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  1. Today day car show . Just a few of the 100 cars that were out for the day
  2. I am in as always. I look foward to seeing you all there
  3. that all I am planning on doing. all ready sign up to be a volunteer !!!
  4. I after the choke knob if you still have it Bruce
  5. better put up the address It may take a couple of day to get there. But why not.
  6. gee that looking great . cant wait to see it finished Bruce
  7. Thanks gordo That was a fun run today. I look foward to the next one Bruce
  8. I can make it to this one Gordo. After spending 10g on Xmas dec. I need some Zed time.
  9. Yea I can make that one Gordo. If not I be thinking of you all as I look and buy Xmas decoration. Bruce
  10. Hi Gav I think I have one or two in the shed of death. I have a look for you tonight. If you need one. I can drop it off at the big guys shed or post it to you. your call regards Bruce
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