11. Some movement today finished up the lower torsion rod mounting points incasing the cavities with pipe sections along with closing off the cradle rails at the rear. Removed the temporary cross brace and now I’m ready to trial mount the motor and box so as to configure the revised gear box mount hopefully next weekend Cheers john
  12. P.S. I think I’ve found a new way to prep a car for paint, total rust, dirt and paint removal with no consumables, no heat distortion, no metal damage, no fall out clean up and it gets into every visible space Im making enquirers at the moment https://laserking.com.au/news/
  13. Hi Jeff Yes, that cradle will carry the motor, trans, front suspension, steering rack and headers down to the merge section as a complete unit meaning it can be raised into the bay or the body lowered onto it
  14. Been past 2 weeks but made some progress today Chassis reconfiguration is now flush with the new rails Gearbox rear mount is next up
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