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  1. I have been a lot distracted. Several work trips a trip to Japan a new MTBike and the ski season. Short update but not much exciting to report. Several jobs along with gluing rubber seals onto the body. I have spent quite a bit of time working on the doors, windows, rollers, slides and latches. I replaced all of the rollers on the window regulators and had to rebuild the driver’s side regulator. Managed to find a good second hand passengers side latch as one of the springs was broken on my one and it kept locking itself when you closed the door. Still working on the wiring and have converted the old park lights to blinkers and wired in the park lights to be integral with the headlights. Latest project has been getting the original grill cleaned up and painted. A few new parts have also arrived. Jeff
  2. Peter. Photos of my wheel top and bottom. Hope it helps. Jeff
  3. Handup?? Im having quad envy............ Jeff
  4. Nice one Dave. I don’t ride road at all, scares me too much, but love the big tours. At this time of year I do watch the tour most evenings. Own about 6 Mountain bikes but can only ride one at a time. Don’t do Strava just use my Garmin when I remember to charge it. Hate riding up hills but love going down :-). We are truly lucky with all the riding in Canberra. Stromlo is my home hill and I ride it most weeks. Quite involved with the sporting side on MTB from an organising and officiating stand point, gave up racing a few years ago, but might do a 3 or 4 hour race this spring. 24 hour races was where it was at (in a team not solo). I have actualy been spending far too much time on my new bike and snow sking and not enough time working on the Z. Jeff
  5. https://zclub.nz/viewtopic.php?p=20818&sid=5d62fecbc695791fdf2d1796f2e5ee19 The rollers are for sliding doors. There is a large selection of them in most bunnings. I used the RollTrak ones. The bolt is a 1/4 thread and from memory the rollers were 20mm or 25mm. They may have been # "4361"? Jeff
  6. What condition were your rollers in? I just replaced the 3 on each regulator with the Bunnings option. Jeff
  7. Looking amazing John. Body will lift off the drive train cradle once it all done? Jeff
  8. Thanks boys. The fine earth wire from the negative terminal to the fire wall will be the same wire just a different location. I’m guessing that either the factory changed it over the years or it’s been relocated for good looks. Jeff
  9. They must have it installed some place or the earth circuit would not work. My car had it installed (originally) at the bonnet latch. I worked that much out as it was in the container with the latch but could not remember where the other end went. I have put it back as Mr Nimoy and PB have said and as it was originally and it looks ok. Jeff
  10. Peter If you have moved the lower arm pivot points and the tension rod is too short its probable that the toe angle is changing as the suspension travels (bump steer) more than it would normally Also your caster is not be correct as you said. All of this is making the car very steering sensitive. A steep strut angle (as you now have) (less caster) will make the steering very lively where as a slack strut angle (more caster) will make the steering less active. Jeff
  11. Peter. Have a read of this https://www.popularmechanics.com/cars/how-to/a111/1272576/ Can be lots of things. Front rear left side right side etc. You can get them perfect, look at the boys and their race cars. Jeff
  12. Congrats Jeff. Looks greaat. 30mm +/- drop on the way? The three Datsuns look great together. Nice blend of colours. Jeff
  13. And I bet that was enjoyable................ Jeff
  14. It looks to me as if you have them in the correct spot. I suggest you wind the window down a little, loosen off the front slide. Grab the window glass through the door and lift the front of it up so the back edge of the glass is parallel with the rear of the window sash. Then secure the slide, wind the window up and tighten everything up. The problem is that the glass is down at the front. Jeff
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