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  1. That would be great thanks @Dirtydatto. I need a set of vinyl's for my 240 but just haven't gotten around to organising them yet. Regards Jeff
  2. Something to do with the fuel filler pipe? That’s solid! Jeff
  3. I would be interested to get a rear glass and very interested if they could come with the horizontal imbedded defrost wires. Jeff
  4. Thanks NatO. I don’t have the entire item but what I have (the white section) is ~215 long
  5. Nat0 are you making the short original one or the longer later one? I’m in for a short one as I only have the bulb carrier section. thanks Jeff
  6. Under law in Australia all bikes must be sold with a bell. Yes even a $10k down hill bike must be sold with a bell. Never happens. But the shop should supply a bell it will be a very simple cheap bell but it is a bell. Jeff
  7. Youhan They and both similar bikes, 29” hard tails. Neither are a bikes I would ride as I’m into longer travel and slacker angles. Both would be capable entry level XC bikes. With these bikes as with most bike models the more you pay the more you get. Advice I give to most people who are purchasing bikes is to get the one that suits your needs and pay as much as you can afford because the better equiped bike will be better to ride and last longer. Jeff
  8. Original (probably not 100% original) style radiator for sale. 2 core. I have an AL unit in the car and have no use for this radiator that came in the car when purchased. I have no idea what it’s worth so we can start at $250 plus shipping happy to discuss price. Better it’s in a car than at the back of my shed. It’s in Canberra.
  9. 260Z not 240. Number plate light. Wider than 240. Dirty but otherwise good condition. Bulb fittings have no rust. No bulbs. $100 plus postage. Jeff
  10. I have a cowl panel that has lots of bog in it. Rusted on both L&R sides. If you want to spend some time it’s repairable. Even a rough repair would be better than the fibreglass alternative. $75.00 plus postage but probably better to be picked up. In Canberra. Jeff
  11. Set of door handles in good condition. You can still get these new from Nissan but if you want a lower cost option. $40 for the two plus postage Jeff
  12. 240/260 fan rotational switch including knob. Knob is cracked and will need attention. Switch is fully operational. $40 plus postage. Jeff
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