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  1. Linton


    no sorry gone long ago
  2. not looking likely for us this year very dissapointed
  3. Same as mine Ben 76" i used a commodore fuse block 3 live and an earth makes perfect sense, if I remember right 40,60,and 80 amps
  4. I got one too but locked out of melbourne
  5. the short answer is no it wont bolt up without modifying and yes the original filter is available i got one off ebay way back before the tripples my new car has su's but a 240z air cleaner
  6. I'm with gilltech, change the balance tube and say nothing they probably wont notice, but if you talk to them, they will be forced to investigate and come up with stuff you wont like..
  7. hmmm, , to my limited knowledge the 260 had hitachi carbies not SU as for the rest no need to run water. if your car hasn't got all the emission connections on it i would get rid of all that as well, or better still source another tube without all the pollution stuff on it
  8. a relay probably wont stop you blowing fuses you need to fix the the wiring short that is causing it, the relay stops the the excessive voltage feeding back and cooking the headlight switch but also gives you full voltage at the light
  9. well pre covid, less than 2 weeks from being sent, I cant quite remember but it wasn't long don't know about now though, I think you will be in for a bit of a wait, if we send stuff to melbourne it goes to sydney then back to melbourne and I live in victoria
  10. thankyou, I have repaired the said area myself, I have got a heap of stuff from him namely the full radiator support which I have not installed yet.
  11. no steering stops, it is all in the rack jack it up at the front and put it on full lock and check clearance each side i think you will find it is off centre the only other thing it might be is a different rim offset on the front you said you had new tyres fitted, I know I cant run my rears on the front they hit the calipers
  12. Had the exact same problem.. I had to do this , the rack is probably centre but the tie rods are adjusted offset to correct the alignment, then the steering wheel has been removed and re-centred. You need to count lock to lock as you have done, then remove the steering wheel and refit it it so the orientation is correct, then take it in for a wheel alignment, note the steering wheel will be off centre but in the correct position.... after the alignment it will be straight and lock to lock correct. HTH Linton
  13. HI Cliff have you got inside rear 1/4 panel plastics tail light plastics?
  14. Hi looking for anyone who can supply a repair patch panel for the battery area, usual rust spot also the rear inner quarter plastics including tail light section Thanks
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