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    Triple Manifolds

    Very true I did ask a simple question lol. Thanks for that, I do like the look of the linkage system and the better looking arms on them. Just didn't want to order one to find out there not to good. It will be just for a street engine and im guessing it will be better than a Canon manifold I have sitting there that needs linkages anyway. Cheers, Justin
  2. 600Z

    Triple Manifolds

    C.A.R. Apart from both fitting and making brum brum noises like you said last time i tried to get some sensible feedback. We all know the obvious 🙄 And don't say they both suck, there is no such thing as suction.
  3. 600Z

    Triple Manifolds

    Cool, its not easy to find anyone who has. What's your thoughts on them compared to the Harada manifolds? Are they worth the extra money? Cheers
  4. Hi guys, has anyone had any experience with these manifolds at all? Cheers, Justin
  5. Yes I did see someone have issues with the Harada with their thermostat housing somewhere.
  6. Yes true though I have read good reports and certainly a bit different. I have a couple of sets of triple Dellorto's so I'll certainly go with them I think.
  7. Or do I sell the sets of triple Dellorto's and just run two hsr 45's or 48's and they certainly seem to produce good power from after the guy on church doing a test between SU's, Mikuni 44's and twin 45 HSR's. HSR's produced 22hp more than the SU's and 8hp more than the Mikuni's.
  8. Lol yes I know both will fit as their both for L6 engines along with the brum brum noise from triples which we all love. Just wondering more so if anyone has used the OER and if the pedal feels smooth etc, any difference anyone might know in performance possibly eg. Port shape/length between the two. The linkage arms look better and stronger on the OER one where I have heard of the Harada ones can slip on the shaft. So just any constructive feedback I guess. Both types use the original linkage system though yes the Harada is also available with the cable option which I wouldn't be using. I have a cannon manifold but no linkages so by the time I get linkages to suit I'm part way there to a better manifold so I'm thinking of selling it and getting one of these just deciding on which one. Cheers,
  9. Hi Guys, I'm wondering if anyone has had any experience with the OER triple manifold which is the copy of the Sanyo type and how it would compare to the Harada manifold. Cheers, Justin
  10. Hello Oliphips, Sorry for the late reply i have only just seen your reply. How much would be be after for it? Cheers, Justin
  11. Hi guys, I'm chasing like the title says 260Z steering columns and Bluebird series 2 distributors if anyone has anything laying around. Cheers, Justin
  12. Hi Danny, sounds like you have the right one. the slots limit the total advance, weights and springs govern how fast eg. revs that the weights move out advancing the timing. Make sure all that is free moving etc. Do you have any pictures of it? I had issues with 3 280ZX electronic distributors that from idle if you gave the engine a quick short rev they would retard the timing by 10 and up to 15 or more degress. With parts near impossible to get, the magnet breaks in the if looked at the wrong way i think all added to my issues. I have since then built 2 different electronic distributors which work so much better and give a much more stable timing throughout the rev range. One having later Hitachi insides into the 280ZX distributor and the other using a Bluebird series 2 distributor with Bosch 6 cylinder insides. Both require quite a bit of work to modify but work much better then the 280ZX ones. Both are running close enough to 12 - 13 degress advance in the distributor so about the 25 degs at crank so at idle at 10 BTDC they will advance to 35 deg BTDC and so forth. Both even at 5000 - 6000 rpm the timing mark on the harmonic balancer is clear and stable with the timing light. I have also heard of someone using the insides out of a RB30 but i haven't looked into them as the two types i have done work very well anyway. Food for thought as there are other options in upgrading them. Cheers
  13. Well finished the sprocket and also made up a drilling guide as i have a couple to do. This will make adjusting cam timing a bit easier now.
  14. All good guys I have worked it out on my rotary table on my mill. I will end up with 8 settings 0, +4, +8, +10 (might change to +11), -3, -6, -9 and -12 Degree adjustments. The Optional Cam Sproket 13024-E4621 has the following: 0, +3, +6, +9, -3, -6, -9, -12 Degree adjustments. Hopefully it will give a bit more adjustment to allow for closer cam timing Justin
  15. Hello Everyone, Just wondering of anyone has the degree's of the holes in the 8 hole cam sprocket that gives you more choices for cam timing to make it a bit easier to know where to drill them as 0,4 and 8 deg's doesn't give too many options with the 3 original holes. Cheers, Justin
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