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  1. Build a proper garage with a hoist and a change table..................... Jeff
  2. And why do you think we won’t have the money? Jeff
  3. Woohoo. That’s great news. Little fella will need a car to drive before you know it so you may need to get another Z. Jeff
  4. Heater tap arrived a few days ago. Installed it and piped in the heater over the weekend. Happy with the pipe along the side of the engine although I did get the brackets slightly in the wrong spot. I’ll touch up the paint later. I also moved the small LED 4000 lumen lights that I had mounted under the front bar in the fog light holes back behind the grill. I was not happy with the look on the bar they were too obvious and looked wrong. They are now quite hidden but should still be effective. I just need the cartridge air filters to arrive from EFI Hardware, when fitted I can take the car to rego. Jeff
  5. The angle is to box in the end of the extended rail and support it onto the cross sub frame. Basically attempting to replace what has to be cut out without fouling the sway bar. Not to support the sway bar in anyway. Jeff
  6. An elbow actually neatens the vacuum hose up a bit. Keeps it off to the side. Jeff
  7. With the extended floor rails as they are you will not be able to mount the rear anti roll bar in its original position. You can either modify what’s been done or simply run a rear mount bar. Jeff this is what I did.
  8. Looking good Jon. Hope you making the pilgrimage to see it on the dyno! Jeff
  9. Well this thread has provided some entertainment. Jeff
  10. Here you go. It’s Japanese 70s, 2 door and a lift back. Almost an S30 but lower initial cost. Check out this 1975 Datsun 120Y Manual. https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/1975-Datsun-120Y-Manual/SSE-AD-6727830 Jeff
  11. Pure L Series porn...... Why would you run anything other than an L, seriously. Jeff
  12. You should just ring Les at LCR in Warragul. He would be able to sort out your gearbox and build you an engine at the same time. It would work out a lower cost and better performance option than getting a motor from the USA. At nearly $17k Australian plus freight for a Stage 4 build from Sprint you would get a very nice jigger from Les. So many benefits to dealing with a local Australian company for items like a modified engine rather than off shore. Jeff
  13. I picked up a wire (sorry cannot remember witch one) at the fuse box that was active when the ignition was turned to position 1. It was in the loom. I used this to tell the computer that ignition was on. Then ran the fuel pump output through a manual switch on the dash into the plug in the picture. Using the wire in the harness to connect to the in tank fuel pump. Im running EFI. The separate switch is a safety and anti thrift device so you cannot just start the car. If you have a dig around with a meter I am sure you will find the a wire that is energised with the ignition. Jeff
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