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  1. Very Interesting to see how much went into the development
  2. When the summer comes around I’ll have my bike legs back and we’ll go for a ride for sure.
  3. Sorry mate. Can’t make it. Good luck, hope the weather holds out.
  4. I love my cycling. but this time of year i keep it to a minimum. once the warmer weather comes around i start riding to work a few times a week. last weekend i went up the warby trail and stopped at the Millgrove bakery. the coffee machine was out of order. i couldn't get my caffeine fix. struggled all the way home. lol.
  5. The forecast for the next two weeks is going to be very ordinary. This time of year not that flash for getting the Zeds out. I don’t mind driving in the rain, but it’s hard to get good numbers and even harder to organise a drive day two weeks out. Once the weather is on the improve we’ll try and put something together.
  6. Another great drive day, albeit at Sandown
  7. I can feel a group photo coming on. Even if your not entered come down to Sandown and see if you can score a ride as a passenger. Or get your car in the group photos.
  8. Fantastic Dave. Looking forward to see how all the Zeds go. This is going to be a fun day.
  9. Weather forecast fine and sunny. Not to late to enter. You Don’t need to be a member of a club. Hopefully we get a few Zeds out there. Or come out and see if you can score a ride as a passenger.
  10. Hi Guys, just bumping this event. If you want to get involved it’s not to late. Either the track event or the car shows. There a massive weekend of Motorsport for the enthusiast and social gatherings. Camp at the track or book your accommodation. Don’t take to long as the event is almost full. It will be a weekend to remember. Hope to see you there. Gordo
  11. Use this as a drive day. Good chance to sort your cars handling out . do the first session and have a de brief with all the guys, what its doing and what its not doing. try a few things out for the next session .Or go as a passenger to feel what other cars go and handle like. like a drive day. Meet at Sandown 7.30am, do some laps, have coffee. do some more laps and have more coffee.
  12. Hi guys. If you’ve ever wanted to track your car this is your chance. On Saturday June 8th there is a Tampered track day. You don’t need a Cams licence. Your car needs to be in good condition and empty of all loose items. Passengers are permitted. Entry $230 Enter on the day. Extra $30 All drivers need to buy a one day licence at $20 Passengers pay $20 this is run as a sprint event. Groups of about 20 getting 10 to 15 min sessions all day. Two Zeds already entered PM me your email address and I will forward the on line entry. It’s very easy to enter.
  13. Last year after the Sunday racing, presentation and putting the car on the trailer I was ready for a rest. A lot of the guys camp as did I. Was a great way of meeting people. Group bbqs and get togethers after dinner. We packed up early Monday morning and left about 8.00am for Melbourne. Don’t think I could drive part way home on Sunday after the weekend.. it’s only three days off work. Thursday,Friday and Monday.
  14. I dropped into MPC at Kilsyth today. Took the Zed for a cruse. Pretty good turn out. They had a dyno day running from 9.00am to 4.00pm . Anyone know who the white zed belongs to?
  15. if you have apportioning valve it typically will adjust the rear brake line. you should be able to wind the rear brakes off.
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