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  1. Love to have a chat with you about them if you could give me a call 0457785159
  2. Yes it’s all up in the air at the moment, hopefully MA and Targa will get it sorted
  3. Thanks for your reply , I’ll keep hunting locally for a bit. at this stage I am planning to get up to Cairns for Targa Great Barrier Reef so I might give you a yell if I am not able to sort anything out beforehand cheers Bruce
  4. Hi Linton sounds like they might do the trick, whereabouts are you? happy to have a chat my phone number is 0457785159
  5. I am looking for 2 alloy wheels to suit a 260Z as part of a restoration project, would be great to hear from anyone who might have some they’re happy to part with. This photo shows the wheel type I need and I think it’s a 5.5J *14 - with a 15mm offset.
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