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  1. It’s a great time of life when the kids start purchasing their own bikes. You still get the thrills but without the expense. Daughters new bike arrived today. It was delivered to our house so I could build it for her. Only down side is that she is going to be so fast on this dam thing. Classic how you can get a box from Germany in a week but cannot get click and collect from Bunnings in that time. Jeff
  2. Lockdown jigsaw puzzle’s . Nice work Locky. Jeff
  3. We might all be bogans in our own way. Your car Rudi your choices. Not my cup of tea but that’s my choice. Thumbs up Jeff
  4. Couple of very nice cars in this and a chat with the Klassic fab guys at about 29 min. Worth watching. On my bucket list of events to visit one day. Jeff
  5. Haha. Lucky it’s within 5k of home and in the same district. Jeff
  6. Morning ride at the arboretum today. Wonderfully weather. Jeff
  7. Actually very little weight gain over standard breaks. Each MK63 (copy) calliper is less than 100g heavier than standard calliper. The discs are comparable. Yes there are lighter overall options but you would probably only notice the difference at high speed on a race track. These fit easily under 15” wheels and I think there is a historic appeal to this setup. Jeff
  8. Lockdown has provided the opportunity to get a few maintenance checks done. I wanted to check the front hubs and wheel bearings. So while doing this I took the opportunity to swap the front brakes out for the copy MK63 callipers and disks that I have had sitting around for some time now. Awaiting brake lines to finish the swap off. Jeff
  9. If you look at the parts manual it may help you gather some of the information you seek. It may take time to decipher but it may be an interesting journey. If you donate to the site you can get access to a digital copy of the manual in the donating members area. Jeff
  10. Haha @Linton I think you are correct but I don’t think drilling holes in the hub or welding wheels would be seen as legal either. There is not much correct or legal about this conversation so far! At the end of the day making any changes to standard would need to be engineered to keep it “road worthy”. I believe using something like this could be engineered but I don’t think drilling holes in the flange would be. I know what I would be doing. Either leave as is with 4 studs or getting 5 stud flanges. Jeff
  11. Do you have wheels or do you still need to get them? You may be better using an off the shelf conversion spaces kit and running an offset wheel that takes the spacer into account (If you search the forum you will find answers about wheel offsets and what a standard wheel offset is). Using something like this will have two advantages. It will work and maintain the integrity of the hub and it can be reversed if you want to go back to 4 stud. Jeff
  12. New trails just to the west of Canberra officially opened a few weeks. Cotter Pines is a collaborative effort by the Kowalski Brothers team and local trail builders Iconic Trails. ACT gov provided some grants to assist with the works. It’s a mix of old school hand and machine built trails. Well worth a visit if your in town. Another place to ride. We are well spoilt. View is looking east with Stromlo in the foreground. Jeff
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