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  1. @C.A.R. when are you going to get your PhD in rust? We can call you Dr Rust?
  2. no secrets but it really depends on what your application. For my racing I use Project Mu race pads or Winmax W5. and used the shoes material the HQ racing guys use with the steel drums instead of aluminium. Sacrifice some weight in the drums because the aluminium expand too quickly with the heat.
  3. If you can upgrade and put a bit of big brake kit bling on why not? But is it a necessity? I'd say not. I regularly do 195khp to 95kph stop at Sandown on stock front and rear drum for 8 laps race with no issue. It took a while to find the right pads and shoes/drum to use. I tried too agressive pads and they cooked the rotors so by lap 3 there were massive brake fade. p.s last year we have been allowed slighlty thicker and ventilated discs from non-turbo 300zx and allowed to put a spacer to expand the stock caliper to fit the wider discs
  4. my condolences, I had spoken to Geoff multiple times while racing at PI historic, a lovely gentleman will be sorely missed.
  5. The Leyland V8 is not the controversy. Who's the Z Godfather is: Gav or Lurch?
  6. This is not unusual, I have not seen a car project that have not snowballed.
  7. I'll be getting my deposit back
  8. Mainly done for race car especially cars with very stiff spring rate, the higher the spring rate a small change in height would cause a much bigger imbalance in weight distribution.
  9. A very cost effective way to get LSD r180. the old school 4.4 or 4.1 $600 if you can get them get a KAAZ LSD $1500 labour to install LSD into diff $300
  10. I'll be taking my deposit back
  11. I've seen this in the flesh and you have my approval for colour choice
  12. This is pre-covid time.
  13. He meant at the Z car BBQ?
  14. I've put a 1K refundable deposit. Will see what pricing they got and decide for a daily. It will be collectible in about 30 years
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