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  1. 260z at the Safari. Love the closing scene. Jeff
  2. Went over to Wagga today to check out the course for the Australian Marathon Championship. Only did one lap of the 25k course as it was an official course inspection and there was a bit of stoping and looking at things. Great facility and super little MTB park. Some great technical bits. https://auscycling.org.au/nat/events/2022-auscycling-mtb-xcm-national-championships-wagga-wagga Event information if any of you are interested. If anyone comes send me a PM and we can catch up. I’m playing race director. Jeff
  3. Jon If you talk to Fred at Lennock Motors he can generally chase up most available parts for old Datsuns. He is the owner of a couple is 240’s. Be warned he is always up for a chat . Jeff
  4. Ryan Its interesting. I got the MK63 setup from a Japanese friend who I have helped out at rally events for over 20 years. They were sort of a “gift” not free but nothing like full bottle. I installed them because they are copies of the original works parts so had a period link to the 240z and they were in the shed. I was running the original OEM brakes front and rear previously and the car stoped quite well and I didn’t find the original brakes lacking at all. After installing the MK63 set up (keeping the rear drums) I honestly did not feel any great difference except after the 5th 6th or 7th heavy stop. The original brakes work fine for most driving and all road legal driving. The MK63 set up helps with multiple heavy close stops but they are very expensive for what they are. If you want brakes for very spirited driving there are plenty of options that will be much better value for money than the MK63 front option and would probably but not essentially include rear disks. But then there is the wank factor of having MK63 (copy) fronts. Jeff
  5. Jon this is beautiful. I’m looking forward to seeing it in the flesh. Locky you should be very proud of your teams work on this car. All you need now is a YouTube Chanel and you will be big time. Jeff
  6. It’s been cold and very wet of late in the nation’s capital so opportunities for a drive have been a bit scares. Jeff
  7. Some pump track action from champs Jeff IMG_0898.MOV IMG_0908.MOV
  8. I was at Maydena last week at MTB Nats. I was assistant chef and in charge of DH and Pump Track. So I spent most of the week standing at the bottom of the DH track. I am still smashed from a very big week. Quite stressful with some nasty crashes including Troy Brosnan during his race run. The usual broken collar bones and wrists but we also had a femur a Troy ended up breaking his leg. Ill get a ride in later this week and on the weekend. Jeff https://www.instagram.com/oliverball.zuleta/?utm_source=ig_embed&ig_rid=ad77696c-757b-4ad6-a3fb-2db0fad1847a https://www.pinkbike.com/news/troy-brosnan-has-broken-his-ankle-at-australian-national-champs.html
  9. Mike Did you survive the RT race and get to Cotter Pines? Jeff
  10. Back to Cotter Pines today. Great place, lovely flowing trails. Any one heading to National Champs in Tasmania in February? Jeff
  11. https://collectingcars.com/for-sale/1978-datsun-260z?utm_source=website&utm_medium=share Tidy 260. Winning bid $81,200. Jeff
  12. Ryan Strut brace won’t change anything as it’s not body flex causing the wheel to rub on the strut and its not flexing in the strut. It will be wheel flexing or play in the wheel bearings. The stub axle and strut are as one and very solid so will not flex relatively to each other. Check wheel bearing play and or add a spacer. Jeff
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