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  1. 1972 Southern Cross Rally. Some good footage of eventual 2nd place 240z of Rauno Aaltonen/Steve Halloran and the 180B of Edgar Hermann/Mike Mitchell who eventually finished in 4th. How times have changed. No helmets open roads and no pace notes. Jeff
  2. Thanks Ryan. Engine was run in on the dyno so it’s good to go. It is fairly quick, has heaps of torque and drives nicely. Jeff
  3. Haha. Yes the bike fits into the back nicely. No plan to make it look that good though. Ordered a few things this week with the view to getting it running properly and then rego. Jeff
  4. Welcome Ben. I get out your way quite often for work and to visit family. Wife’s mother lives in the Kyeamba valley and I work at CSU regularly. I’ll drop you a PM when I’m out your way next and catch up. car looks good. Looks the same colour as my 240 was originally. Looks like you may ride a MTB also? Jeff
  5. The Datsun 720 arrived today. What a classic. Love the tailgate. Jeff
  6. At some stage. No rush, looks like there will be plenty of rainy days in the next few months to attend to that Jeff
  7. Well 14 days short of 6 years the Z has number plates. So stoked about finally getting to this point. Spent all day driving around Canberra today. I’ll get some photos to post over the next few days. Other news is that I purchased a 1983 720 king cab (L18 5 speed) this week. These things are amazing in that you can still get nearly all the components and they are as cheap as chips. A new guard is under $100!!!! Should be a much quicker and simpler build. Planing on it being my daily work Ute, shop truck style. it’s getting delivered next week so I’ll post a few photos. Jeff
  8. This is a very important and influential forum. Jeff
  9. Good choice Ryan. That will look great with some work. The horn pad even look in OK condition. I restored my wheel and I'm very happy with it. The steering can be heavy with these cars so a big wheel helps. I went for the polished spoke look rather than the black. Jeff
  10. Its an interesting price trend at the moment. Wonder what the interior of the Canberra car looks like? Probably like the engine bay? Might give them a call and have a sticky beak? Jeff
  11. Congratulations Rudi. Glad everyone is fit and healthy. Alexis has her Dads eyes. Better get a child restraint attachment fitter to the Z mate. Jeff
  12. MZR restorations look great. The Singer of the Datsun world. Starting at about A$140k (£80k) I think they are pretty good value for what you get. Jeff
  13. Thanks Peter that’s a ripper. I had been dancing around sorting this out. It was confusing to determine exactly what to do. My car is a 2/73 car and as best I can tell it’s the Original loom. Wiper wiring was 6 wires. So I took the Honda motor of the shelf and wired it as per your information and it’s perfect. Very simple. Thanks Jeff
  14. Ryan. Nice work. Rear hanger bolts look like this. Hopefully with better condition thread. Jeff
  15. Would be great to finally catch up. I think Malcom may have finally got his special registered this week. Sure I saw it with number plates on it this afternoon. Jeff
  16. Like this! It could be a messy job and was often open to high jinx if the driver was a joker. Jeff
  17. The steps are for the navigator ( they were not co drivers back then ) to stand on and the handles and to hang on to while jumping up and down when getting out of a boggy situation. very useful when the driver had a woopsy. Jeff
  18. Alan. Is some of the accident damage on this car from an encounter to goats? I seem to remember reading about a work car having some problems with a herd of goats. Jeff
  19. Peter For what it’s worth, my 240 centre section of the bar is as per your measurements @ 1295 ish actually 1292 but that’s splitting hairs. Jeff
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