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Found 13 results

  1. Hi, I’ve recently run into a problem with my Datsuns. I had two 180BSSS coupes, one 1973 one 1976. They both 1.8L engines factory with twin SUs. They have both had the same issue, which I’ll get into shortly, but leads me to believe this might be a common problem. Now I don’t know too well, but what’s happened is one car has been stored for about 4 years and the other stored for 2 or 3 there abouts. The one I stored for four years was completely neglected, never started once in that period but the other one did but I reckon it was untouched for about 3-4 month before trouble started. they both start and fire but will only run for a couple minutes before what seems like the engine is being starved of fuel. I have changed and tried about three different fuel pumps on both motors but still no luck with that. What seems to happen is the fuel pump will suck up fuel initially, which I can see by the fuel filter being full, and then after 2-3 minutes it runs dry and won’t start again for a couple hours. Also they wont idle without the choke in that 2-3 minutes. I’ve checked and confirmed the fuel tanks aren’t blocked by removing the hose at the tank end and fuel flowed out nicely. Ive disassembled, cleaned and reassembled the SUs on the car I stored for 2-3 years right before I stored it so I’m pretty confident they’re sound. Wondering if anyone might have any ideas on twist this could be? This was also happening in the middle of winter < 10 degrees Celsius so I’m skeptical this could be a vapour lock considering these have sat for long periods between me trying to tinker with it.
  2. Here is my project journal for the restoration of my 73 Datsun 240z. The car was bought by my dad in 1974. The original owner bought it only to find out that his partner was pregnant with his first child. Needless to say, the 2 seater had to go. My dad was the lucky new owner and bought it with less than 1000miles on the clock. My dad and his 240z were inseparable. So much so, that my brothers and sister more or less grew up in that car. He loved that car from the first time he drove it and he still talks about it. It was his pride and joy and almost became a friend he could journey with and rely on. As time went by though, it got a bit sad as family and life got in the way. It slowly became a bit unreliable and it was stored. However, when I was 16 the car had a very light fix up (to a mechanically drivable state) and a new coat of paint applied to the outside (external only) and it was re-registered. I drove the car for 10 years. I learned to love and rely on the z the same way that my dad did. It became a friend and companion who it just loved having around and going on adventures with. It taught me how to drive...I swear it has a soul. This went on for quite some time until I moved to Canberra and the Canberra winters got the best of it and it was retired into a garage...until now. So after much research and deliberation, I put myself on the waiting list for Classic Auto Fabrications. I wanted Locky Fowler to do this project. I spoke to many people but I just wasn’t convinced that they were right for this job. I had always dreamt of doing the z up and so I wanted the right person with the credibility and the passion to do the job and do the job well. I didn’t want to simply apply makeup to a pig. So here we are, the car is now down with Locky and the restoration has begun. As a side note, so far, Locky has been fantastic. The guy is pedantic and fastidious and he doesn’t miss a trick. I have no regrets about having him at the helm of the project and les Collins racing rebuilding the engine, gearbox and diff. This is one mean team I’ve got on this job. So I hope my pride and joy, that means so much to me and my dad, brings you all joy as you follow this journey with us. i have named the car ‘darby’ in honour of him. I owe him so much. Be safe, thank you, Jon
  3. Hey guys, I have a garaged 240k gl coupe that I’m keen on selling... resprayed, motor reconned before I put her away, but interior is shot edit; due to everyone’s evaluation being miles apart... and I mean miles apart... I’m going to clean her up, get her evaluated properly and get an actual base to run off instead of all this guess work. Also, it would be better waiting until after covid, it would be smarter if people actually had the option of checking it out.. so I’ll just take your emails and stuff for the time being... cheers guys.
  4. 432 Style Exhaust - Vertical Twin Tip - Brands and Where To Buy Fujitsubo Manifold Back Exhaust System (Manifold also available) Part Num: 750-15411 Manufacturer Website: https://www.fujitsubo.co.jp/prods/detail/000000000000000979/00000000000000002324/00000546 Purchase RHD Japan - https://www.rhdjapan.com/fujitsubo-legalis-r-exhaust-muffler-s30-gs30-hs30-hs30h.html White Head Performance - https://whiteheadperformance.com/product/fujitsubo-legalis-r-exhaust-system-datsun-240z-260z-280z-s30/ Nengun - https://www.nengun.com/fujitsubo/legalis-r-exhaust-system Spirit Garage Complete Exhaust Manufacturer Website: http://www.spiritgarage.com/product/138 Purchase Spirit Garage - direct through manufacturer (as above) RHD Japan - https://www.rhdjapan.com/spirit-garage-stainless-dual-muffler-exhaust-manifold-header-set-48mm-240zg-s30-s31.html Z Story Can purchase individual exhaust components separately (ie muffler / manifold / exhaust lines and cat) Direct Purchase From Manufacturer: http://www.datsun-zstory.com/echappements/mufflers-silencers/silencers-jdm-muffler/ Price List (as of 2017): http://www.datsun-zstory.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/TarifsWORLD.pdf Abarth Able to purchase separate components (ie muffler or manifold back system) Direct Purchase From Manufacturer: http://www.abarth-exhausts.com/datsun/ After some personal research trying to find the style of exhaust I was after, I thought I would share my findings. If anyone knows of other similar styles, please post below.
