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  1. Good progress. Did you manage to find a set of rear light wiring?
  2. I'd be interested. I have one in desperate need of attention
  3. Replaced my radiator after the last one gave way a couple of months ago. Then gave her a good 3 hour drive
  4. Well done on Finally taking the plunge! Look forward to putting it back together with you!
  5. Those wheels look like Enkei92's
  6. I repaired a couple with arildite. Both stuck very well and doesn't fall off when driving
  7. Hi Peter What suspension set up were you running in this?
  8. Looking great. Love the ride height also
  9. Won't be there in the Z. Blew a hole in the radiator today
  10. The dash looks fantastic. What sort of spray did you decide to use?
  11. Outstanding effort Jeff It looks fantastic
  12. Hi Gordo, I'm 90%! Barring any late calls to work
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