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  1. No I didn’t and it would be greatly appreciated if you do have one. Jeff
  2. This is a handy site if you want to look at different wheel tire combinations. https://www.wheel-size.com Jeff
  3. Thanks Andy. Of course they are. Well I just need one of them them. Jeff
  4. I need the top corner trim for the drivers side of the windscreen. Just the corner. Hopefully some one has one they don’t want or an extra one they don’t need. Jeff
  5. Some of the other projects over the last few months have been. Renewing the rear luggage straps, making a new roof lining from some 5mm foam and black vinyl. Making all new roof and pillar vinyls and gluing them in as well repairing and repainting the interior plastic components and installing them. Jeff
  6. New Door Cards I decided to make my own new door cards. I removed the original Masonite off the top metal section and replaced with new Masonite. then covered the entire card with black vinyl. The old armrests I had were toast so I replaced one end with a webbing pull and inserted a bolt into the other end that helps hold the card in place but can be used to secure an armrest later. I used the fluffy side of Velcro to replace the window runner section along the length of the door card top. It was a bit of stuffing around but they look the part. Not perfectly original but period. Jeff
  7. It’s been quite some time since an update. Unfortunately personally it’s been a tough 9 months. We lost me old mate Rocky and I managed to make a total hash of my shoulder in September and turned my left arm into a useless appendage. I couldn’t drive a manual car because I could not control my arm to change gears. So it was off for a full shoulder reconstruction and a long and painfully recovery. 12 weeks in a sling and lots of Physio. Luckily it’s almost back to normal now so happy days. During recovery I have continued to get small light jobs done as possible but I have been very slack when it comes to updating the build thread. mover the next few days I’ll post some photos and words about progress. Thanks to the members who reached out during this time to check on me and ask RUOK. Much appreciated. Jeff
  8. That would be great thanks @Dirtydatto. I need a set of vinyl's for my 240 but just haven't gotten around to organising them yet. Regards Jeff
  9. Something to do with the fuel filler pipe? That’s solid! Jeff
  10. I would be interested to get a rear glass and very interested if they could come with the horizontal imbedded defrost wires. Jeff
  11. Thanks NatO. I don’t have the entire item but what I have (the white section) is ~215 long
  12. Nat0 are you making the short original one or the longer later one? I’m in for a short one as I only have the bulb carrier section. thanks Jeff
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