  5. Anyone interested??? Normally $195 ea Only If there's enough interest we'll do a run of these to keep the cost down will be needing to do a run of at least 10 left and right sides Payment via bank deposit only Price will be $125 ea plus postage if we reach the quota Post your interest or email us at automotivepanelcraft@gmail.com Only available on this forum and email.
  6. 240z rust free rolling shell All rust completely removed New chassis rails, strengthen, lengthen and dog legs up towards the rear All new bushes Tunnel widen Rear tyre well cut out and new floor replaced ready for a fuel cell RB26 + gear box out of a R32. i drove the car before it was pulled out. Motor runs well. $25,000- Chee-ky Dunlop: 0422 910 881 (for all serious inquires only) inspections welcome.
  7. Hey guys, thought I’d throw up some pictures and the story of how I came to start building this 260. This car belonged to my Uncle, he bought it In 2007, after having it for a few years he decided to sell it, he drove to hospital with a for sale sign in the window and somebody at the hospital decided they wanted it. My uncle woke up from an operation with no keys and some money, all sweet. A few months later my uncle gets a call from an impound yard, “ if you don’t come Collect your car, it will be crushed” my uncle calls the guy who bought the car let’s him know he hasn’t changed the car into his name and where he can pick it up, the guy says he’s done with it and he’s not going to pick it up because it’s wrecked!. My uncle calls up the impound yard, asks some questions and decides to go pick up the “wreck” the car had been broken into had the tyres slashed but was definitely salvageable. A few years later my uncle passed away and left the 260 to my dad ( along with some other cars). My other uncle comes up from Melbourne, spots the Z and tells my dad how he had tried to buy it, Dad deciding we had to many other cars to deal with at this point says he can have it. a few years later My uncles had enough of the Z ( he had dreams of turning it into a rally car) the Z is sold to a family friend who drives it around and fixes it up a bit before moving to Darwin, and selling the Z. a few more years go by and we’ve lost track of it, until my sister strikes up a conversation with my dad, “ if you had the chance would you get it back?” After some umms and ahhs dad says yes and he regrets letting it go after both his brothers had had a hand it building it up. 2 days later my sister pulls up in the Z gives dad the keys and tells him not to let it go again. There’s still a few more stories about this car but I’ll leave it at that for my first post, sorry about the long read, I hope you enjoyed the story of the boomerang Dato!!
  8. It's been a long time since I've had my hands on an old Datsun and I've been resisting the itch. Though I'm at a point now that I can take on another project! I am now looking to purchase an old Datsun 240z-280Z (2 seater or 2+2) to work on in my spare time from work. I'm happy to pay freight to get one interstate, but being located in Melbourne would be good. My budget is around $5,000 Text me at 0433 713 091 if you are looking to pass on a Datsun! Thank you! Todd
  9. Model: 280zx Required Location: eg: Melbourne Required Price and Payment Conditions: $13,000 + GST Cash in hand, cheque, paypal, Item Condition: Excellent Body: Super clean example. No rust. Mechanical: Engine running really well, Reco power steering rack, New fuel rail, New rotors Registration: Selling registered - registration until March 2017 Engineers Certificate: N/A Pictures: For Best Results - Please include pictures (Up to 4 per post). How do I post images here? Extra Info: Full Vehicle history, good tyres, personalised 'ZX-280' plates, original cassette player. Contact Details: PHONE: Mat 0409569463 Email - melbournecustompaint@gmail.com For Photos - (photos are not uploading to this forum) http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/campbellfield/cars-vans-utes/1983-datsun-other-coupe/1111241579
  10. Model: 240z Required Location: Sydney Required Price and Payment Conditions: $ 42888 Cash in hand, bank cheque, paypal (Has to be face to face) Item Condition: Excellent Body: Body is great condition, it still has the shine and looks great, need to see. Mechanical: Running, weekend driver. Registration: Full NSW registration and engineered with L28 Engineers Certificate: Yes Pictures: Yes lots of photos on my site website leads to malware or carsales Extra Info: Have known this car for 15 years, was purchased fully restored, poored over $25K in the last 6 months on the engine and drivetrain, all new, rebuilt and bulletproofed. The car presents very well. Contact Details: Mobile 0403739979 or through the Forum Let me know Thanks
  11. Hi Guys, I'm in the market for a 240/260z coupe with preferably minimal rust and a working engine in it. I know this sounds like a lot but if anyones got a rolling shell + an engine I'm happy to talk about that opportunity too. I'm fairly new to all this, never owning a z before. If anyone has a rolling shell + Engine and gearbox ready to go, please pm me to educate me how to get that running. Thanks heaps Andy
  12. An original used condition filter box, paint has worn in some areas and has surface rust. Its structurally sound. Located in Alberton, Adelaide South Australia. PM for more details Price: $50 neg Shipping: Yes at your expense Open to inspections can provide pictures and measurements. Thanks.
  13. Used condition, inside is still coated in a film of oil so no surface rust to clean up. Out side had surface rust but has been cleaned up and repainted (engine enamel) for storage. Paint has chipped/worn off in some areas so it needs a repaint (I'm a shit painter). No rust holes present always stored indoors. Located in Alberton, Adelaide South Australia. PM for more details Price: $50 neg Shipping: Yes at your expense Open to inspections, I can provide pictures and measurements. Thanks.
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