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  1. Cant relate at all mate... Its frustrating. more so for you as your skills are more than capable of getting the job done. Better to keep moving forward though. In good hands now
  2. Decided to dig myself a little deeper into this hole and bought a set of barely used triple 45 webers from Martin. They were installed brand new on a nearly stock L28 but didn't suit the engine apparently so I've inherited them. Not sure if Ill run the airbox or not at this stage. Anybody got any opinions or even better some actual data on running a CAI air box vs not. I imagine the setup just heat soaks and ends up being a warm air intake, if that's the case I may run triple filters for the looks and sound benefits.
  3. Haven't updated this thread for a while, few little things done on the zx in the last year. Removed the ERG system from the intake manifold and had it welded up, which cleans things up a little and removes a small amount of weight. Installed a Lithiumax lithium battery, stock lead acid battery was 13.5kg and the new battery is 2.5kg, huge 11kg weight saving! Had a beautiful new radiator installed along with electric thermo fans I had also bought some apex engineered quick steering knuckles however we couldn't get the to fit at all, word of warning to any zx owners looking at these.
  4. no worries Lachy, my guards need repair but they weren't too bad, I'll ask my shop their thoughts. can you PM me a price for a set? You said you weren't getting any KF rear quarters at this stage is that correct?
  5. @gav240z It's a kick in the guts when you see that, however I would recommend. 1. Buy new rear 1/4 panels - which now exist. I have been tossing up buying these, shipping is crazy though, i already have the tabco outer wheel arch panels and KF lower rear sections 2. Bonnet looks repairable - so fix that. 3. Front wings are not too bad, but may be easier to just buy new reproductions? you talking about the lower front sections? Speaking with the shop they advise to just buy new ones as mine were rougher than anticipated 4. Buy new doors. these have been out of stock for ages, but i spoke with resurrected classics and they have new doors coming out very soon 5. Unfortunately roofs are not yet available, but may be soon from KF Vintage. I have a decent roof skin already from a donor car 6. The front rails I believe are available via KF Vintage or some other outfits. I have a set of Lachys front rails already 7. Floor pans are common enough and available. Got them already 8. Cowl looks fine to fix. yep 9. Spare wheel tub, unpick and replace with new reproduction. Yes going to get the resurrected classic one 10. Buy new sills/rockers - which exist. got KF ones already 11. Reproduction rear hatches are also available. considering having the shop just reskin the hatch as the bones are healthy Yeah I knew the car was rusty but its crazy how it can come back with even more surprises lol Now I just need to get the approval of the wife to spend a small fortune on the metalwork and potentially paint
  6. looking really good! Ah seems my lifelong stubbornness to join Facebook does have a downside.... Yeah i don't want to see your bill for all the nos parts plus shipping.
  7. unfortunately if you're not doing majority of the work yourself you're guaranteed to be spending over 100k. I paid 5k for the car a long time ago so i have some room to go before overcapitalizing. I was hoping to get the car finished for less than its worth but if I outsource the body/paint ill definitely not be in the black by the time im done. However Id rather actually finish the car and enjoy it and be a bit out of pocket, as a opposed to a never ending project which this already feels like lol
  8. I think I can get a good enough job done in perth, minus the extra shipping costs and stress of transporting across the country. This isn't going to be a show car so in my mind not worth the extra cost. The ballpark price i got was around that for bodywork and paint, above average paint job but not show car level. The shop I have it on the waitlist for does high end restorations, they are currently working on a car the owner is planning to send to pebble beach, they also have some extremely rare cars in there at the moment. They don't do any marketing and all work is from previous customers and word of mouth, all these things make me feel confident. I went for a visit this week and saw a heap of cars they are finishing up, paint work was sublime. small team of passionate guys producing some amazing stuff.
  9. starting to look like a car! how the heck do you find all these unicorns....
  10. I have certainly thought of this option. Though the cost of shipping to and from Perth would be expensive. And not sure what the shipping process would be like, I’d be happy to put it in a container but not on the back of a truck. I think if I choose the right shop here I will get maybe 90% of @C.A.R. quality job. Though would be interested to hear from anyone who’s shipped a car like mine over a long distance.
  11. So I've been doing a lot of thinking and soul searching in regards to this project. I've contemplated giving up on this car so many times I've lost count, but I just cant bring myself to do it, I'm in too deep at this point and the passion to finish it is still too strong. But I've had to be honest with myself with what I can achieve at this point of my life with my current skillset. I have two beautiful kids that are by far the most important thing in my life. At the moment because of the kids I'm extremely time poor, I think once they are both in fulltime school I'll be able to throw some hours at this car, that is probably 2-3 years away still. So I'm now contemplating having the metalwork done by a professional shop, and maybe me and my dad painting the car once the rust repair is complete, or just bite the bullet and have the shop paint it. I've had some quotes and its an extraordinary sum of money. But at this point of my life I have the money but not the time. I feel like I've been working on this car for ages (cause I have) and feel like I've achieved nothing (cause I haven't). If I continue to stubbornly try and complete the rust repairs on my own I'll still be posting about this project when I'm 50.... So I've put the car on the waiting list of a reputable restoration shop here in Perth, currently their waitlist is over a year, so I think I will still have an opportunity to do some work. It kills me to make this decision as I always wanted to do it myself and I've spent so much buying tools and equipment to do it, but I feel its the only way i can move forward meaningfully at this time I got the car back from the blaster a few months ago but have only just got time to go back and take some photos. I felt nauseous for a few weeks post getting the car back. Here are some pics of the rust that was hiding under the paint....Although the car looks great in all one color there are certainly more holes now.... First the roof, check out the LHS drip rail, yikes RHD rear quarter LHS internal roof structure The bottom of the tool compartment has rust all along the bottom join Not much left of the floor pans I thought my rear hatch was in good nick, crazy what paint can hide.... looks worse in person trust me, all bashed and buckled Knew this LHS chassis rail was bad but it now has 70% more holes now fenders looked really good before but alas I was tricked yet again Bonnet actually came out amazing besides damage to the front corner oh the humanity.... rear section had some nasty suprises cowl and firewall holes got bigger and lastly the cowl cover came out nice despite some small rust holes
  12. couple of z cars on the next upcoming Shannon's auction x1 260z 2+2 and a 280zx https://auctions.shannons.com.au/auction/details/2023autumn-2023-shannons-autumn-timed-online-auction/?sto=0&au=12&sf=[]&w=False&mc=15%2c5&pn=3&g=1
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