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  1. My guess is yellow for the color.
  2. I decided to plough on with the rotisserie build as I won’t be attempting repair on my front end until I have the car blasted and up to replacing frame rails/removing radiator support. Progress is coming along nicely. I realized that if I flipped my mounts and drilled new holes I wouldn’t have to cut and reweld. So now the mounts clear the nose. I love humanities proneness to be lazy. notched pipe and mocked up horizontal joiner piece. welded up brackets and jam nuts. My welding is slowly getting better, soon I’ll be able boast about stacking dimes m
  3. Hey gav I know I promised you a photo of my vin plate in a thread but I can’t remember which one. The green is the original color, don’t know the code.
  4. Pity I didn’t see this post till now! I was with my car today and could have gotten this measurement for you! Damn. when are you planning to use your big hammer nick? I won’t see the car for two weeks unfortunately
  5. Always love Larry Chen’s passion for z cars. And a good look at z car garages operation
  6. Any progress is good progress. I keep telling myself that, when progress is so slow (which it always is for me...), you have to consider every little step is still one step closer to the finished product. Well done Mike, what’s you plan for paint? DIY or sending it to a shop? very sorry to hear about your Mum. As someone who is going through something very similar at the moment, I understand the stress and emotions you must have gone through and are probably still going through. Nothing can prepare us for these sort of events. I hope you have a strong network of support in these dif
  7. The factory didn’t put any coatings on internals, so I dare say it would better than nothing! But from what I see most people use either KBS or POR 15. Can also use Eastwood’s internal frame rail spray can with an extended wand/tube, for internal areas you can’t get to.
  8. I think most people remove paint and spray epoxy. The green would just be to protect before installation I was planning to remove green and epoxy once installed for mine. You want your initial coating to be done right and I’m not risking painting over the green stuff. You don’t know what surface prep was done before they coated it. ryan
  9. You raise a valid point @gilltech! I’m glad someone is paying attention. I require the R180 curved mustache bar. A slightly important detail! so from a 72-73 model year I believe. Thanks for seeking clarification lol
  10. Hi all Chasing a later model mustache bar that was curved not flat. Not exactly sure what year they moved to the curved one. Ryan
  11. Team 24oz in the lead again. Absolutely no body roll on the car!
  12. Was cool, but I would have liked real footage instead of digital this may be the last petrol Z, what a sad thought...
  13. Yes if I had the 71B close box with the car I would have stuck with that and reconditioned. But since finding/purchasing one and reconditioning it will cost nearly as much as upgrading to the 71C. I’ve opted for the upgrade.
  14. Yep, I got that and said that in my previous post, however I’m being offered a long and short 71C option by my Z guy. If the skyline is the short box then by logic the Silvia is the long box. I need the long option. merely making sure my logic is correct
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