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  1. I saw your beaut in the parking lot @KatoKid. The safari gold is build number 00060, almost finished. 2 of my favourites were this Honday City, as well as a original 1984 AH civic with 30,000kms on the clock (this was my first car) (the AH I attached is not the actual car, I didn't get a photo)
  2. Yes, planning on attending
  3. Lovely work. I look forward to these updates
  4. The part number for new OEM replacements are in this thread. Were you after this or an original set? If you wanted original, I should have 1 or 2 you can have. w
  5. I don’t think you left the impression of you having a vested interest in the car. No concern here. Cheers
  6. Gav, Was this the Sydney car that had the extensive photo shoot done as it was restored mainly with NOS parts?
  7. Great footage, extra power is an understatement. The driver at 1:03 didn't want to let you pass
  8. Is this one of the last things you need for RWC?
  9. Hi All As per title, I have 1 more set of Koni SPORTS for sale in stock. New, $340ea. $1360 SET
  10. Thanks for sharing Alan, very interesting. I was lucky enough for visit Zama a couple of years back, the guides were super helpful, gave a parting gift on the way out and you could buy GTR water from the vending machine which I lugged around in my backpack for the following three weeks The journey there was a great memory also, for no particular reason, just stuck with me. Maybe it was the gardens, I've worked in the fresh food industry for many years!
  11. Hi Alan What is the most accurate resource for reading out there at the moment? Thanks
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