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Found 12 results

  1. Hi all, New to the site and new to resto world. I have been dreaming of my own 240z for about 35 years and finally leaped. I have stripped the whole car down to its bits and sent the body in for repairs. My plan is to rebuild using new JDM parts on a RB25 platform. Needless to say, I have a garage full of parts I won't need. Everything is up for sale. Engine and gear box, all engine accessories, diffs, breaks even original wheels and tyres, too many to list. Previous owner said the engine starts but never got to see it run. Please keep in mind, I am new at this. UPDATE: Some important information that might help people, It’s an HLS30, Engine # L24-039902 - car # HLS30 - 31595 Thanks Z
  2. Hello lads, I'm currently restoring a 1973 Datsun 260c with a tired old L26. Im looking for a new engine to drop straight in. 28 preferred but if you've got a clean l26 that would work too!
  3. I've been chasing a decent L24 to replace my JDM L20A. One has come up but it is an L24 form a 240K. Is there any disadvantage to not having one that came from a 240Z? I've read that the position of the bowl sump is different (K's have front bowl sumps, Z's rear). The set up I'm looking at also has an N42 head, which I don't think came stock with any 240K's. Cheers.
  4. I currently have an L20A in my Z, and I would like a good L24 setup. I'd rather the L24 and not 26 or 28 as I would prefer a true 240z block. I'm preferebly after something that has been recently rebuilt and runs really well (eg a rebuilt ported head, E88, N42 etc would be a bonus). Depending on the work that has been done to it, and how complete it is, I would be willing to spend up to $5k. Cheers!
  5. Ahoysandy

    Rebuild Time!

