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  1. To true Dave. I was riding a few weeks ago watching some young kids doing some jumps and talking to their dad. He made a comment about trying the jumps to me. I laughed and said if they crash it’s 6 weeks on the couch playing PlayStation. If we crash it’s 6 months or longer of pain and anguish. Enduro has gone crazy over the last few years. Our local club races are caped at 200 entries as that’s all the timing chips that we have. Every race is sold out. But in saying that MTB in general is on a big wave at the moment. Just try to purchase a bike and you will soon find out how popular it is. It’s almost impossible to get a bike at the moment with delivery dates blowing out to 6 plus months. Jeff
  2. Sounds like a great adventure Bruce. I'm enjoying a beer now after a swim. I felt like a lemming going down hill today as I was riding with my son. He is a very accomplished rider having competed nationally over many years at DH and 4X. I took the role of a pace car on a few occasions. I gave up after 7 lift rides and almost 50K of riding. At 2:30 legs were good but the arms and shoulders were spent. I was worried about having enough strength to keep going and didn't feel like testing it. Hoping to get back up in a couple of weeks. Jeff
  3. Gravity fuelled day at Thredbo. This place is so much fun. Jeff
  4. It’s the car I just finished Youhan Jeff
  5. As you can see it was several shades of brown including rust brown. was not a fan of the brown at all. It made a hard decision easy. Jeff
  6. Back to the future! For the 240 register. by popular demand HS30-100632 in original clothes. Car came from Sydney now in Canbarra no details of previous owners. Brown interior. Jeff
  7. They should have just staggered the auction finish times by 5 or 10 minutes each. Like throwing hot chips at seagulls. Jeff
  8. There might be a few cranky people about that. Jeff
  9. Auction is about to end. Currently just over $85k Jeff
  10. Probably should ask Les as any comments on here will be either speculation or historic and both will be inaccurate. Jeff
  11. That’s an good video. When I was planing out my car and I spoke to Les about my plans, he said straight away you need torque and a stroker is the way to go. I wanted a weekend cruiser that I could take to the track if I wanted to and do a few hill climbs etc. wanted to stay with the original diff ratio as it’s better for cruising and stronger. I was never going to thrash the car just enjoy it and have a bit of fun but mostly road miles. What I ended up with is spot on. The thing is a tractor 184 lbs-foot at 1500 rpm and max of 260 just under 5000 rpm. The most important question to ask one self is what am I going to use the car for most of the time. No point building a space ship that is always lighting up the back wheels if you are only going to drive it to the coffee shop and back on weekends. Jeff
  12. Haha. They probably worked out the 3.5l using US gallons and it probably made 400 hp or some stupid number like that. Big tick for the L series from me. My LCR 3.1 in an L24 block is just a pleasure to drive, pulls like a tractor from low down, sounds great, has plenty of licence loosing potentate. Jeff
  13. If you look at the photos on the LCR facebook page it’s not to hard to work it out.... Jeff
  14. The SA border might be just shut. Jeff
  15. Paul What you described is normal. The only thing holding the strut shaft (standard original units) at full travel normally is the spring. The weight of the shaft will eventually drive it down through the oil as there is no opposing force to keep it suspended in the oil. Most cartridge units and modern shock absorbers have a gas charge in them that acts on the outer ( in the case of a twin tube system) compartment forcing the shaft up. The gas pressure acts as an air spring. You may be able to get replacement seals from a hydraulic supply company. Jeff
  16. Like so many archeologists before discovering hidden treasures. Great read looking forward to the next chapter. Jeff
  17. Well that took longer than I was expecting....... Someone got a good deal. Jeff
  18. That is a an absolute bargain at this price. Jeff
  19. Andy Have you asked Les? Just on the off chance. Jeff
  20. Nice. 918 is such a great colour. Yes I'm still riding. Probably been riding more the last few months than I have for quite some time, not getting any faster though. Tossing up about upgrading the bike but its almost impossible to get a bike at the moment. I think I have a sale for my current one but I am not letting it go until I have my hands on another one. Drop me a PM when you are in town next if I am in town we could catch up for a ride. Stromlo are my local trails. I have quite a bit of skin invested out there. Could take the Z for a run as well. Jeff
  21. Great story Mike. Welcome aboard. The dirt and grime cleaned off nicely. Jeff
  22. For what it’s worth. From the parts manual. Jeff
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