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  1. Hi All As per title, I have 1 more set of Koni SPORTS for sale in stock. New, $340ea. $1360 SET
  2. Thanks for sharing Alan, very interesting. I was lucky enough for visit Zama a couple of years back, the guides were super helpful, gave a parting gift on the way out and you could buy GTR water from the vending machine which I lugged around in my backpack for the following three weeks The journey there was a great memory also, for no particular reason, just stuck with me. Maybe it was the gardens, I've worked in the fresh food industry for many years!
  3. Hi Alan What is the most accurate resource for reading out there at the moment? Thanks
  4. Hi All I am ordering 2 sets of these from the states this evening and thought i'd offer if anyone else needs, I'll grab at the same time Our custom stub axles are made from heat treated, 1541H steel alloy forgings. These forgings are roughly 50% stronger than a standard OE axle. They have the Subaru 27 count spline to match the differential and the standard Datsun 4 bolt flange for attachment to the vehicle's original half shafts or WCR CV axles. The stub axles are not supplied with the needed press in studs. STi Differential Sourcing and Installation Notes: Below ar
  5. Massive Congrats Gav and Maria
  6. Thanks all. The wreckers don't have stock at the moment. Found 2 on the gumtree however
  7. Thanks. He also messaged me saying he had 71c gearboxes!
  8. Hi all As per title I am wanted to buy a 71c box to go into my 240. Thank you
  9. Restored my brothers wheel over the weekend. This is the 5th or 6th one I have done, each time getting better. I used a stainless steel wool ball to clean up the wood part, not sand paper which could get rid of the texture of the grain in I went overboard. I used floorboard polish to seal, Only 1 coat to keep the texture. I have done with 2 before, however I prefer a little texture.
  10. This is next on my list while I change my extractor gasket
  11. Plenty of knowledge on here that yo can tap into. Just ask
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