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  1. Massive Congrats Gav and Maria
  2. Thanks all. The wreckers don't have stock at the moment. Found 2 on the gumtree however
  3. Thanks. He also messaged me saying he had 71c gearboxes!
  4. Hi all As per title I am wanted to buy a 71c box to go into my 240. Thank you
  5. Restored my brothers wheel over the weekend. This is the 5th or 6th one I have done, each time getting better. I used a stainless steel wool ball to clean up the wood part, not sand paper which could get rid of the texture of the grain in I went overboard. I used floorboard polish to seal, Only 1 coat to keep the texture. I have done with 2 before, however I prefer a little texture.
  6. This is next on my list while I change my extractor gasket
  7. Plenty of knowledge on here that yo can tap into. Just ask
  8. Good progress. Did you manage to find a set of rear light wiring?
  9. I'd be interested. I have one in desperate need of attention
  10. Replaced my radiator after the last one gave way a couple of months ago. Then gave her a good 3 hour drive
  11. Well done on Finally taking the plunge! Look forward to putting it back together with you!
  12. Those wheels look like Enkei92's
  13. I repaired a couple with arildite. Both stuck very well and doesn't fall off when driving
  14. Hi Peter What suspension set up were you running in this?
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