    Hey guys, I thought i'd post in here before i commit to any major work on my block. To those who have had their L series engines rebuilt, either to factory specifications or upgraded, what final costs did you come to with the engine pieced back together complete? I have a seized L26, complete, that i wish to have rebuilt. No goodies, no fruit, no upgrades. Just factory parts. Stewart Wilkins motorsport gave me a real quick rough quote of $5-6k and i just wanted to confirm the pricing of what a complete rebuild should cost. I am expecting it to be a little higher due to the engine being seized. any other suggestions for this process? places i could take it, thoughts on doing it in my own garage? i haven't done a rebuild before at all but did swap the engine once before? Cheers, Alex.
  6. Hey guys, ill start by introducing my self. My name is Hadley, I'm 19 and live in the Bluemountains. Last November i sold my beloved Mx5 and decided to get a 260z. I found one for sale 6 hours south so we drove down with a car trailer and next thing i knew i was the owner of this golden Turd.. Its a 1974 2+2 (vin ends in 000764 so I'm guessing it is a really early one). i bought it off an old pommy guy for $2,750, he had been using it to tow his caravan around... the flywheel provide it to. it was unregistered but that was ok. when i got it home i set about cutting out rust and welding in new plates and bogging it up. I must of done ok as it past rego haha. A few months later a mate and i drove to Brisbane one weekend to pick up a l28 block, head and some other stuff. But i haven since decided that i want to do an RB swap instead... which brings me to my main point Ive figured out pretty much everything that needs to be done except for the tailshaft and diff. Ive tried looking everywhere for conversions on 2+2s but i can't find anything that will help. Can i use the standard tailshaft out of my car and will it fit straight in the trans? or do i need to use a combo of both? or just get a custom one made up? Also can i keep the standard diff? its just going to be a stock rb25det atm so will it be strong enough? Im an apprentice so i don't have a lot of money to spend and id like to do as much my self as possible as my brother is a mechanic. cheers guys. some photos of it so far
  7. Hey all It's been a while since I've posted, but I'm moving out of my current house, and clearing out some stuff I no longer need. Here we have the complete L28 turbo engine and powertrain that I had in my '73 240Z before I put the RB25T in it. I am offering the complete setup here before I decide to part it out! There is the engine itself, which is around 400hp, with a T3/T4 turbo I built up when I was at Nissan Motor Sport in the 90's. The bottom end is an L28 N42 block, with 86.5mm RB30 pistons swinging on L24 rods, and an L28 crank. Cylinder head is a ported N42 with an A-grind cam from a 240Z. The block deck is fitted with 0.060" stainless steel O-rings that ensure no blown head gaskets due to inadequate gasket clamping. The inlet manifold is a customised 280ZX fuel injection manifold with a larger VS Commodore throttle body. Fuel injectors are from a Supercharged VS V6 Commodore engine. The exhaust manifold I made myself and is constructed of heavy wall steam pipe for very long life. It has a custom oil pan that I made along the lines we used to run on the HR31 Skylines at Nissan Motor Sport, complete with trap doors and 7 litre volume for high performance use. It has a lightened flywheel and R32 Skyline GTR clutch. It has crank triggered ignition along with a Motec M48 engine management system, fully calibrated for this package (that's $1,000+ worth of tuning right there!). The engine has probably done around 10,000km in it's life due to the occasional driving I use the car for, and has never been raced. It has had 50/50 coolant in it the whole time, so there is no corrosion in the aluminium components. The gearbox is one I imported from Canada from a 280Z. The FS5W71B transmission as fitted to non-turbo cars that North America got was different to Australia, and had more favorable ratios for a turbo engine, including 5th gear (0.745:1 compared with 0.864 for Australia). With a 3.7:1 rear axle this engine is at 2,500RPM when cruising at 100km/h. I changed all the bearings and seals in it when I put it in the car, and it's in excellent condition for a gearbox of this age...it has not done much work and makes no bearing or gear noises when driving. The car was calibrated at Amberley Autos and starts right up as well as making blistering torque and power from around 2,500RPM. The engine makes useable boost from around 2,000RPM. Even with 235/40R17 tyres, my car will break traction in 1st, 2nd and 3rd gears.....it's a very capable package. All inlet ducting, custom made 3" mandrel exhaust system, sensors, fuel pressure regulator, boost control, wiring harness, ECU, radiator is offered. The only things required to support the engine installation into your car is an intercooler, electric fuel pump(s) and electric cooling fans should you choose to run them.....I even set the throttle up so it interfaces with the standard Z linkage setup for easy installation. The engine was removed from the car in 2010, and I would suggest a once-over including replacement of a few seals and gaskets may be in order. I have these parts, and can do it for you if needs be, or you can do it yourself if you'd prefer. Otherwise the engine was preserved when I removed it and will start right up with a minimum of effort. You will get a powertrain that turns a 240/260/280Z into a rocket ship, and all the hard work is done to fabricate things and get the whole lot working as a package, including the tuning which is no small thing with custom turbo charged engines. The whole lot is yours for $5,000, which is a fraction of what it took to set this powertrain up. Cheers! Jamo 0425 786 388
  8. Hellpp!! My engine seized on me today whilst running. Found out it chewed through all my oil and started a light knock knock, topped her back up and she was good till it locked up halfway down the motorway this afternoon... What do I do? I've tried manually turning it over as well as rolling and dumping the clutch and can confirm, seized. Who do I take it to? Does anyone know of a Datsun engine specialist in Sydney? L26 1976 260z 2seater manual.
  9. ************SOLD********SOLD***************** For sale: Engine Package out of 260z 2+2 Item Condition: Used & has been sitting for a while. Checked over it & replaced the oil. Cranked it over & it idles. Will need work or a rebuild Price and price conditions:$800, i don't know what these are worth so i'm just guessing here. Open to offers & suggestions Extra Info: I'm going to be swapping in a new motor so anything i don't need its yours. Hoping to have this gone asap So i will put it up on ebay if not sold here Complete 260z engine (with all bolt ons) Radiator & all hoses Full intake Full exhaust Auto Gearbox Contact Details: Text or call 0415305575 Location: Ryde in Sydney NSW Australia Delivery & Conditions of Delivery: I have a ute so can assist in delivering locally or to a shipping depot Pictures:
  10. Hi guys, I want to source an L series engine to drop in to my 76' 260z. L24, L26, L28 I'm not fussy, just needs to be able to turn over. Doesn't need to have carbs or headers, gearbox or clutch as I will be using existing components. Closer to Sydney the better but am willing to travel, even interstate. Thanks, sandy.
  11. MichaelT

    L28 Engine

    Hi folks, Just wondering if anyone in the Brisbane area has an L28 engine they may be willing to part with? Looking for F54/N42. Long block would be fine but open to what you have. Preferably something that will run if I want to run around a bit, but I will plan on rebuilding in the next year otherwise. Many thanks Michael
  12. Hey, i got a spare l28 with my 260. I dont need it so hopeing to sell it here. Im told it was running when it was pulled out and has been turned over manually with wd40 every 6 months or so, as far as i know has never been honed/ bored out. Comes with what you see and i think i have the computer for it too $400 south east melbourne Edit - need to hold in for a while untill i find out whats damaged in my l26 may need it for parts
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