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  1. Angle welded onto the front cross member frame, holes drilled and bolted up into place
  2. Front diff carrier frame all welded up and bolted in place... one more to go!
  3. Ok no worries yep was planning on a inner coat of kbs, no worries I’ll throw some gal down. Cheers Lurch
  4. Received some goodies in the mail... really glad I was able to support an Australian supplier instead of send money to the US. Thanks Lurch I have to say quality is fantastic. Fitment is unknown but I am highly confident they will fit well. Two questions for the maestro of metal @C.A.F. 1. What is this cut out for? Is it the tie rod brackets? I was trying to look through my photos to work it out but didn’t have a underside shot of my rails. 2. I won’t be installing these for a while, do you recommend I chuck some easyphos or something for protection in t
  5. Hey Lurch I just received my frame rails today! will open up and check tonight but looks like they arrived safe. What would you charge to make a rear valance lurch? Do you have any photos of the ones you make? Ryan
  6. We’re not all that clever lurch.... are you offering your services?
  7. Is there anyone interested in a group buy for a auto panel solutions rear valance? I requested a quote from Andy last week, for a single unit was 195£ and shipping came in at a whopping 140£. Had to pick my jaw up off the ground... if there was group interest could potentially get a lower price for multiple units and share the shipping costs to get to oz. Ideally a Perth member would be best to do this with but we are thin on the ground over here and I’m not sure there will be any demand. But I thought that if there were a few interested members over east, even if I had to pay for
  8. So finally finished the teardown! Thank god. Now comes the hard part.... check out the blu tack repairs. Classic stitch up... Ryan
  9. Completed the next frame which attaches to the gearbox support mounts in the trans tunnel. Drilled out the bolt holes and made sure it fit before welding onto the rest of the frame. My welding is getting better and quicker. But still slow as... this took me 5 hours including drilling. Came out square so I’m happy! next time I hope to finish the last 2 frames...
  10. In this one I edge ever closer to getting the car completely stripped...
  11. Oh nice how did you get past our impenetrable wa borders?! Lol are you working/residing in perth?
  12. Holy moly! I will be going here next break! I need to start collecting some basic panel beating tools. Cheers Andy
  13. Haha good point, I guess that depends how big of a shed you had and how partial your wife is to hoarding lol i had neither of those things 5-10 years ago, still don’t!
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