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  1. Morning all After owning three 240Zs over the years, I’ve now got skin in the 260Z game. Managed to buy a project 75 2-seater. For some reason only known to themselves, the previous owner had plonked a Rover V8 between the chassis rails. Luckily it was only a test fit and no bodywork was modified. So looking for the following to go in the car: L28 engine (complete - carbs and exhaust - but will consider any parts or condition) 5-sp manual box Engine x-member and mounts Gearbox x-member and hardware Front suspension tension rods and hardware Manual pedal box or just pedals and pivot rod Front valance panel Wiper cowl panel RH inspection flap panel RH fresh air-to-inner fender boot Centre console Air-to-cabin flap knob Any help finding these bits will be greatly appreciated. On the Gold Coast but will cover postage I’ll start a build thread when I get deeper into the old girl Cheers Martin
  2. Hi Joe did you go with the 260z pedal box? if not, I’m chasing one if you could pass on the details? cheers
  3. Morning After having 3 x 240Zs in the past, I’m now looking at a 260Z (2 seater). Excluding early girls, what’s the value difference between the two (240/260 presuming the same condition)? Or are there so few that we are at a point now that the condition trumps the model? Cheers
  4. That guy is fully booked till Xmas then having a month off in Jan. do still looking for any other suggestions
  5. Hi all looking to get a project 260 transported from N E Melbourne to the Goldie. Can anyone recommend a company? cheers Martin
  6. Hey bud ran this combo way back. 235/45 on the front and 255/40 on the rear. No pics but ran slightly wider ZG flares and coil overs with pretty stiff coils. Ride on the harsh side but lack of body roll made for fantastic turn in and corner grip. Strut bars from and rear and bump steer spacers on the front.
  7. Thanks for that. reckon they’re the go
  8. Are there any Aus suppliers of bump steer spacers? the only ones I’ve seen are on eBay.com
  9. Thanks Eric. Yup still on the hunt
  10. Morning all just wondering if anybody has a pair of bump steer spacers (that go between the LCA and front suspension strut) that they’d care to sell. TIA
  11. Why not buy some matt White vinyl wrap. Reckon on about $100-$150 for the lot. Wet the panels and lay the sticky side down. Squeeze out the water and trim the edges. Job done in a day and crash repairs are easy and cheap. Get it right and the finish will be smooth and mint. If you spray gloss panel ripples will stand out. Plus there's so much prep work before spraying if you want to avoid a cheap looking job.
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