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  1. I’m sure he is. He has probably already booked in for the foot massage. Jeff
  2. Some interesting new corporate members to the forum recently. Get your windscreen changed in Melbourne, have a foot massage in Florida and get a business update and new web page and advertising from Pakistan. Jeff
  3. Thank god some colour........... Jeff
  4. After a big week a very big after partly last night it’s a dusty morning. Looking forward to getting home tonight and a sleep in my own bed. Some great racing in XCO XCC Pump track and DH over the last few days. Troy Brosnan and Sian A’Hern showed how it was done on the DH yesterday both with smoking runs. Jeff
  5. Zoe Cuthburt racing the women’s XCO race yesterday doubling a gap jump riding to second. She can ride Zoe also raced to second in pump track on Friday night. Photo from AusCycling media (thanks Jo) Jeff
  6. Duke Flanders supporters today during masters woman’s race. Classic Jeff
  7. Duke Flanders finished 2nd in the teams race yesterday evening. Jeff
  8. Went for a great sunset ride at the arboretum this afternoon. Jeff
  9. Block breather is blocked off so only breather is through the rocker cover. Runs into a catch can under the coil and then back to the middle air cleaner. All mounted using existing holes from memory. Just like you are thinking about Gav. Jeff
  10. Anyone going to Nat Champs next week at Maydena? race, watch, help? I am heading down for the week as part of the officials team. It should be a good week. Jeff
  11. The best kind of car park. Single car bus stop style.
  12. I had all intentions of going to help out at a MTB race today but was temped by the old girl and the beautiful day so took her for a drive instead. Actually two drives. Coffey run with the misses early. Interesting how a 6 kilometre round trip quickly turned into 15 kms. Then a bit of a tour around the nice roads to the west of Canbarra after lunch. Just so enjoyable to drive. I have been working with Les and Steve from LCR on the ECU tune. I have been sending them log files and they have been making some adjustments accordingly. Now averaging 9.9 l/100 km with all types of driving and no discernible los of power. Wide band lambda control is now turned on and it’s probably as good as it gets right now. Jeff
  13. I have these that are surplus to my requirements as I changed interior colour to black. They are original from my car. The shipping might be worth much more than they are. Jeff
  14. Would love to be a fly on the wall if this ever happened. Might be a reality TV show in it. Think I would even pay to watch. Jeff
  15. Although he is clearly dodgy that looks like a nice car and at the price could be worth a serious look. Obviously requires buyers caution. Jeff
  16. Spot welded then lead filled. It’s the welds that hold it all together. Jeff
  17. Interesting article in Classic Motorsport magazine on the Peter Brock (USA not AUS) BER Baja Datsun 240z. I’m surprised it still exists. https://classicmotorsports.com/articles/bres-baja-datsun-240z-kisses-asphalt-goodbye/ Jeff
  18. I'm having coffee with Bob from RT in the morning and will probably give a hand organising things on Sunday but know more tomorrow. If I'm coming out ill chase you up. I haven't raced for some time just enjoy social riding, particularly going down hill :-), organising events and officiating. Jeff
  19. Study the exploded views in the parts manuals in the members only section. It will help work out what goes in what order. Jeff
  20. I replaced the outer rocker panel on both sides on my car. The inner panel or rails were in ok condition (not great but ok) I cleaned them up and fabricated some strengthening panels and added a sill tube to both sides to assist in support and add some side impact protection. From memory I used two sections of 32mm thick wall steel tube for the sill tubes. These run inside the rocker panel from the seatbelt mount in the B pillar to the bottom on the A pillar. Basically a side intrusion bar in the rocker panel. I was not game to take on the challenge of removing the entire rocker section and trying to get it all back together and correct with the equipment I had. I did this work off stands checking alignment along the way. I removed and replaced the floors once the shell was on the rotisserie as it was much easier then. Jeff
  21. Gav Don't be greedy that's 4 wishes (if you count the date and approval as one wish). Jeff
  22. A dropper post is a must Bruce. I am constantly adjusting my seat hight. 29” wheels, slack head angle and long wheel base also go along way to making going down hill enjoyable and most modems sleds climb with little effort. Jeff
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