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  1. savage geese are happy which means Nissan have a winner on their hands!
  2. Going back to purity or staying a heathen?
  3. I wish Lurch would tell us what he really thinks….
  4. http://www.vintageconnections.com/Products/Detail/180?fbclid=IwAR0HVhjrJgKGzxMYHPycwJpWO9Ap0gIyhjS4IIK0YQlwjk7P7wnjk2GxvN0
  5. Cheers @C.A.R. do you recommend learning to read and interpret a wiring diagram to help in the above process. I was going to buy the 240z loom kit from vintage connections for replacing all the terminals and broken plugs.
  6. Yeah for sure, gives a really great overview in one convenient place, definitely sticky worthy
  7. I couldn’t work out how to get web archive to work…. Maybe coz I’m on my phone?
  8. Gav this is an awesome reference. Any of the other pages links would be much appreciated. Is all this information accurate all these years later? From what I can see it looks pretty accurate. This is the head page link https://web.archive.org/web/20011206114942/http://geocities.com/zgarage2001/heads.html
  9. DGRs are great from my experience. Really transformed the car, handles much much better. Still some body roll which upgraded sway bars should take care of. Ride is good. To be honest I haven’t played around a great deal with the settings I have mine 5 clicks from the softest setting. Full soft is meant to be close to stock handling and full hard is meant to be very rough, for track only really. Great value for money.
  10. Sourced some recaro seat rails from Japan that are made specifically for the S130. They cost a pretty penny but save me having to fabricate some. even though all the instructions were in Japanese I managed to work out how it all fit together. The recaro LX is a beautiful seat, and the fact they’re from the 80’s is perfect, nothing more 80’s than fishnet headrests. I only want to do the drivers seat and keep the passengers stock as I love the red velour. Although it’s slightly boy racer to do so, I’ve always loved the look of one race seat and one stock. Just went for my first spirited drive since installing them. What a change some decent supportive seats makes! It really changes the driving experience, during hard cornering, instead of trying my hardest to brace and not slide around the seat, I am able to relax the body and focus on my driving inputs. Plus with this seat you sit probably about an inch or so lower than stock which makes you feel more “in” the car, resulting in better feedback on what the chassis is doing. Downside is the ride harshness/bumps/vibration comes through more as the seats are firm and not sprung like the stock seats. the fitment does move you to the left slightly for some reason so larger blokes may feel a bit cramped on the door side. Overall very happy!
  11. Got the dashboard back from rare parts here in perth. Wow! What an amazing job they did on the dash, well the worth the cost. I’m stoked with the result. now I need to clean up and check the gauges and remaining components as well as have Martin run his eye over the dash loom.
  12. Wow nice Find! are you going to sell the other car? Will be a brave man to take that project on!
  13. Not a z vid I know but I thought it was a very interesting build and it would be really cool to see this type of build done to a S30 chassis! Just add lightness!
  14. Not so sure about the quick detailer and microfiber not scratching the paint. Goes against everything I’ve ever been told or seen on detailing. rubbing dirt into the paint like that damages the paint. Anybody disagree?
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