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  1. https://collectingcars.com/for-sale/1978-datsun-260z?utm_source=website&utm_medium=share Tidy 260. Winning bid $81,200. Jeff
  2. Ryan Strut brace won’t change anything as it’s not body flex causing the wheel to rub on the strut and its not flexing in the strut. It will be wheel flexing or play in the wheel bearings. The stub axle and strut are as one and very solid so will not flex relatively to each other. Check wheel bearing play and or add a spacer. Jeff
  3. New age old school craftsman at work. Jeff
  4. Big XC race weekend coming up in Canberra at Stromlo presented by CORC, two weeks before Nat Champs. 29 and 30 January. Saturday is Junior World Series (JWS) inc UCI C2 XCO and Sunday is a National T1 race. Should be a great weekend of racing. Saturday will also be round 1 of AusCycling UCI XCO series. Beers at the Handelbar after racing. Race Director Jeff
  5. Donation to this web site and it’s yours. Having a bit of a clean up and rediscovered the towbar that was attached to the rear of my 240 when purchased. Never going back on my car! If anyone wants it it’s yours. Pickup only from Canberra. If no one wants it the steel will be repurposed. I’ll put it under the house in the short term. Yes I painted the shed floor. Jeff
  6. I purchased new belts from https://www.seatsafe.com.au/products/ I have a standard lap sash in passengers seat and a 3 point road harness on drivers side Jeff
  7. It’s a great time of life when the kids start purchasing their own bikes. You still get the thrills but without the expense. Daughters new bike arrived today. It was delivered to our house so I could build it for her. Only down side is that she is going to be so fast on this dam thing. Classic how you can get a box from Germany in a week but cannot get click and collect from Bunnings in that time. Jeff
  8. Lockdown jigsaw puzzle’s . Nice work Locky. Jeff
  9. We might all be bogans in our own way. Your car Rudi your choices. Not my cup of tea but that’s my choice. Thumbs up Jeff
  10. Couple of very nice cars in this and a chat with the Klassic fab guys at about 29 min. Worth watching. On my bucket list of events to visit one day. Jeff
  11. Haha. Lucky it’s within 5k of home and in the same district. Jeff
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