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  1. ill be there looking forward to seeing you all Linton
  2. its is back back to taking a long time to start up
  3. Peter this is also my current task, I will wash them in clean petrol a couple of times. I have decided not re oil the filters as it seems to be causing the carby's to run rich at idle, and wash them out maybe depending on use, every 6 weeks or so. Normal engine oils is fine you don't want to use anything too thick
  4. although I have one of these cars myself, this is not really the forum for them it is for the early z cars. it is great that you have one but I think you would get more benefit from posting on the https://www.aus300zx.com/index.php
  5. a quick squirt around the site is much quicker to load, 100% improvement Ill check back later tonight well done.
  6. the whole site has been frustratingly slow on my pc for ages can take up to 30 seconds just for the site to start working, if I try to go back to a post I was previously on, well, just forget it most times
  7. did you put some rubber grease on the sliders and lubricate the winder mechanism? that will help
  8. Hi all just wanting to know if there are rubber bumps on the corner of the tail gate i have a 260 it has a hole each side which suggests it might, if so any one have a part number for reference, are they the same as the door ones?. Linton
  9. i have a 260 mirror, i don't need no base it would need to be restored also have heaps of spares from the donor car it will all be going the tip i cannot store it anymore
  10. as the title suggests anyone have any new ones surplus to there needs Thanks Linton
  11. Absolutely bloody fantastic, no choke needed to start at any time, heaps of power, the induction noise is awesome, and 10 km/pl... big grin from ear to ear every time I drive it.
  12. Just to add some more to my build I fitted triple Weber's a little while ago and Power steering
  13. in my opinion one tooth out shouldn't make any difference, so long as the distributor can rotate it will compensate, mine ran worse than yours when I fitted the triples. I took it to a Weber carby expert he had it idling perfect within 30 min, with 17 deg static timing all the jets needed to be changed even though they were brand new and set up from Weber performance.
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