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  1. Hi Linton, The seats and door cards do you still have them? If so what are you after for them. Justin
  2. I have these laying around somewhere in my shed. They fit over the original arm and allows for adjustment.
  3. I like the look of those too Gav, I’ve had them in my watch list for ages lol
  4. Never know your luck in a big city cars come up for sale from time to time but not too many V8's. The last one I remember was one of the members 2+2 which was very nicely done. But be prepared to pay as none of the nice cars are getting any cheaper. Cheers, Justin
  5. Ah cool Mossy sent you the link to it, I had it on file. Download it from Mossy’s post and have a read and chat to your engineer. Justin.
  6. Hello Elias, Have a look at the attached guide lines for engine transplants but certainly get a list together of what your wanting to do and speak to your engineer on how to go about it so you do it right the first time and don't have to redo anything. There are a few around and some very nice ones but seldom come up for sale. Best of luck and they are a lot of fun with the V8 in them. Cheers, Justin
  7. That would be interesting behind the bike at times I bet
  8. Hi Linton, I'm glad you got over there safely and I bet you have had a few looks towing your camper trailer, well I take it's yours in the picture behind the zed. Car looks great by the way. Yes I agree and going from heavy steering to electric power assist does take a bit of getting use to. In my orange 260 I run a fair bit of caster and it was very harsh on straightening up out of corners etc. It was two hands on the wheel on any corner but now since i did my first column for it, its a one hand operation if you want and to be able to change gears any time especially on windy roads is much nicer. I also found that 95% of my tracking disappeared and i wasnt fighting with it on uneven road surfaces. Have a great trip, stay safe and I hope it doesn't take too much to get use to and it works well for you and I'll chat to you more when you get back and see how it all went. Cheers, Justin
  9. I'm after 260Z steering columns. cheers, Justin
  10. Hi Peter, You will love it, there are some great places in S.A. I have driven the great ocean road but not in a zed car Enjoy the trip and stay safe. Cheers, Justin
  11. Welcome to the forum and lovely looking car. Wasn't it for sale not long ago?
  12. Yes lovely car I always thought it was dodgy add as it’s been for sale a few times.
  13. Welcome to the forum and a very nice looking zed.
  14. 600Z

    EPS 260Z Column’s

    Here is a couple of in car videos, there are also others on YouTube if you look up 600Z but you should be able to see that there certainly no struggle with the steering.
  15. 600Z

    EPS 260Z Column’s

    Hi Hardman, I’m located in Tassie, the steering ends up feeling the same as most small new cars that use EPS steering columns though most people are actually unaware that it’s a EPS column in them. There very smooth and quick and unlike hydraulic where there heavy and sluggish at low revs these are not. I do have a couple of videos though it’s always hard to see from videos though. Paul Henshaw has one in his Time Attack 240Z and loves it and has put a couple of people onto me to make them one as well, one was a 260Z and the other is going to be for a RX7 Time Attack car of his mates. Cheers, Justin B22127A2-32A2-4385-8FE9-43BEB38F73D5.MOV
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