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  1. https://skillard.com/product/datsun-240z-260z-280z-door-window-rubber-wipe-kit/ here you go. Even a how to video. Jeff
  2. These rubbers? I got them as part of a kit from zcarsource. I didn’t staple them back on I used pop rivet instead. Jeff
  3. My glass was delivered last year. So yes it’s too late. Jeff
  4. Not from here. I'm finding it quite interesting, almost exciting. Jeff
  5. Love it. That’s what’s needed for the build. Jeff
  6. Locky’s walk around video reminded me of this. Jeff
  7. If anyone is interested in this car and wants it inspected I am happy to have a look. It is located just around the corner from home. Drop me a PM with your number to arrange. Jeff
  8. Haha. No Dave not cold yet. It was still in positive figures on Monday and we reach well into the double digits for a max. Leg and arm warmers are still packed away for a few more weeks. Unlike NSW and VIC we had a public holiday Monday and it was a cracker of a day. Jeff
  9. Great day for a ride a coffee a drive and an ice cream. Jeff
  10. New bike arrived. Had an opportunity to upgrade and one of our sons mates wanted to buy my existing rig so it was a simple decision. Gone back to a trail bike from the all mountain. Jeff
  11. Later Mitsubishi GTO manual AWD and BMW 850Ci E31 V12. Both still some what undervalued for what they are. Jeff
  12. Ryan It’s a much easier job to install the inners than remove. I could get the MIG in to plug weld the drilled out spot welds with out much problem. But like removal it was a mix of working from inside and out. That is that not all of the spot welds could be removed from inside the guard some had to be accessed from inside the car. Jeff
  13. I took the plunge and cut the outer guard out. Then cut the inner guard back, that gave me access to drill and chisel the spot welds out. this photo may help? Jeff
  14. Nice car and a honest appraisal. I’m off for a drive. Jeff
  15. Only thing that is definite is that the tires are black Jeff
  16. I’m sure he is. He has probably already booked in for the foot massage. Jeff
  17. Some interesting new corporate members to the forum recently. Get your windscreen changed in Melbourne, have a foot massage in Florida and get a business update and new web page and advertising from Pakistan. Jeff
  18. Thank god some colour........... Jeff
  19. After a big week a very big after partly last night it’s a dusty morning. Looking forward to getting home tonight and a sleep in my own bed. Some great racing in XCO XCC Pump track and DH over the last few days. Troy Brosnan and Sian A’Hern showed how it was done on the DH yesterday both with smoking runs. Jeff
  20. Zoe Cuthburt racing the women’s XCO race yesterday doubling a gap jump riding to second. She can ride Zoe also raced to second in pump track on Friday night. Photo from AusCycling media (thanks Jo) Jeff
  21. Duke Flanders supporters today during masters woman’s race. Classic Jeff
  22. Duke Flanders finished 2nd in the teams race yesterday evening. Jeff
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