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  1. thanks Gav ?, oh and in return I have some spares the Good Samaritan is welcome to; 3 x sugar scoop headlight cones (various condition), a 2 seater petrol filler door and a new choke lever that can go to whoever is able to help out? Cheers Sulio
  2. Hi Guys, Just wondering if anybody is near Fullerton just outside of Adelaide? Need to get a rear engine lid picked up? Thanks Sulio
  3. Hi Fellas moving house so gonna sell some spare Z bits I have lying around. 240z tail light trim in good nick, link here http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=280856704380 I've also got a 240 or 260 2 seater petrol flap, a couple of sets of front valances and from memeory some sugar scoop surrrounds, I'll post them up when I get the photos. Sulio
  4. Hi Guys, Yep been a bit quiet on the car front for me, just very busy with other stuff with our second baby due any time now. I replaced my old work phone with an iphone4 many months back and lost my phone book in a sync with my outlook for some reason so I've just been really lazy getting all the phone numbers back. I find I'm only firing up the lap top for work related stuff these days. In regards to my old Z, its got a new home in the Blackburn area, a mechanic bought it and it's sitting in a room they have under a cover. They do alot Japanese Mod work so who knows what he's done with it by now. I don't think the fella gets on line very much. I hope to be online a bit more in a few weeks as I'm taking a month off for the arrival of the new baby. Cheers Sulio
  5. That sounds great John, I'm in Kensington. I'll gove you a call tommorrow to discuss. Cheers, Sulio Oh and of coarse a reminder for radio's; rob, borrow steal to get your self a UHF, best to get a 5 watt to be useful.
  6. Damn better bring my cork! Channel 16 on the radios is what we have come to use on previous occasions. Shall we all agree to use channel 16 as we get into the mountains. Sulio Hey Craig is Evan in?
  7. hehe - ha looks like a 432 up there in the sky!
  8. I think Craig might have read that as two bridesmaides as opposed to a couple, (ever the optomist hey mate!), but yer we have space in our room for anyone looking for a bed. I reckon I've got that "sleep walking with a kitchen knife thing" under control now. Cheers, Sulio
  9. Craig, unfortunately we can strike Dave G off the list as his car is off the road as of the weekend so more space in our room! Cheers, Sulio
  10. I think Matt was building a house but last time we spoke I think the car was onthe road with just some internal trim to be installed. Sulio
  11. reminds you nice the S30 lines are does'nt it/ I really like the look of this car. Beauty.
  12. Hi Boomer, Welcome, you know our Z's down here tend to be quite a bit faster due to the effects of having less gravity than up on the top of the world. Cheers, Sulio
  13. Hi Guys, Correction thats Dave G that's 99% in, Z32. Getting closer now! Cheers, Sulio
  14. Thanks for the heads up Benny on the RBR's. Yer I had 17x8.5 on the front with -8 offset from memory. I ran a 225x45 tyre. After seeing the 17x9 -13 fronts I reckon they look better filling out the front flares more nicely. The 245 tyre on an 8.5 might do too I suppose. OP your lucky no need to be a guinea pig as plently have done it here with great results just look at the pics of Scondo's car for instance. OP asked about cutting guards. You need to cut them so you can lower the car and get the right stance. If you don't cut them you will need to keep the car jacked up high to maintain any suspension travel also will look like an extremly ugly S30 sitting so high unless you live with those people out where they filmed Deliverence. Cheers, Sulio
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