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  1. I received this email from a neighbour who is a old car man. if you are interested in completing the survey the link is below. As they say the more information the better when lobbying governments. Jeff FIVA Socio Economic Survey – Update As of the 5th October, FIVA has advised that they had received 1691 completed surveys from Australia. This is quite a good result and is statistically significant. However, I have asked the Peak Historic Vehicle Organisations to once again go out to the member clubs to ask that we try and get more completed surveys from those clubs/members
  2. That should pull the skin off the custard Jeff
  3. I have been enjoying driving the Z around over the past few weeks. I changed the oil again on Friday evening before the weekend driving. That was the second oil change since the engine was installed in the car and after about 250km of running. Next change will have a few more kilometers on it. It was getting bit dark after the last change but with a few kilometers on it now its still nice a clean. We bumped into two other 240z owners on the weekend when we were out for a coffee run and some shopping. It was good to have a chat with them and talk Z cars. I had a call from Les Collins
  4. I know I would rather find more rust than expected.....this would be very disappointing to find. Jeff
  5. You are correct Jeff my mistake. Cannot count 4 spoke V 5. They were heavy and weak. Jeff
  6. Thanks Jon. Looking forward to a few drives together. Jeff
  7. Exciting times Jon. I’m guessing your not going to make the dyno run? Jeff
  8. Sure. My recollection is that in the late 90s or early 2000 Performance wheels made a run of copy Nissan works wheels for some of the Rally folk. They looked similar but were quite a bit heavier than the works wheels, being made from cast aluminium. Over the years there have been a few supplies of various Nissan works wheels into Australian. In early 2000 there were some 240RS (see below) style and some other Nissan works wheels that were imported from Reg Cook in New Zealand. I believe (not verified but rumoured) that someone has also recently purchased some more wheels from Reg that would pr
  9. Ryan I watched this video a few days ago and felt your concerns. Keep you head up mate. Get the car stripped, then tackle one section at a time. It’s not going to be a short or easy journey but it’s all doable. It will be very gratifying when it’s all finished. Jeff
  10. They do look like violet wheels, but might also be knock offs made by Performance Wheels a few years ago. the weight of them will be the quickest way to tell. Jeff
  11. Nice looking car. Interesting to see how long it takes to sell and what I think is a fair if not low price? Seller also has a RA28 for sale. Jeff
  12. 1972 Southern Cross Rally. Some good footage of eventual 2nd place 240z of Rauno Aaltonen/Steve Halloran and the 180B of Edgar Hermann/Mike Mitchell who eventually finished in 4th. How times have changed. No helmets open roads and no pace notes. Jeff
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